girlfriend wanted

must love decorating for holidays
kissing in cars
and wind chimes

no specific height
hair color
or political affiliation required
but would prefer a warm spirited non racist

and “stick in the muds” need not reply

voluptuous figures a plus

any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
mary poppins
claire huxtable
snow white
or elvira wholeheartedly welcomed

i am dubious of actresses, fellons, and lesbians
but dont want to rule them out entirely

must be tolerant of whistling
tickle torture
james taylor
and sleeping late

i have a slight limp
eerily soft hands
and a preternatural love of autumn

I once misinterpreted being called a coal-eyed dandy as a compliment when it was intended as an insult

I wiggle my feet in my sleep
am scared of the dark
and think the Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the greatest films of all time

all i want is
butterfly kisses in the morning
peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart
and to make you smile until it hurts

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  1. I just started crying from reading that.. I want butterfly kisses in the morning and makse someone smile until it hurts too.
    hope you find your special someone, you deserve it!

  2. I know that need it at some point …. I found it, now I am resigned to believe that there is someone for each one of us .. I’m still waiting who fill my hours just to watch!
    few things are needed to fill the hearts of the people!
    and sorry for my English jajajaj

  3. Speechless

  4. hey matthew i love ya! ur art work roles and so do you i hope ur find her. u deserve the best

  5. hey u rock my socks

  6. Yo yo yooooooo!!!! quiero ser tu girlfriend (novia, se dice aca, en Argentina)!!!! Sos TAN bonito!!!!! hermoso!!!! precioso!!!!
    Y gracioso (eso es raro en un chico tan lindo)
    GRACIAS por hacerme reir tanto!!!
    Adoro tu página…..y ahora me enganche con Criminal Minds todos los días por AXN
    a new fan

    • jajaja que gracioso, estaba viendo esto y leo a una Argentinaaaa!!! Que bien! Compartimos los gustos parece!!
      Saludos y suerte!

      • Otra argentina presente! Y yo que pensaba que la perfección no existía. .. pero con Matthew eso queda mas que descartado! Completa e irrefutablemente enamorada de él

  7. MarianneLucille Says:

    This is incredible. I wiggle my feet, too.

  8. You are so sweet Matthew!!! I absolutley think you are fantastic in every way possible. I love your amazing drawings and the way you enjoy life. I’m not the biggest fan of being cold!!! But I do love Halloween!!! I enjoy decorating and carving pumpkins. I hope ypou find that special someone someday soon. My biggest wish besides a house for my family to live in is to one day meet you. I would really love to be your friend. So keep on the look out for that special girl!!!

  9. Dear Mr Gubler,
    Thanks for making me smile. Thanks for being the living proof that this thing called sweetness exists. If there’s one person with such wonderful values like yours, there will be more, I’m sure! One for you and one for me.

    (Oh, and what’s wrong about being a coal-eyed dandy? Oscar Wilde was a dandy, and wasn’t he just awesome?)

  10. Shemar fits that! Oh snap.

  11. That’s wonderful! We need more openly open bromances in the world. Did you know that 97% of men who are currently in a bromance are ashamed to say it? Let’s end the bad stigma that bromances have, by bring more awareness to them!

  12. so cute. the last part ❤

  13. well, i guess i can die now..

    i read it just right now, and I think it’s amazin’ the way you express yourself, i really really want you to find your special someone… im lookin’ 4 mine too, maybe someday Cupid have mercy on us xD .. OH my english is terrible, I hope you can understand me.
    Greetings from México! 😀

  14. Matthew
    I hope that one day you’ll come to realize,
    How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.
    There is a dime a dozen…
    Then there is one in a million…
    But matt, you are once in a lifetime.
    I don’t think you could ever know
    just how truly special you are.
    I dream of the day I can fall asleep next to you.
    Jessica xo

    Yeah a little bit ott, I hope you find your special someone chances are she is probably right in front of you.

  15. Matthew –
    When you find her, you should probably remove/edit this post to let all the swooning prospects know you are taken. But, seriously, if you are still single… why? If I wasn’t married, I’d be by your side in a heartbeat. You remind me so much of my husband – other than the fact that he’s 5’3″ – it’s pretty bizarre. You are going to make a very special person immensely happy one day.

    Peace & ❤

  16. Lauren Goldring Says:

    I am sooooo confused?! Wasn’t this posted like a year ago?? lol!! And all 18 replies have come w/in the last four days?! I thought I was a little craaayyyy-zzzyyy for replying a year after the fact, guess there’s a lot of craaayyy-zzzyyy out there…baaaaa-hahahaha~lol!! (=”=)

  17. well just so you know. i AM actually marry poppins. and in my magical bag i bring AUTUMN.
    and sometimes when i am tickled i stop breathing, so this form of torture might be effective 🙂

  18. Wow! Will you even write this. Even I was shocked!

  19. maria lykke johansen Says:

    do you meen that.? you dont have a girlfrind.? hmmm. strange…. you shuld get one 😉 how do you se yourself with one not from the amerika?
    love from maria (luna)

  20. maria lykke johansen Says:

    ps. i dont know you but i wuld like to. think you have an amasing fantasy 🙂 and if it help i had the role of snow white at a tivoli event for children 😉 for pictures look me op at facebook

  21. I know I had emailed you something about this before…but seriously, you’re going to find that special lady sometime, someplace! You seem like too much of a genuinely good person to not find her!

  22. Until you find a real girlfriend, I offer to be your real pretend girlfriend. We could have a nice long-distant relationship, and our first date could be bowling, by sending pictures of the screen after every frame, and you would simply have to catch the butterfly kisses every morning with your cheek, right below each eye. Although separated by miles, we can stay connected by wearing matching holiday sweaters.

    (You will have to interpret if this is a joke or not for yourself, but I say this just because I think that you happen to seem just exquisitely dreamy).

  23. That’s absolutely adorable.
    Oh and non racists really do make the best girlfriends.

  24. It’s 5:16 am where I am and I haven’t made it to bed quite yet. I just started getting into criminal minds (explains the 5:16 am thing). So, I will admit that I “googled” you and among the many things that you have created, wrote, and filmed, that have caused me to laugh or take second looks, I just felt compelled to write here. It’s true that I don’t really know you so it is hard to say that I wish I could be that girl… but I do wish I could be that girl.

  25. I’m applying for this job. (Provided that you like cats and muffins and Shawn of The Dead)

  26. en realidad….NADIE te cree que un tipo como vos este buscando novia!!!! La cola de mujeres esperando es larguísima…..alguna de TOOooOOOdas te tiene que gustar!!! (lo que falta es que te traigas una japonesa!!!)
    Veni a Argentina!!!!
    Un beso bonito
    gracias por sonreir

  27. Christina D Says:

    you have a very expressive face. i like that a lot : )

  28. christinasinger Says:

    anyway you’re very handsome ; )

  29. What A Girl Wants…

    Must love to laugh,
    Playing in leaves,
    And decorating cookies,
    Or just enjoying the cookie dough…

    Must appreciate home made snowflakes,
    Friendship bracelets,
    An over-active imagination,
    Entertaining one’s inner child,
    A starry sky,
    And a good climbing tree.

    Must be tolerant of my belief in fairy tales
    As well as my tendencies to daydream and
    leave holiday decorations up for too long….
    I make forts out of blankets
    And I love walking around bare foot,
    “I love NY” pizza,
    My family and friends,
    Taking pictures,
    Loud thunderstorms,
    And the smell of rain and old books.

    I am slightly pigeon toed,
    More graceful on a pair of ice skates,
    And enjoy lying in the road.

    I occasionally talk in my sleep,
    Sleep with all my lights on after a scary movie,
    And have an unnatural fear of spiders.

    All I want is to hold someone’s hand…
    Not hate Valentine’s Day…
    And to make you laugh so hard you cry.

    • i really like that. i also sleep with my lights on after a scary movie, and have unnatural fear of spiders. love rain and snow. taking pictures and filming! 🙂
      i really like matthew. i hope someday he find his girl, and i hope someday i’ll meet him.

