my parents:

…are the coolest

my dad is equal parts – atticus finch
jimmy stewart
william s burroughs
orville redenbacher

and my mom is like clint eastwood with breasts

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  1. jajaja jajaja

  2. I think it’s great your parents are a major part of your life, i can see it shows your grounded, you haven’t forgotten where you come from and have not let hollywood get to your head. In the words of michael buble “hollywood is dead”… keep doing what your doing matthew.

    p.s haha! you look more like brothers than father and son if i may be so bold to say


  3. It’s wonderful to hear you talk about your parents like that. These days you hear those kind of loving words few and far between for parents – rather by actors or those of other professions. It’s nice to see an actor (or anyone for that matter) who is well-grounded and centered. Thanks for the entertainment! I wish you a long and happy life!

  4. maria lykke johansen Says:

    hehe i love my parents too even though they are not that cool in others eyes they are in mine

  5. My mom is the same!!!!!!!!

  6. This is just a general msg. about how much I love your various works. I’m assuming you get sick of hearing how talented you are. You should blog more. How about blogging about the reasons you chose the soundtrack for your website. Creepy yet cute. I’m confused by it but for some reason like listening to it. Incidently my parents would be a crazy indian and a religious fanatic. It was an interesting household with arguments regarding religious icons displayed on pianos. Fond memories.

  7. Hy! I just love your character in criminal minds! Now i’m getting to now your work better, very peculiar, i like it…. Oh, i’m from Brazil, most peolpe here must be from the States i guess. Your in my favourites now!

  8. Clint Eastwood…is a man?!! ohhh- hahah!

    I enjoy your posts~ they’re amusing. and some of the art work that I’ve come across too.

    take care

  9. Your mom is awasome then.

  10. Cool.

    My dad has kidney failure and goes to dialysis three times a week. He’s nearly unemployed and my mom doesn’t work. Even though they argue a lot about making ends meat, I love them very much.

    • Oh, Leila, it pulls on my heartstrings to see that your family is having hard times. Keep your chin up. Know that this will pass and that there is a very important reason you were born to your parents. It will take a little time to figure it out. You are at the right place, at the right time to learn and experience what the Universive needs you to know. Having a loving, kind heart will help you understand. oxox

  11. I like your art work so much, I love to sketch too. Really wanna know more and more about you! I wish I can meet you in person, but L.A. such a far far away to me, wondering how can us to have a connection with you! You are such an attractive man to make people fancy with you second by second. Like you indeed, Matthew!

  12. … 3rd Rock From The Sun… thats true family love… u know ¿

  13. Hello Mom and Dad!

    With Love Always

  14. Cute I’d like to meet your parents haven’t met someones parents who didn’t love me. Seriously. Plus have introduced a guy to my dad who didn’t ideaize my dad. Not cause he’s a guys guy but cause he says the most random things the new show shit my dad says reminds memos my dad only he loves me to death. But he makes everyone laughs total strangers laugh!

  15. IamnamedafterastarontheshowSOAP Says:

    In 6th grade I had a crush on a boy that lived down the street from me, but he didn’t have a lot of friends in the neighborhood and I wanted to be his friend. One day I made him him button with a pink elephant and bedazzled it with plastic jewels. When I gave it to him, he made fun of me and crushed it. I wanted to say something really hurtful so he could feel my devastation. The most offensive thing I could come up with was to compare him to Boo Radley.

    • Iamnamedafteranericclaptonsong Says:

      Awww….what a jerk. I think I could have came up with something a tad more offensive than that….I happen to like Boo. 😮

      • IamnamedafterastarontheshowSOAP Says:

        You know, the more my personality developed and the older I got, my appreciation for Boo and the Boo Radley’s of the world flourished.

  16. My name is kanna.I’m japanese high school student.
    I love Criminal minds.I am your great fan.I support you.

  17. Happy holidays to you!!

  18. adopt me?

  19. heyy hii everybody!!

    I have just discovered Gublerland some months ago and all i can say it’s…absolutely awesomeee!. I love Criminal minds.. and surfing the net i discovered these pages; Matthew congratulations for your work, you’re great and seem to be nice, keep on it 🙂

    Merry Christmas from Spain!! 😉


  20. Am sure you mother is really proud of you, especially after reading this?!?

  21. I’m going to restate the painfully obvious here and say that you are going to look exactly like your dad when you grow up. I mean, grow older.

  22. Such an old soul…..I enjoy your writing and the Gublerland site makes me giggle…

  23. It’s kind of funny, i look quite the same as you do but in the feminine way. (I call the theme; escaped czar princess.)

  24. my dad!

  25. where is the update? you take the word “inspire” to a whole new level and i would love to be able to read a new post everyday, that would be like a dream come true!

  26. My Dad was born on Halloween and my Mom was born on Thanksgiving…I am so very ‘thankful’ for my ‘witchy’ genes 😉

  27. I only have my mum. My father never took care of. He is the kind of man with many children spreaded around the world.

