when i found out myspace technically owns everything you put on it i got super freaked out and decided to learn about blogging

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  1. Wow, that’s some serious amount of randomness! .. And incredibly small amount of capital letters.

    Usually blog is a way to express yourself, but this one is quite.. Empty don’t you think? Needs more thoughts, opinions.

    • whats on my mind…

      It’s boring being a monster,
      Chasing people around,
      Hiding underneath their beds,
      Not making any sound.

      It’s boring waiting on the stairs,
      Hoping they’ll walk by –
      Boring making little creaks,
      Trying to make them cry.

      It takes so long to learn this trade,
      To skulk and tap and moan,
      It’s boring waiting all the time
      In someone else’s home.

      I’d like to slide down bannisters,
      And shriek and yell and scream,
      Boogie to some disco songs,
      Let off a little steam.

      I’d like to run around the house,
      Turn on all the lights,
      Eat marshmallows, watch T.V.,
      On dark and dismal nights.

      I’d like to have a bath sometimes,
      And clean my smelly hair –
      Put some decent clothes on,
      For someone who would care.

      I’d like to sit down to a meal,
      Smile and laugh and chat,
      Have a coffee and ice-cream,
      Put on a little fat.

      I dream of being normal,
      Of having a little fun –
      It’s boring being a Monster
      When all is said and done.

    • Hi Matthew, I agree with what you say about the nature of the blog “space”. You say a blog is a way to express yourself, but this one is quite. On the one hand I think there’s no contradiction in this, but rather it is very intimist…and humane: the good ancient Greek balance between action and contemplation is a bit neglected today…On the other hand, I also agree with the fact that the blog might be filled with even more interesting insights, thoughts, etc. Why not cinema and documentaries in particular? It’d be fantastic! cheers and…sorry for my English!

    • I don’t understand the question,mmm du?

  2. Brooke Richards Says:

    I vote yay on that comment! i think it needs more entries. i understand your busy but still 😦

  3. Blue breeze tell me is there nothin’ I can do…

  4. WHAT! They own it? How in the name of Elvis & all that’s Holy can they get away with that? I moved to a blog site a few months back because of space, now it looks like I’ll be deleting and moving them.
    Your 1st here is short & to the point & as for the lack of capital letters…you were channeling the spirit of ee cummings 🙂

  5. tabithaong Says:

    Facebook does too, to some extent.

  6. Ashley ♥ Says:

    meh. once you put it on the internet, it belongs to everyone. and there is nothing wrong with random. hahah.

  7. More more more! (that’s what she said?)

  8. Oh, face book… I feel that the mmm place or whatever is strainge. I don’t understand what its’ about.

  9. I enjoy the words you use to describe things. As odd as that may sound. You put such a distinct description that allows me and other readers to some what see and feel who or what you’re writing about. It’s amazing.
    I don’t have a blog spot or whatever it is called, but I use another type of blog program, if you will, called Tumblr. It’s refreshing and easy to use. It doesn’t leave you with the sad feeling that no one actually cares what you’re saying. It’s more for yourself. It’s personal and nice and non-judgmental. Blogs allow you to create your own rules. It’s like a diary, no one can tell you what or how to write. It’s your mind. It’s what makes you, you.

  10. Oh my God! All of the children of Japan. I feel like sadness if what is going on there is true! I’m not sure about things liveing in A time zone how-ever, I believe it when it is on the news wich I rarely watch. I can not even express the way I feel about the people ther other than I believe they are just inoscent,[can’t spell]. It reminds me of when I would watch the little pee ants and how sweat they are. Alike the older versions but just so sweat. THey often left me little treats. I would taske care of them. Ah and they always came back…..

  11. Don’t be so worried about myspace. I’m pretty sure some girl thinks she owns your face. There are ridiculous amounts of photo montages of you set to songs about love on Youtube.

  12. An obvious fan before, but your blog proves you’re nothing short of fantastic. It’s impossible not to swoon, really. You should probably take the time to sit around and read my blog one day, I mean it’s only polite to re-pay the compliment. I would obviously appreciate the feedback of someone like yourself. Keep on truckin’, Mr. Gubler.

  13. You sound like my perfect guy. So why are you single?

  14. Hi!!! I discovered your blog right now and I am so excited, because I can talk to you!! I hope u can answer me sometime…and I completely agree, we need more words and thoughts in your blog…I will write here anytime I have something interesting to say!!
    But now I wanto to say that I love your character and consequently I love you too, mainly because of everything I read about you, you look like a great guy!!

  15. I found that with Facebook also, can we say stalkers???!!! I know nothing about blogging and am learning about Twitter. I’m huge on privacy so blogging seems kindof too “out there” as well. Is there a way to enjoy social networking without exposing yourself totally? If so, I’m in! One does not have to be a celebrity to need privacy. Certain professions can also cause huge problems in one’s professional life if patients etc can follow daily happenings. It would be great if we could all enjoy our professions and social networking without worry of stalking. MGG I have to say I admire how you act publicly and how you let fans in yet keep life real and to yourself. You let fans in just enough. Not too much, not too little. I gotta know, do the “I love you’s” and marriage proposals freak you a bit? I mean people know the “you” that is out there publicly. Not the “you” over coffee. Fans are great and keep you going, I know that. But how do you appear to not get too inflated? It’s impressive that you appear normal. Not big headed and arrogant.

  16. haha everyone told me i was weird cos i did the same exact thing. im an artist and had put up a lot of my stuff, which was a main factor in deleting my accounts.
    your work is real aweskibibble btw. somehow it reminds me of e.e. cummings, who happens to be my fav. poet so that is a Mega complement. im not quite sure why it reminds me of his work. it just really does. you should write more!

  17. i named my hamster after you ok

  18. Katelin Says:

    I love you and Your awesomeness. Your the coolest person ive ever seen. You my inspiration.

  19. patti Valerio Says:

    I could not be ur girlfriend even tho I fit the majority of ur likes.
    I am married to a wonderful soldier who loves ur character,dr. Reid,
    And sons who do to. If your ever near fort bliss,tx. And want a good hot meal. Some place other than a hotel to lay ur head and true friends well here we are…….. one love Matthew

  20. So that’s why… Good reason.

  21. Hi matthew I know you are probably really busy but I just wanted to say hi and that I’m a huge fan of yours and it would be amazing to talk to you someday

  22. I have no life at all besides staring at pictures of you all day so why not write another thing to you. My name is kahele I absolutely love dr reid on criminal minds he’s my favorite and you are amazing I could look at pictures of you on google all day. It would be so amazing if you replied to me it would make my dreams come true. I love the way you draw you make it your own and feel good about it that’s so cool. You and aj cook are my idols and I thank you for that. I hope you matthew gray gubler read this and answer me and I’ll be grateful for it. Love you xoxo

  23. cynthia mireles Says:

    Dear Mr . matthew gray gubler,

    You are incredibly talented and amazingly handsome. You are pure perfection. Though I don’t know you personally, from what I have read/seen you are not only smart and hot, but you have a beautiful heart. Meeting you before I die is in my bucket list. A girl can only dream. Take care and I love you 😄

  24. Single is cool. I do ask Jesus to send you a beautiful person to love, to b your best friend, to eat peanut butter sandwiches (mm good ) that loves n are Poppins ( love that movie) and is crazy like you…..

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