  30. @K:

    That was amazing! LOVE IT! That made ME smile 🙂

    • Always happy to share a smile 🙂

      Also, in honor of the holiday season…

      Must accept my habit of wrapping myself up in Christmas lights,
      And my very off key renditions of the classic holiday tunes…

  31. Ay pero la fila es larga, pero estoy segura de poder complacerte!!!! Eres tan irrealmente hermoso!!!!! ❤

  32. It can be so difficult to truly connect to people, but your art and skill with language is powerful. You have gift that can draw people in, and some of those people, once they get to know you will really be overwhelmed by your ability to see the world, from a fresh/different perspective. I know I have often looked at your work and felt calmed, or curious and it has but me in a place where dialogue has been opened and great conversations have been had. So hang in there, you will find someone who enjoys the arts, and sees you and loves as much, if not more than they admire your artistic skills.
    (Especially cause you seem like you would be fun person to be around)
    So thanks for inspiring me, and for being a really special person! (PS i watch your little videos when I need a laugh, they are fantastic!)

  33. Come to Miami for Christmas. Stay the entire month of December. It’s like October with palm trees, and half my house looks like a Christmas Palace display room. Plus, there’s Colombian food. Delicious Colombian food. And a twenty-year-old with a closet full of waist-cinched dresses waiting for a walk in the park or a night out on the town.
    Learn Spanish, though. You’ll need it.

  34. I just want someone to sing along with and read my stuff to.

  35. Reading this was a nice surprise for a girl such as myself. . . and the kajillion other girls who read this 🙂 [One would think you have a girlfriend!] But you must be kidding; how hard would you have to look? I indeed am a voluptuous, (I would like to think) warm spirited, non racist. Your face, voice, webpage [all content therein], and the thought of butterfly kisses in the morning makes me ecstatic 🙂 Maybe I’m crazy for thinking my reply might catch your eye. . . (or possibly both. . .) But you never know 🙂

  36. Gubler you tease. I’ve been getting all the follow up comments in my inbox the past few days, and it made me think… You must have known this post would drive all your little fan girls wild. It’s not very gentlemanly to lead people on, Gube.

  37. Still confused?! (=”=)

  38. Love you on Criminal Minds~!! My best friend has a crush on you…..I think it’s very sweet, but now that she read this…..I beleive she thinks it’s meant to be! She has seriously been obsessed with fall since we were kids, she’s a writer and expressionist in all forms of art…..maybe one day she’ll become famous for her writings and you will meet…..that would be great, see you then lol : )

  39. Sweety, if you were into older women, in a rat’s ass second! Funny, i didn’t think there were many people in the world who even know what butterfly kisses were.

    A story for u: I just read on some page that you didn’t like having to cover up the “dark eye syndrome” I have this as well, and wondered if you know that they are actually called “Allergy Shiners” Whether or not you have allergies, you will ultimately. Mine surfaced at the age of 40 (tho i sometimes suspected it throughout my life) and a nutritionist i went to see because i didn’t know wtf to eat anymore since finding out i was allergic to almost every kind of food there was, and all i was allowed to eat now was millet (budgie food :DD ) and when she saw me for the very first time, without us even speaking yet, she said to me : Do you know what those are” I said “What” She said “Those dark circles under your eyes” And I said “NO What” She said “Allergy Shiners. I’d be willing to bet my year’s salary on the fact that your allergies have only just surfaced” And I said “YUPPER”. After a lifetime of eating parsley, trying to no avail to use coverup, da da da, i NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought to watch my diet. Allergies will apparently surface after some traumatic event (a criminal minds episode to be sure call it She Said I Said) and one night, after far too many tequilas and nachos and my marriage disolving into complete oblivion, BOOM, there they were.
    *eyes looking down at floor* I still drink tequila .. laced with parsley 😀
    Have a good one, from Haunted Toronto, Marti

  40. AutumnHidesMe Says:

    Jennifer, how sweet you silly silly girl. Why would you want to make me blush like that. I love you girlie! 🙂

    However, what she said about me is very true. Not very in-depth, but true non the less. And if you ever wanted to give me the chance to prove to you I could be the girlfriend you always wanted, I will be here waiting.

    With all the love I possess,

  41. what can i say that hasnt been said already….
    Love is really a complecated “thing” to find…i’m still looking for it.
    It’s hard to get to know someone who’s interested in you, just for who you are, even the bad part, and makes you want to be better…someone that makes you feel so special and bless that u cant believe he/she choosed you.
    I want to believe there’s someone for all of us and that he/she will appear when you less expect it…i dont loose anything by believing, right??
    well…i hope u find that right person, i really dont know u, but for what u posted, here and on Facebook, i can tell ur a sweet and funny guy (but again we dont know each other) though i really hope you are, gives me some faith in finding someone like that.

    Take care.

    PD: love the sketches!
    PD2: i really wonder if u read this, and if u do…sorry if its too mellow…=P

  42. Awww. I think I might just be falling in love with you. 🙂
    HAHAHAHA. You’re cool, man.

  43. i stay in ‘gublerland’
    listening to birds,dog,train,ghost,monster……
    it’s such a wonderful world

    Sometimes I dream to meet u on the street
    However,America is so far~
    thx to the internet
    and pray for u to have a wonderful girlfriend~

  44. Come to New Orleans… 🙂

  45. p.s. I wiggle my feet in my sleep too! heh

  46. That was beautiful. If you add crazy about cooking you’d have my mom *shivers* creepy. Anyways amazingly beautiful, and well thought poem/ thing ^.^

  47. Molly Kujax Says:

    You’re sweet, but, would you settle for a friend? I’d really like that.

  48. I apologize that the post man has been so late on delivering your future wife… Do not worry, I am on my way.

    Again Gube, I am sorry for the delay. Call me!

    ~your girl

  49. the Muppets Christmas Carol rules.

  50. ¿pero de donde salieron tantas fans???!!!
    aaaayyy somos demasiadas!!! jajaja
    …por eso es dificil creer que busque novia…ahora releyendo parece mas un mensaje encriptado a anda a saber quien (quien es la afortunada que lo desvela¿?) que un aviso clasificado desesperado!!!
    bueno, muuuuuuuuchos besitos
    y no dejes de sonreir

  51. This is the most perfect and charming thing I have ever read in my entire life.

  52. i was a photographer when dirt was old. i got a degree from a really cool school in photographic portraiture. i used to sell my landscape pix. i just looked you up on the web even though i have been facinated by your looks on tv. how happy i am that you were a terrific model and my photo eye may actually be still working. writing, film making, funny, odd, projecting, loving your parents, wierd beautiful characters, city noise, and i expect wildflowers and berries. i always loved anything strange, not normally done and putting myself in unusal places unafraid.
    are you sure you weren’t a child of the 60’s who never grew up? it is so wonderful that you exist. now if you had been growing up on my block in the 60’s i would have stared at you through the curtains when you ventured by. have a lovely life and enjoy all the pleasures you can. a fan

    • CC, Gubler’s a pisces. He IS an old soul, and chivelerous and romantic and cares about what’s important to care about . . . do U think there’d be a way to clone him . . . ?

  53. iluvwrting Says:

    I had to reread this 2 or 3 times. It’s so beautiful and heart felt. I love that you know just what you want. Don’t ever settle for less than that. Trust me it never ends well. I truly hope you find the one your meant for.

  54. That was truly one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever read!

    Your artwork and writing are amazing!

    Are you still accepting applications?

    You didn’t discount ladies of North (Canada) 🙂

    I’ve been likened to Elvira, Mary Poppins and June Cleaver
    I am playful, love holidays (especially Halloween) and the simple pleasures of life
    I love silly quirks and I am going to change the world; but you’ll have to get used to snow. 🙂

    Now that I’ve made myself out to be some of creeper, I just want to say that your work is honestly amazing and I will continue to be a fan, even if I don’t get the job. 🙂

  55. sunshine 'n' butterflies Says:

    Girlfriend Application

    Decorating for the holidays is one of my top skills. I excel in handmade decorations.
    Making mischief is always an acceptable pastime.
    Kissing in cars is second on my list kissing in the rain being number one
    I love the listening wind chimes, especially while sitting in rocking chairs.

    My height, weight, hair color and political affiliations are all to be found out in person.

    I do have a bit of a cynical side sometimes, but more often than not, am of a happy and contented disposition thanks to my hopelessly romantic nature.