  28. the description of your dad is awesome! Strong, poetic, protective, artistic and innovative! fabulous! and your mom, she is one of my heros! first female republican congress person in nevada! of course she is clint eastwood with breasts gotta be tough to fight with the big dogs! She is moms name is marilyn too and she is quiet the strong lady herself..must be in the name! 🙂 Anyway….your feelings about your parents are heartwarming!

    • I meant first chairwoman for Nevadas Republican party

      • I just went to your mom’s Ranch website…how great is that! she is quiet versitile isn’t she and your sister helps out too, how great! Family ventures are always great!!!

  29. chairwoman that is

  30. I just love the picture, its just awesome…no other words can describe it other than….awesome

  31. Hi! Your works are amazing, congratulations.
    I´m an artist from Spain I invite you to see my blog and web with my pictures and illustrations.

  32. Aww, you actually look like your mom! >w< Love the matching(ish) outfits.

  33. Heeeeey, you seem like a very interesting guy! I would absolutely love to have a conversation with you somehow 🙂

  34. Emma Ince Says:

    I am loving that photograph you look very like your Dad :0
    Love the way you described your parents 🙂


  36. hiiiiiii
    your such an inspiring artist…and your super funnyy!! and im guessing you like frosty the snowman?? “two eyes made out of coal” 🙂

  37. uh、 I’m a Chinese senior like U and admire u
    very much. the most thing I can’t accept is that u ‘v been married. But. have a happy life.(sincerely…

  38. Very sweet of you Matthew, to talk about your parents. Is that your dad next to you? I can’t tell.


  39. Hi you, are you still updating this website?
    I would love to visit America someday to see the Yellow Stone and you.

  40. wow,youre parents sound the best.

    hope,to hear from you soooooooon.



    SOUL BROTHER ARE A REALLY A FRIEND (SO YOU THINK) can feel like a daughter? Thank you for showing your affections, they will DEFINED

  42. That throws a new twist in for the expression “man boobs”… which I will now associate with Clint Eastwood.

  43. Soft hands,, dark soulful eyes, sweet sense of humour; likes long luxurious baths…. what’s not to like?

    BTW – Mom always has to play the heavy – to keep her beautiful brown-eyed baby safe from the clutches of the biatches who don’t appreciate her sweet baby boy…

    Happy B’day & East Coast kisses from: Deni M.

  44. MsKarateChick Says:

    I see the resemblance 😛
    Where’s the picture of Mama Gube?

  45. Hey! This is funny. A friend linked to a different post of yours-but I incidentally found this one. Are you an only child? It looks like you have a billion friends so maybe you wont respond to this dumb one. Anyways I just was really stoked on unabashed parental affection so I hope you respond! I’m mimi and I NEVER approach anyone on the Internet.. But was genuinely touched. Whats your name?

  46. fayegothicfairy Says:

    you are so lucky to have your parents be such a big part of your life. I can only imagine what thats like. I was close to my mother before she past and never really new my father till afterward.

    mother is the name of god on the lips and in the hearts of all children.

  47. All you need now is someone in a top hat and trench coat in that line-up and VIOLA! You have the most dapper acapella line up in history.

  48. Bob Revolution Duallie…

    […]my parents: « gublernation[…]…

  49. i would like to thank them for bringing the most perfect human being into existence

  50. To be called Clint Eastwood with breasts is possibly the greatest compliment a woman can get.

  51. Aunt Bea Says:

    I had Gracie Allen and Jackie Gleason as parents. I am sure we would have a lot to talk about.

  52. Christina cashmere Says:

    Clint Eastwood with breasts lol ur so quirky

  53. You are so cool! I do not think I have read a single thing like that before.
    So wonderful to find another person with a few unique thoughts on
    this subject. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up.
    This web site is one thing that’s needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

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  55. Oh dear Matthew. I just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful writeing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And I’ve seen a lot. Though it is impossible to seek -nor hope to be a girlfriend of yours, I admire such a characteristic man.Goodlooking, good actor, model and surely very deeply and kind man. Etc. I wish you a happy year 2014 and a merry life. Yours truly, Mirella.
    Ps. Got great Mary Poppins shoes.

  56. Umesh Deshmukh Says:

    Hi I am Umesh I want to meet someone to dofun

  57. I can definitely see the Orville in your dad, and my mom is too! Lmbo, a few years ago, she picked up and THREW, not tossed, threw the Christmas tree out the front door, fully decorated, because my crabby step dad was being so crabby her kids were about to take their kids and go home. Holidays are a BIG deal to us, I LOVE to dress up for Halloween, and start decorating even before thanksgiving! It’s so fun and magically freeing! It was funny, and everyone was scared to leave after that, for his sake haha!

  58. Suzanne gourd Says:

    I love james taylor he is my most favorite.

  59. I have to admit that I am quite taken with your personality. You’re like a mixture of all of my favorite spooky/cute/funny things rolled into one. Wishing you the best!

    Just another wannabe fairy princess,

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