    I have no real resemblance to Marry Poppins, Claire Huxtable or Elvira, but can often be found singing to small humans and eating apples so I suppose that makes me a bit like Snow White.

    I am not and have no desire to be an actress, felon, or lesbian, but things are always subject to change.

    I am more than tolerant of whistling, always enjoy a good tickle fight. I don’t listen to much James Taylor, but love pretty much all forms of music. I do not possess the ability to sleep late but I can lie in bed for days doing nothing.

    I have bent pinkys, and have been told my skin is unusually soft.
    I have trouble deciding on which season is my favorite because each one is so amazing in its own way.

    Caol-eyed dandy sounds like a compliment to me, but then again I was once told my eyes were black holes, and took that as a compliment.

    I kick in my sleep, and can’t stand silence.
    Muppets Christmas Carol is most definitely one of the greatest films of all time, there is no debate on that. I know every word of it.

    I prefer my sandwhiches shaped like dinosaurs but would love morning butterfly kisses. And I will only allow you to make me smile if I’m allowed to do the same.

  56. Hey Matthew.
    This is wonderful and honest.
    and super cute.
    for the internet.
    Hope you find her!

  57. So darn cute! It made me happy to read this. Ive spent some time on your website this morning and I really love it. Love from Sweden.

  58. Matthew,

    You are truly magical.
    The sweetness you exude from this blog entry is the only proof that such a wonderful personality exists in the world.
    I have never once met anyone with such attractive quirks. That being said, I have never crossed paths with yourself.
    Unfortunately, dreams don’t seem to come true in my world; At least not mine.

    I do hope you find your special someone, because you most certainly deserve it.
    And remember, if you ever find your luck running out, butterfly kisses and heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are staples in my life. I just haven’t met anyone to share them with yet.
    – E.

  59. oh I’ll be your girlfriend anytime.

  60. Aww! 🙂 ❤

  61. This is making me hold onto hope that one day, I shall find a boy as fantastic as you are. This is so utterly sweet and adorable and just ugh, you are fabulous and wonderful and other adjectives. ❤

  62. eerineelizabeth Says:

    muppet christmas carol IS one of the greatest films of all time! as soon as december 1 rolls around, my siblings and i are watching it at least once a week–when we were kids, we wore out our VHS copy of it. oops.

    and autumn is the most fantastic season. sweaters and jeans and the sunlight seems softer and everything is brighter and the colors make the world look like it’s on fire.

    also, james taylor is a musical god.

  63. *Felons

  64. I stumbled upon this and figured it was too adorable to pass up, so I gave it a shot.

    Gentleman wanted
    For a small town girl
    Pursuing her doctorate in psychology
    who’s pretty much the definition of average
    And who’s theory is, “It’s the simple things in life,”
    Like the beauty of the crisp air & changing leaves
    And the sweet tinkle of the chimes in the wind,
    Sleeping till noon
    And eating heart-shaped PB sandwiches (no jelly!)

    I certainly don’t mind whistling
    As long as you don’t mind
    Humming – I promise it’s not off-key
    The flutter of the shutter of my photographic lens
    Bruce Springsteen
    Selfless acts of love
    My desire to do kindness throughout the world
    My few white eyelashes and my small hands
    My strong connection to the ocean
    And my constant smile.

    I find it funny
    But I shouldn’t giggle
    Because I wiggle my feet while I sleep too,
    And I want to share those sweet kisses in the morning as well
    As I make your cheeks ache from smiling too much.

  65. mischief – check
    kissing in cars – check
    voluptuous figure – check
    tickle torture – check
    james taylor – check
    sleeping late – check
    Muppets – check, check, check

    Where do I apply?

  66. Oh Matthew,

    I thank you so much for this wonderful words! I sit here with a smile on my face and the tears roll about my cheeks. Your post touch me profoundly and it is really beautiful. Actually, I lack almost the words.
    I do not know you personally and cannot estimate you therefore but what I see from you, lets me suppose that you are a very charming man. You have earned to get everything what you wishes yourself! You have earned to find a wonderful woman with whom your wishes become true and which is able to touch your heart and your soul deeply. Like thousands of other women I wished also to be the woman on your side but I am realistic and know that it will remain forever a nice dream! ;o) Therefore, I wish you with my whole heart that you soon find what you search! Remain in such a way as you are and please never loses your positive life setting and your charming smile!
    A dream which hopefully come true … I would meet you once, look in your eyes and embrace you only once quite affectionately …maybe it happens sometime!? I will continue to dream.

    With love and respect,
    hugs and kisses

    (My English is not so good. I hope, you understand what I want to say!)

  67. … and where can we submit our applications for this?? :DD

  68. boyfriend wanted

    must love halloween
    rainy days
    and poetry

    no specific IQ
    body type
    or horoscope sign necessary
    but would prefer an open-minded humanist who thinks “outside the box”

    dream killers
    and unimaginative human beings need not reply

    cute smiles a plus

    any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
    edgar allan poe
    peter pan
    greta garbo
    or ed wood wholeheartedly welcomed

    i am dubious of religious fanatics, politicians, and masochists
    but dont want to rule them out entirely

    must be tolerant of singing in the shower
    barbra streisand
    and staying up late

    i have a slight tremor
    eerily small hands & ears
    and a preternatural love of hollywood

    I once used to cast spells using a wooden stick as my wand.

    I move around in my sleep
    am scared of being alone
    and think Metropolis is one of the greatest films of all time

    all i want is
    butterfly kisses in the morning
    peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart
    and to make you smile until it hurts

  69. Hard to believe that you have had a problem finding someone like this, you seem wonderful person Matthew and I hope someday our paths cross 🙂

  70. I am officially scared, who knew so many gals adore Matthew Gray Gubler!!! lol how on earth could he be self concious and so nervous around the ladys when way over 50 are throwing them selves to him.

    Matthew honestly would you date one of your many fans?

  71. If you can tolerate singing, whistling, crazy dancing, cooking, tomfoolery, and debauchery, then I’m in. However, I’m not looking for a boyfriend 🙂

  72. Please be really good looking.

  73. you need to make this a tshirt 🙂 I think it would work..

  74. Please find me.

  75. I believe this is enough to make anyone melt.

    Christmas is always a cozy holiday, but I prefer decorating for Halloween. It’s probably made up of the equal parts of me that have a more macabre sense of humor and that love carving pumpkins.
    A little mischief can’t hurt. Makes life even more fun.
    Kissing in cars, especially at red lights are special. Some of the best kind!
    Wind chimes make me feel peaceful. Good childhood memories with wind chimes.

    Warm spirited non racist, eh? It can actually be a little difficult to find one of those. But I think the best part of this stanza is letting the possibilities be endless. Hopefully who you end up finding exceeds any expectations, though. 🙂

    Cynics may say that they’re just highly observant, but they’re just rude. It’s very hard to find someone who is a critic that isn’t biased. And pessimists just rub me the wrong way. It’s always a whole lot more fun to look on the brighter side of life. I seem to smile and laugh a whole lot more that way.

    It’s refreshing to see that someone enjoys voluptuous figures. We seem to get left behind sometimes. So for that, thank you :]

    That’s a very interesting variety of women you’ve got there. Good choices.

    I once dated someone for a year before he broke it to me that he was physically attracted to men. I was at a point for a while where I was dubious of everyone, but I learned how beautiful vulnerability can be and I’ve began to trust people a little bit more.

    I whistle at work all the time. It’s a calming thing for me. Tickle torture is one of the only welcomed forms of torture. James Taylor is wonderful and sleeping late is my middle name.

    I have completely messed up my left ankle in small ways and sometimes I limp too. Soft hands are even better when you have someone to share them with and autumn is quite honestly the most beautiful season of them all. And it’s usually perfect for snuggle weather. Who doesn’t love a good snuggle?

    Sometimes I talk in my sleep, or sing. Very lightly though, not enough to wake up my room mate.
    I cannot fall asleep without the TV on. I set a sleep timer, but there has to be light in the room or I cannot fall asleep. I suppose it was a few too many scary movies as a child and the fact that I still have a very overactive imagination.
    That’s because it is one of the greatest films of all time. Easily.

    Butterfly kisses are kisses to be cherished. Very intimate and loving.
    Whats almost better than making peanut butter sandwiches in the shape of hearts is making them in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Almost better.

    You seem like a very wise and wonderful gentleman. I hope you find just what you’re looking for. 🙂

  76. I think I love you. It might be partly because I am lonely but I might love you.

  77. I don’t think you realise how much of an effect you have on people.

    I’ve been trying to get this post out of my mind since the past, forever. But my stomach curls and spins and flies away with all the wonderful thoughts that enter my mind just at your face.

    I can’t believe people like you exist.

    Who knew perfection exists in this world?

  78. HEATWAVE! Dis is muh island in de sun! ❤


  79. Lissa The Shrimp Says:

    My best friend Ruby:

    Is a

    Slightly odd
    Very eccentric
    Even more impulsive
    Irish artist.


    Creates weird performance art, surreal collages
    And sprays huge swathes of text onto gallery walls.


    Wears mostly charity shop clothes
    Favours mismatched socks, stripey tights, film noir ensembles, stockings, clompy lace-ups, big flared 1950s dresses, petticoats, and pencil skirts
    Looks like a 1950s poster girl, just with more freckles and less height
    Went to Oxford (and still has the old academic dress outfit…)
    Lives with two large, demented and unreasonable cats
    Isn’t a felon but did once get ‘detained’ for picketing
    Sings in her sleep
    Sleeps with the landing light on
    Loves Hitchcock and Malick
    Actually owns sandwich shapecutters
    Screams and flails when tickled
    Snorts when she giggles
    And likes the Muppet Show (don’t know about the film though, you’d have to ask her.)

    Seriously. You’d love her, we all do.

  80. Arely Ortiz Says:

    Mr. Gubler I’d like to aply if I may. OMG this is like the coolest thing ever, that is why I love you ❤

  81. That is the sweetest thing…..

    How some girl hasn’t snapped you up i’ll never understand

  82. Wait…what just happened? Oh yeah, you just ruined every other guy for me. Also James Taylor is quite possibly the best you could have chosen ever. A++ for you, Mr. Gubler.

  83. Jeez Matthew,
    Will you thank your parents for me? Without them you wouldnt be here making my day! And you should do more with your talent, damn it!

  84. lol, wow, too little to late, should have seen this 2 yrs ago, lol, but love you as dr. spencer reid and as simon, oh, do i love simon and you played him great. thank you for doing him justice, ain’t no chipmunk as breathtaking as simon.

  85. andrea todd Says:

    very sweet not many guys are that open and honest, its very rare, i love decorating for holidays, love autumn espesh walking on crunchy leaves,, and am part robot , just kidding actually i have metal in my back from an operation i had on my spine i set off airport metal detectors lol,,am 24 but dont look it lol, i kick my feet in my sleep and am slightly scared of the dark, am very ticklish, mostly on my neck of all places lol,muppets r very rad too,i love xmas movies espesh christmas vacation chevy rocks,never kissed in a car b4, and am sort of a gd cook so i can make sandwiches in any shape you like,i have dark brown eyes and get called, big brown bear eyes for sum reason,i love a guy that can make me smile,and who i can make smile in return,im told im a kind person ,im also told im understanding too,i like to listen,so if you like to chat im a very good listenener,im not a gd liar coz i tend to smile when im lying and it gives the game away lol,only resemblance to any of them u mentiones is that i am a brunette,i like to wear sweaters and cardigans in winter,occasionally wear skirts,and always like to look my best when i go out socially,im not the most confident perosn in the world,coz i was terribly bullied at school which left me very shy, im not as shy anymore tho, i dont smoke, ive never had anything to do with drugs,and rarely drink , so thats me x

  86. marry me, please. seriously, now.

  87. I have seen you a few times at Cafe 101- and I will now keep a tupperwared heart-shaped, peanut butter sandwich on my person when I eat there just incase I ever run into you, because you are pretty much the cats pajamas.

  88. Matthew,

    If you’re reading this, I think I might know someone that fits about 9/10 of that. Petite but voluptuous blonde, loves autumn and holidays, loves tall men that take baths with beautiful eyes and sexy lips. Loves animals, tickle fights butterfly kisses and makes a hell of a heart shaped peanut butter sandwich. She is neither a pessimist or a lesbian, but does love pessimistic lesbians as a whole. She’s a writer and her sign is cancer(excellent with pices!) I know she would hold you in the dark. Let me know, it could be beautiful

  89. Aw! That is really cute!

  90. That is really sweet! If you are still looking for that girl, I know someone who fits that description perfectly!

  91. Sophia de Bruyn Says:

    i know i fit that description 😉

  92. Dear Matthew, if you read these at all i just want to let you know that I think you’re the sweetest person ever and that I am a HUGE fan. I couldn’t live without butterfly kisses, autumn is my favorite season, and i never wear matching socks…hope you find your special someone
    Love, Savannah

  93. You probably know who she is already.
    Now, I’m not quite sure if you would care to read this, but my criteria would include:
    – appreciates Harry Potter
    – doesn’t mind my randomly bursting into Queen, Led Zeppelin, or Rush songs
    – doesn’t sneer at my love of Star Wars (this quality seems to be hard to find right now)
    – appreciates quirky people (of which I am most definitely one)
    – has a sense of humour
    – clean.
    Sorry. I just wanted to put that out there.

  94. This is definitely the cutest “boy seeks girl” ad I’ve ever seen!
    You’ve gotta tell if you got lucky, kiddo! ^_^

  95. I know just the girl, and if you weren’t an actor who lived in L.A./Vegas I would introduce you. You even have the same birthday. Alas, she is my daughter, and I would never want her falling for someone who lives so far from me. Otherwise, you would make the top of my list. Happy Christmas!

  96. 952.393.9858


    And yes, The Muppets Christmas Carol is amazing.

  97. I’m the one you’re looking for. Feel free to get back at me and we’ll talk…..

  98. Sorry for many girls.. but he is with Ali Michael…

  99. This might be the cutest and best thing I’ve ever seen. In. My. Life.

  100. This WOULD be cute… but I don’t like a tease.

  101. I beg to argue that, however much I love Mary Poppins, Maria is far more desirable.

    • YES!! Thank you! She was amazing as Maria, and not just because she’s my namesake :). I would watch that movie back to back to back when I was little. The Sound of Music rocks my socks!

  102. That made me laugh and smile all in one ❤ Thanks for sharing and I am super glad I found your blog!!

  103. I approach on all parameters=)))))

  104. The Muppets Christmas Carol is the best film of all time. Fact.

  105. haha if only..

  106. It never occured to me before I could use my blog as a personal ad. Wow, now I’ll do that.

    By the way, The Nightmare Before Christmas beats the Muppets with a horse lenght.

  107. I just died of happiness a little bit. I think I just fell in love ❤
    And for the record, Muppet's Christmas Carol really IS one of the best movies of all time. (:

  108. “all i want is
    butterfly kisses in the morning
    peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart
    and to make you smile until it hurts”
    – That needs to appear in some movie in the near future. (That you create of course) Question: Are you still drawing/painting? I may have fallen in love and am interested in possibly purchasing a piece of your work.

  109. RENUNCIO!!!


  110. Kathleen Pierson Says:

    This literally gave me the chills when I read it. I see you as a modern-day Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, and Abraham Lincoln all mixed up into one beautifully spirited person. I, myself am partial to pumpkins, apple cider, Egg Nog (a must), sitting by the fire place, decorating for any holiday, listening to the Frank Sinatra Christmas CD in my car, eating anything flavored with pumpkin(other than being delicious, it is also full of fiber), going into the candle section of a store and smelling the different flavors, watching classic Disney movies, going for walks through the woods at night when it’s cool outside, and spending time with my family. Looks don’t matter to me as long as I can have intelligent conversation (If you can’t have a conversation about the Civil War, then this was all a waste of time). Also, personally, I feel that Hocus Pocus is the best holiday film of all time because I do consider Halloween a major holiday.

    • I’d have to dispute your second sentence. Not that Matthew isn’t great, but a hybrid of Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, and Abraham Lincoln would be one hell of a person.

  111. This is a really nice poem, I feel as though I know a little more about you although I am hesitant to be swept off my feet because lets be honest this is the internet. I think this poem is absolutely beautiful and I would love to find someone like that also. I am not a lesbian, love sleeping in, and find snow white to be my favorite disney princess. I look forward to your next post

  112. Russian girl... Says:

    It’s so simple, but on an even more beautiful …. I do not understand very well English, but my knowledge was enough to understand the depth of your personality……
    You the talented, excellent actor. I sincerely wish to find that unique girl who won’t be ideally suited on all parameters, but will be the most favourite and desired…. I Am sorry, if has made errors in the text and has incorrectly conveyed meaning.
    With best regards from Russia, Nastja L.

  113. I’m sorry for my english 😦 😦 . Your “comment” is so cute. I’m sure that you will find the love of your life. It’s just an question of time. But attention, many fans could become crazy if they correspond at (or to ???) your comment, like me ! Moua hahahahha hahahahah hahahaha 😉 (le pire c’est que c’est vrai, lol !) Seriously, it’s better to be only that to be with a person that you don’t love (expression in french : “Vaut mieux être seul que mal accompagné”.

    Take the necessary time for love. Bye bye


  114. I’m surprised that no one has said, “OMG CAN I HAVE YOUR BABIES?? MARRY ME!!!”, yet. I looked through all the comments to find that someone who would say that. This reality has disenchanted me. oh well.

  115. Quite possibly the most adorable and sweet thing I have ever read. I think i fell in love with you a little bit. as did any woman who fits any of that description 🙂

  116. I would love to apply for this position!!

    With Love Always

  117. Lol I randomly came a cross this not even sure who posted it but sounded like a sweet an very cute poem. No ones perfect but your perfect to someone.

  118. Alexis (Lexi) Fitze Says:

    Umm…can I still apply for this? :p

  119. You’re basically perfect, but when we hook up,
    let’s use
    capital ‘I’s
    when referring to

  120. What about long walks on the beach, lol. Any luck finding someone?

  121. you are such a sweet guy..

  122. […] was originally posted in February on Gublernation. girlfriend wanted must love decorating for holidays mischief kissing in cars and wind […]

  123. Autumn Raine Says:

    You already make me smile until it hurts…

    I have fallen hopelessly head-over-heels falling-down-the-stairs in Love with you.

    About me:

    I adore: Kissing in cars, Wiggling sleeptime feet, Butterfly (and other)kisses morning, noon, and night.

    I am VERY mischievious.

    I enjoy windchimes, bird chimes, and decorating for every season of the year. I also like warm sunshine, cool breezy days, and cuddling in front of the fireplace.

    I have magic covers that comfort when it is dark.

    I have a warm spirited nature

    All I want is to make you smile until it hurts. You already make me smile.

    I doubt you will ever see this, but wanted to gt it off my ‘voluptuous’ chest so I can move on with my life.

    With Sincere Devotion,

    Autume Raine
    (That really is my name).

    P.S. Did I mention Heart shaped peanut-butter sandwiches?


  124. Autumn Raine Says:


  125. This is beautiful. Can I still apply? 😉

  126. Where do I apply?

    and how can I get my hands on Episode 9?

    Please reply. Thank you.

  127. How can I apply??
    Okay, bye.

  128. Too late, already married her. But next time you’re in Oregon, you’re more than welcome to share!

  129. IamnamedafterastarontheshowSOAP Says:

    I deconstructed my left knee, too. After my surgeon informed me of all the damage I had done, and the reconstruction surgery I required I sort of fell into mourning my joint.

    I then thought about how I would never be able to be one of those Parkour freerunners ( Although, prior to the destruction of my knee it wasn’t really something I considered. I think it had more to do with knowing I could never do it, now that I have injured myself.

    On a somewhat brighter note, I do have metal in my knee. I had anticipated that maybe I could set off some sort of security with it, but it has yet to occur. I flew to L.A. a couple months and in LAX, I got nothing. I also like to refer to it as a RoboCop knee. That’s what the brace looks like that I have to wear when I snowboard now. Oh, and that foamy velcro brace was my nemesis, because I do not like to sleep on my back.

  130. This whole thing made me smile! Mission accomplished.
    I’m scared of the dark, but more afraid of nightlights. It gave me nightmares. So instead, I listen to music all night, even when I’m asleep. That way, I go to sleep to music, and I wake up to music. Whistling is perfect music.
    I have a slight limp sometimes. Darn knee. There’s a whole story (not too lengthy) behind that on my blog.
    My birthday is the second day of Autumn, which is my absolute favorite season. I’m a bit obsessed with it.
    I’d like to be your friend. Not in an creepy “Omigosh, Matthew Gray Gubler is my FRIIIIEEENNNND.” More of a “If we met on the side of the street, I think we’d really get along.”
    If interested, shoot me an email, or comment on my blog or something. We’ll be pen pals. Swap art. You’ve got a pretty good head start. Oh dear. I’ve some catching up to do.


  131. My name is Autumn(:
    I pretend I dislike being called Fall,
    but its cute.
    I always thought I was the last person with butterfly kisses on my mind
    Believed to be the first person to love loving shaped sandwiches
    I am terrified of the dark. I won’t put up with it.
    But if I’m sleeping, it has to be dark.
    You think its the greatest movie, because it is.
    I love being tickled, though like any girl, I act like I dont, so that a guy will actually do so.
    And I love sleeping late.

    Oh, and I can’t whistle, so I’m sure that makes you want to whistle around me even more. Mhm yeah.

  132. i like decorating for halloween and christmas.
    mischief is what i like to cause.
    as long as it’s a good-night kiss.
    and it depends on how often it’s windy.

    you’re thirteen inches taller than i.
    you probably weigh a decent amount more than me too (but i’m not saying you’re fat).
    my hair is multiple colors.
    i’m hot-spirited and i am a hate-free zone.

    i’ll tolerate your whistling, but only if you teach me how so i can whistle with you.
    i bet i can beat you at tickle torture.
    i’ll put up with james taylor if you put up with my singing.
    sleeping late to me is sleeping until at least 2:00PM.

    i roll, mumble, and sometimes yell in my deepest sleep.
    i’ll protect you in the dark.
    and i’ll watch the Muppets Christmas Carol with you whenever you want.

    i’ll give you butterfly kisses when you wake up.
    i can’t promise peanut butter sandwiches because i eat peanut butter out of the jar (and i normally go through a jar a day).
    and the thought of you already makes my cheeks burn because i smile so hard.

    there isn’t much i wouldn’t do to be yours.
    i only dream of the day you hold my hand in yours.

  133. “True love will find you in the end.”

  134. pick me! pick me!

  135. You write sweet, sensitive man are treasure so take care of your heart until you find your Fall. You should try Leonard Cohen ( if you don’t know him yet) and Christian Bobin ( a french writer , i just Hope he’s translate, or maybe you read french) he’s a mellow man like you, with perfect esthetic taste. And if I may, I propose Bright Star of Jane Campion, kind of movie like a wind of kiss for the soul.

    take care

  136. Angela Chase Says:

    Matthew Gray Gubler you’re my Jordan Catalano!!

  137. know that you’re the bride who has long sought before reading this, good luck to her.

  138. Alicia Ramsey Says:

    I would love to audition for that role are you accepting applications?!?!

  139. That, sir, was adorable, and here is my reply…

    I adore decorating for holidays
    making and observing mischief
    kisses on the nose
    and thunderstorms

    I am no specific height
    With dark hair
    with no real political interest, so to speak

    and “stick in the muds” need not reply
    one of my downsides is my overuse of sarcasm

    I appreciate a guy who appreciates voluptuous figures
    any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
    mary poppins
    claire huxtable
    snow white
    or elvira wholeheartedly welcomed – though I confess little knowledge of Claire Huxtable and Elvira 😛

    i am dubious of politicians, football players, and religious fanatics
    but don’t want to rule them out entirely

    Am tolerant of whistling, if willing to teach me how to do it 🙂
    will give as good as I get with tickle torture
    love kenny rogers, the beatles and james taylor
    and sleeping late is a hobby of mine

    I have two freckles on my left eye
    small ears
    and a preternatural love of the bizarre, morbid and all things Disney

    I know many who would consider it a compliment to be called a coal-eyed dandy, and one who freely calls himself one

    I talk in my sleep
    am scared of the dark, spiders and the unknown
    and think the Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the greatest films of all time (along with the Nightmare Before Christmas)

    all i want is
    butterfly kisses in the morning
    jam sandwiches shaped like a heart
    and to make you laugh and smile until it hurts

    I’m not self-depricating but I doubt I’d make the list! Haha, I live in England and am at uni at the mo… I thought it’d be fun to reply in kind though

    Merry Christmas Matthew, and happy decorating 🙂


  140. I pulled the number 152 in line for MGGs Next Top Wife …feel free to call me if you’re through with the list…maybe in a couple of years if you get a horrible midlife-crisis and would really like to surround yourself with girls 10 years your junior.

    I’ll still marry you, even if you’re old and wrinkley 🙂

  141. Hallo~!^-^ My name is Daemon, und Im a guy. Thou I am not writing on here for me. I was scanning throu the web, found it, read it, & HOLY SHIT!!! Its as if your looking for my best friend!!! She would be perfect for you!!! lol Anyway, if you want to talk about it, contact me. I could get you a way to talk to her secretly without her knowing it is you, then you could see if you like her for her, & if she likes you for you.^-^ Please, do so contact me. I would be very happy because you 2 would love each other. Well, I must go now. ttyl. Good luck in all you do.^-^

  142. OH!! I forgot!! Contact me at or ^-^

  143. That is so cute! Why when you are as sweet as this can you not find a gf? Are you as shy as Reid?

    BTW I love your website. I think you must be slightly mad in an awesome way. All the best people are!

  144. I hope you don’t mind the distance…;)

  145. It is almost 5am and i have spent the past hour and change exploring the worlderfu world of Gubler Land. I even visited the Immigration Office and shall from now on be called Imus! I happen to have quite the night light collection and it just doesnt feel like Christmas without a little (okay a lot) of the Muppets…lol. Search on for the perfect girlfriend, search on…

  146. mr gubler, you seriously just make me melt.
    come to australia and we’ll split a peanut butter sandwich 😉 haha.

  147. I just love what you wrote.
    I’m a french young woman aged 28. I love authentic persons and I can’t bear hypocrisy or lies. I like to be serious but also to have moments of great fun. I like writing poems and listening to music.
    I can’t imagine you’re searching for a girlfriend because you look like an angel, I’m keen on the way you think.
    So, if you want, give me a sign.

  148. Dear Matthew,

    Please find below an application with reference to the vacancy of ‘girlfriend’

    I am a 25 year old English girl. I have been described as an English rose which means I am similar in looks to Mary Poppins. I have her accent too. I am 5’10, light brown hair and I have a womanly figure. I dress up at every chance and won a prize at school for my costume as a favourite book character. I love Disney and have collected all films on VHS. I talk in my sleep, go to bed late, am very ticklish and I have a car for kissing in.

    I look forward to hearing from you, should I be successful.

    Yours sincerely

    Bonnie Whitfield

  149. Madonna Mia by Oscar Wilde

    Lily-girl, not made for this world’s pain,
    With brown, soft hair close braided by her ears,
    And longing eyes half veiled by slumberous tears
    Like bluest water seen through mists of rain:
    Pale cheeks whereon no love hath left its stain,
    Red underlip drawn in for fear of love,
    And white throat, whiter than the silvered dove,
    Through whose wan marble creeps one purple vein.
    Yet, though my lips shall praise her without cease,
    Even to kiss her feet I am not bold,
    Being o’ershadowed by the wings of awe,
    Like Dante, when he stood with Beatrice
    Beneath the flaming Lion’s breast, and saw
    The seventh Crystal, and the Stair of Gold.

    on the same wavelength?

  150. I think I am late in applying for the position but if you ever want to be a cub I might give being a cougar a try. Sigh why didn’t you have an older brother at my college?

  151. heartbreaking. in a beautiful way.

  152. I ❤ you!!! 😀

  153. Aww.. Why didn’t I see this before? Where do I apply?! Seriously! I’m the one. Pick me!

  154. I want a boyfriend that will care enough to stand outside my house in the early morning hours, holding his boom box in the air, playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” at top volume.

    I want a boyfriend who likes long walks in the park in the middle of fall, who doesn’t mind a roll in the leaves or the fact that people start watching our playful time together.

    I want a boyfriend who doesn’t mind kissing me in the rain, or snuggling with me on a winter night in front of a roaring fireplace.

    I want the impossible love they show in 80’s movies. A guy who never thinks he can love someone too much. Someone who can open up and be honest about his feelings.

    I want a boyfriend who loves the way I laugh, adores the green flecks of color in my brown eyes. Someone who can’t stop kissing my soft lips. A guy that loves to hold my hand, or put his arm around me.

    I want a guy who understands the my career is just as important as his. And that both of our contributions to the world are equally important.

    I want a guy who loves kids. A guy who is charitable. Who donates his time and resources to help those in need.

    I want a guy to fall asleep with. Someone who loves the fact that I fall asleep best with my head on his chest and my hand resting on his pelvic bone. A guy who thinks its cute that I put my cold feet on his legs.

    I want a guy who loves John Waters movies, and doesn’t care if I watch Cry Baby forty million times because I think it’s so hilarious.

    A guy whose tall, lanky or thin, with sinister looking hair, and a bald chest. A guy who is comfortable in his skin, someone confident but not obviously sexy.

    I want a guy who wants to be wanted, but who realizes that sometimes it’s healthy for a relationship if we’re not always together. Someone who knows that we both need space sometimes, we both need our own friends sometimes, but at the end of the day, it’s just me and him.

    I want a guy who appreciates me, doesn’t cheat on me, and someone that just wants to be with me. If that’s you, please respond. IMSTACEYRU is my twitter or blog id on

  155. CM, season 2, they played Funeral by Band of Horses, and I always think of you.
    I’m mixed and I dye my hair red. I love nose kisses and car rides and movie dates in the snow. I would probably go numb to finish putting lights on my house. I’m kind of addicted to junk food. I love philosophy and spirituality. I think ancient civilizations are the coolest things. My dreams wake me up with a smile. I go to bed at 2am and still think Pokemon is the greatest thing. I like being warm, but I’m always cold. I love my mother lots and lots. I like slow songs and dressing up. Sometimes I wish I lived in outer space, but only in the really colorful parts. If it’s made of/tastes like pumpkin, I’m probably in love with it. One time I wrote a book. I like to draw trippy pictures and hang them on my walls. I love saying I love you, and I’m still going to play Playstation 2 no matter what foreign systems top it. I have chipmunk cheeks and big huge dimples.
    People making me smile is more than I can ask for.

  156. HA. This is off the hook awesome. I kind of hope you posted this just to have a good laugh at the [overwhelming] number and kind of responses you have received. Freaking. so. funny.

  157. Molly Kujax Says:

    “And I’d give up forever to touch you
    ‘Cause I know that you feel me somehow
    You’re the closest to Heaven that I’ll ever be
    And I don’t want to go home right now
    And all I can taste is this moment
    And all I can breathe is your life
    ‘Cause sooner or later it’s over
    I just don’t want to miss you tonight
    And I don’t want the world to see me
    ‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
    When everything’s made to be broken
    I just want you to know who I am
    And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
    Or the moment of truth in your lies
    When everything feels like the movies
    And you bleed just to know you’re alive”


  158. I don’t sleep, I coma. I have oddly soft hands too. If I find a spider, I yell at it and wait for someone to come kill it for me. I may throw up if tickled too hard though.

  159. Even though this little poem is not that good, it is, somehow, the greatest thing ever. There is a kind of purity/innocence about you that I hope you keep forever.

    A fan with a crush that gets too creeped out from Criminal Minds (and a little bit by your drawings) to watch it and wishes you would do more “Unauthorized Documentary” episodes.

  160. love decorating for any holiday, mischief and kissing anywhere. wind chimes, not so much! especially the wood ones! im 5 3, a girl never tells her weight and have brown hair. politics really aren’t my thing, but i have the biggest heart, and it feels so much. sometimes to much! Snow White is my fav princess, partly b/c all she had to do was eat an apple and sleep. plus she loved animals and had homies w/millions of diamonds/gems! and horror flicks, right up my alley. i had to google dubious by the way and ur right, please dont rule them out completely. whistling, cool. tickle torture, hate, dont know who james taylor is but i will google him later. and i kinda get up super early, i actually dont sleep that much at all. but dont care if u do. dont care how u walk, i have weirdly soft skin all over and i love the beginning of all seasons!! i toss and turn all night and am totally scared of the dark!!! cant agree on ur choice of fav movie though, will get back to u on that. and…the last part of that poem made me cry.

  161. Stephanie Totten Says:

    Oh, if only I had come across this about a year ago… because if Matthew and his add are anything like the “most amazing” apartments here in Montreal, well then, I’m surely too late! Haha. But the truth is, I do have a somewhat of a reasonable excuse. When it comes to most great things made in the US, Canada seems to always be a few steps behind. A perfect example of this is custom design converse shoes. And unfortunately, I recently learnt that they do not ship to Canada the hard way… And by hard, I mean extremely and utterly heartbreaking; just as I had finished creating what I like to believe is a “masterpiece” (or I guess in this case: more accurately: “My MasterpieceS”, which; in spite of being slightly reluctant to admit, (however I will do so, as I believe this will only serve to exemplify how devastating this event was for me); took me a few hours to complete! Anyways, I guess in the meantime my masterpiece will continue to remain a temporary internet file!

    I’m not too sure where I was getting with that.. but at the time, that felt very important to share.

    Now don’t get me wrong Canada is not all that bad. I mean, we have the four seasons, we have snowy winters, poutines (and if you don’t know what that is, trust me it’s the most fabulous-slightly-less-than-healthy snack), real maple syrup, we have good parties and for example, like earlier today my fam and I were all skating on the lake in front of our house playing hockey. So Canada isn’t all that bad, eh? (sorry I just had to throw it in there)

    So I guess that brings me to today. It’s Christmas, and yet another great time, with the most incredible food, the wildest gift exchange, and a house filled with the craziest family members, each of them wearing those incredible, colourful and ridiculous crowns from those dinner time crackers (THEY ARE THE BEST). But after my cousin brought this “poem” up, I wanted to hear the rest of it, and judging by the number of replies, of course I was not alone in, in feeling compelled to write a reply.

    To each and every girl who wrote a reply to Matthew’s blog, know that the guy of your dreams is out there. But in the meantime don’t just sit around waiting, wishing and hoping.. go out there, experience life, get to know yourself and do what makes you happy, if that’s travelling then travel, if it’s watching “I love lucy” episodes over and over again then do so, or if it’s playing guitar, baking, whatever it is do it. Because it seems that the best way to find love, is by first getting to know what you love, what you enjoy and who you are. This goes to Matthew and all other guys as well. My Grandma always says: “never look for a man to complete you, look for a man who will treasure, love, hold and laugh with the completed you” and in spite of the fact that she is, as I write this currently singing karaoke to what sounds somewhat like “girls just want to have fun”..consequence of perhaps a bit too much eggnog; I believe that she is right.

    So, in the end: I wish you all your happily ever after. I hope you all find that special someone that will love you for who you are, and perhaps even make you heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches (if of course that is what you like)! But in the meantime I hope you truly find happiness within yourselves! And if all else fails, I know a few really great and fun canadians! To whoever reads this, Merry Christmas!

    I’m off for some karaoke!

    P.s. If Matthew ever reads this: Thank you, because I just realized tonight how truly powerful blogging can be.

  162. Kenzie-Anne Grant Says:

    I stumbled upon you by chance..meeting a girl, friending her, unfriending the process she introduced me to criminal minds about 3 months ago…i saw you and felt compelled to google your here i it weird to Google a celeb? and then read all about them in say the last few days..? it feel like..stalkerish……anyways….I had to comment on this note…one because you are very beautiful..u can have any girl I’m sure..and two because this is super sweet…if only all men an on going fashion..sigh..
    I wonder how you really are…like this, always? men always start off in the right place then forget. I hope when you find the right girl you and her can keep the passion for everything alive…especially the small things like..
    I like to cut crust off my sandwiches, my grandma said it would put hair on my chest, so Ive always been a little scared…
    I sleep with a night light and the closet door closed, if i could sleep with a full on light i would…
    i love to be scared when i choose how to do it, via a story, a movie..ect but hate thinking there might just be a boogie man in my closet…i check before bed all the time!
    candy corn is my fav candy and am gross because this past Halloween i ordered it from the states to eat because sadly i guess Canada ran
    my fav season is fall, but i also like spring, it makes me think of renewal…especially when everything starts to smell like shit…i don’t like when i cant wear a sweater if i want to, so summer doesn’t really appeal (also im allergic to the sun so maybe im bias)…
    I’m a dog person, cats…well they just irritate me..(maybe cuz im allergic).
    im mildly agoraphobic because i have been suffering from Panic Disorder for the last 9 years…sometimes that makes things lonely…especially since my friends think they can make plans and break them because i dont leave the house that i dont make plans..?!…i hate that…
    I was recently diagnosed with Lupus..i think i tweeted you bout supporting once but i dont know how to use twitter very well…so maybe u didn’t get it but Lupus frustrates me..but makes me very grateful for the life ive lived so far…I like to think im a good person…oh and i love love..not normal love but fairytale romantic comedies where Meg Ryan is at the top of the empire state building with tom hanks and they kiss….i dont think it exists..i mean it does in me but i haven’t found anyone who its in yet….but i hope u can find someone who will make you believe it does, at least for a little while..relationships are important to me..finding beauty in everything, and white chocolate…oh and dancing…im brown but dance like an 80’s music video…i love it!
    K xoxo

  163. awwwhh 🙂 First of all i honestly agree with everything u just wrote there! 🙂 kissing in cars and wind chimes and sleeping late FTW autumn is the BEST season!! 😀 ill protect you from the dark btw 😉 Honestly if the tickle attacks were from you i would most defe not mind ! 😀
    i will give u as many heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches and butterfly kisses as you want :} [a butterfly once flew right into my eye XD and i think that counts as a butterfly kiss from a REAl butterfly right!? so my butterfly kisses will be extrraa special :} ] and honestly the last part, to make her smile. im really jealous of the girl that’s actually lucky enough to have you :] ❤ YOU ARE AMAZZIINNGG! now. my turn to write a poem 🙂


    1 requirement only–

    Must be this amazing cute boy named Matthew Gray Gubler 😉

  164. i decorate for all the holidays. i even make things that i can’t buy (example – the mistletoe hanging on the door of my dorm room)
    mischief is always fun 🙂
    i always loved playing with wind chimes in stores.

    I’m 5’5-ish, dirty blonde hair, and i dont have any political affiliations. Am warm spirited, non-racist.

    and definitely not a “stick in the mud”

    voluptuous 🙂

    i have a mind set which is a cross between mary poppins, snow white & Lottie (from the princess & the frog)

    i will admit that i am an aspiring actress, but don’t let that deter you

    i’m a whistler myself, so how could i not tolerate it?
    all’s fair in love and war (tickle torture included)
    james taylor is a’ight
    and it’s very difficult to get me out of bed before noon

    i think imperfections make someone perfect
    i too have soft hands. and am a lover of soft hands
    i’m a cuddler. autumn is the season of cuddling

    i can sleep in full light if you need to
    i watch muppets christmas carol every year – no joke. I love the muppets, michael kane & the christmas carol.

    i can give you butterfly kisses, heart-shaped peanut butter sandwiches, and i can live with smiling until it hurts.

    I know this post is full of cliches…
    but it’s kinda all true, i just couldnt find less cliched ways to say them.

  165. PS. Matthew, i think you are a great actor, and i love criminal minds. My current favourite episode is season 1 episode 18.

  166. I will spare you the time of reading a list of reasons why I think that you should marry me tomorrow; however, I will say this: My eyes give the best kisses in this world, my pb&j making skills are quite impressive, I can buy a heart shaped cookie cutter but I would prefer to improvise and lastly, if making me smile until my cheeks hurt will make you smile in return, then I am all in.

    I am just an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams and one of them is to someday meet face to face with the man behind the words I read, drawings I see and characters I watch on TV. Despite my wishes and regardless of if they ever do come true, knowing you from afar is so much better than not knowing you at all.

    You are an inspiration and absolutely a breath of fresh air. I hope that you find your “AnnaBel Lee” someday.

    xo – Layla

  167. Found this by acident, restored my faith that just mayb there might be a few sweet guys out there…. somewhere… would love to know if anybody replying actually ticked enough boxes for you!!!! love the website btw

  168. How do I apply for the job you described be to a tee. You adorable when I see you I can only smile (BIG)

  169. creo que cuando uno necesita ese “alguien” solamente tiene que buscarlo, creo que son pocas las opotunidades en la vida, y a veces el amor no esta tan cerca como lo esperamos, a veces hay otro esperando por nosotros al otro lado del mundo. Creo que siempre habra esperando alguien por ti Matthew.

  170. tu trabajo y arte es increible, good luck!

  171. I share your desires 100%
    I love all holidays
    especially halloween and christmas

    i am short with some curves
    brown haired and glasses
    my face is round like snow white too

    I grew up on disney and still love it too
    tickling and late sleeping are great
    and will definitely happen all the time

    i limp when i’m tired (called my “gimp leg”)
    soft hands will be held and autumn will be shared
    autumn is my favorite season and my birthday time

    i’ve been told i am weird/strange/a loon/etc as insults
    and i take them as compliments

    i move in my sleep
    am also scared of the dark
    and wore my aladdin tape of two times

    i will
    give you butterfly kisses in the morning (and hope for them in return)
    make you heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches
    let you make me smile until it hurts

  172. hmmm thats ok and very funny too are you looking a girl with smile in autumn under the umbrela, girl who love to slide in plastic bags in the winter, romantic soul who prefers tim burton ectetisc, , who hate horror films but watch it between her fingers, who love cats because she claimed that cats have peoples features, who sit like a little boy in elegant dress when she is lost, who like chocolate in every hours, girl with frecles in summer, that she give a fuck in politics, loves
    melting candle and formed a wax into balls, spin in a circle holding a lantern, and many many things…


  173. are u going to comi-con or vid- con for 2011? i know you went this year… but I couldn’t go…. but i would love to meet you! would love it if you responded back!

  174. you are so adorable. & this made me smile.

  175. Dearest,precious, precious Matthew Gray. So do you want to come to Shelton Washington to hang out with me? are so sweet, My Love.

  176. dahlia moreno Says:

    Mr. Gubler,

    my name is dahlia

    i love tickle attacks
    i’m constantly caught whistling
    i sleep in every time i get the chance
    I’ll try almost anything once
    i looooove decorating for holidays

    i once had long thick dark brown hair but i made a mistake when i let my sister “experiment” with it, so now it’s shoulder length.
    i consider myself tallish.
    i believe everyone is beautiful.

    my favorite season is Autumn
    my skin is also freakishly soft.
    I smile more than the average person does.

    Your blog was the sweetest thing i’ve ever read.

    The nerdy look you pull off so well is precious,
    your scruffy look is dreamy

    maybe the reason your so breath taking and attractive on the outside, is because your so captivating on the inside.


    and i’m scared of the dark too, and spiders. . .

    I don’t really date though, i’m that girl who rarely has a boy friend. I tend to shy away from relationships because so far all they brought is hard times.BUT i know if it were you, it’d be the one thing in my life i wouldn’t have to think twice about.
    I know the chances of hearing from you are very unlikely

    i just wanted to say
    that when you find her
    she better treat you right.
    You deserve those butterfly kisses
    and pb and j sandwiches 🙂

    you deserve a girl who has the same beautiful mind that you do
    someone would give anything to be your everything.

    and i hope you find everything you’re looking for.

  177. I think ur frekkin amaamzing guuube! I happen to love the Muppets and have all their TV show DVDs!!

  178. blondiebaby70 Says:

    Hey if you didnt find yourself a girlfriend yet dont give it. She might be closer than you think its when your not looking when she finds you or you find her. Maybe you should go to north east pa maybe I ooopps I mean shell be there. LOL good luck finding love… Its not easy

  179. Bright girl Says:

    it’s ok

    you got it!!! ^^


  180. Hi Matthew,
    I’m dangerously in love with you….but don’t worry about it, I’m not a psychopathic!!!!!!!I’m italian and I’d like to meet you, this is the reason why I asked to a friend of mine to contact a tv program, but she threated me like a fool!!!I’m sure I’m the woman you need and you’been looking for, trust me!!!Please write me back!!!

  181. Jacquelynne Nicole Says:

    You already make me smile until it hurts!

  182. Hi, I wish to apply for this job if its still available??
    please note;
    I can resist tickle torture for lenthy periods of time, (this will usually be followed by many many kissess and cuddles)
    I go to bed very late and also sleep in very late on days off (its 6.15am here right now!)
    I go by the name Humera, im a British national, now living in Ireland, —So am definately not racist!
    Im a light sleeper but hopfully we can work on the feet wiggling.
    Kissing you in cars…or anywhere else for that matter would be my pleasure.

    If you require any more info, please see contact details.

    P.S. Seriously, these must be the sweetest words ive ever read in my life.
    P.P.S. love criminal minds, keep up the good work. Also your drawings are awesome! where can i buy a Gubler original??

  183. Simply beautiful.

  184. Sublime

  185. Clair O'Donnell Says:

    So did that actually work?? I’d opt for that, you could decorate with my dad, have long lie ins with me and I love kissing in cars, have to admit I prefer vintage though (cars that is). I do love Star wars especially star weekends on the couch but you must love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter weekends!! The only problem is I live in Ireland and I’m not sure how a long distance relationship would work out!! Ah well maybe in our next life. Not quite sure how I ended up here, was looking for the author of a quote I heard on criminal minds and here I am.. Wouldn’t have thought you would need to advertise for a girlfriend, you seem like a nice enough guy. Let me know how it all works out I’m quite intrigued. Obviously it’s a slow night!! Good luck x

  186. dear sweet, Matthew Gray. so, I do all that stuff. So wanna play? i’d like to hear you read some Edgar Allen poem, some time.
    you sure are quite the charecter, my love… I know Maetthew Gray is not going to read this, and that is imbaressing

  187. Wow – that’s rather appealing – so would you consider an application from an older women living in a different hemisphere? Is the position still open? Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR from NZ.

  188. I READ THIS ON NEW YEARS EVE, AND IT MADE MY NIGHT. I will keep looking too, you just gave me hope that THERE IS STILL SOME GOOD GUYS OUT THERE!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011…….

  189. This was one of the absolutely cutest most adorable things I have seen on the crazy, outrageous, weird, internet. I hope you find a girl who sleeps late, watches Muppets Christmas Carol all the time, gives butterfly kisses, and makes heart shaped peanut-butter sandwiches.(:

  190. I don’t belive a men like you….. alone, imposible, sweet, sexy, a good actor, a good director, a good writter all good, if you want a spanish girl with a terrible english, not sexy but very sweet you know, remember me 🙂

  191. 1.a) oh, this is glorious. the world just needs…more of exactly this 🙂 (reading original post + awesome responses = exercise in internet-joy).

    1.b) although, it only puts *some* of us in greater danger of falling hopelessly in love, you know. (i only say this because, after being stuck inside recovering from a hospital visit for the past three weeks, i think i’ve seen every episode of Criminal Minds at this point, and now have a huge gigantic immense crush on spencer reid. oh woe).

    2.a) tolerance with regard to whistling all depends on the quality of the whistle in question. is the person screechy and off-key? that gets annoying *fast.* i like to think my own whistling is well above average (not to brag but it’s one of my top skills) but even *i* have been told to shut it on occasion.

    2.b) i live over a bridge from Salem, MA, an hour away from Plimoth Plantation and just down the road from a Christmas Tree farm. Some people complain about the constant presence of festivity from Sept-Jan. Oh, there are pumpkins everywhere, and constant tourists, and wild turkeys running willy nilly through fields, and an inordinate amount of evergreen garlandage strewn over every possible surface. Oh, and there are carolers *everywhere.* It’s the most sublime thing ever. PSA advertisement for holiday season in New England.

    3.) doesn’t being called a coal-eyed dandy sound a little bit like being compared to a snowman? 🙂 even if not, it sounds like a compliment.

  192. This describes me almost perfectly.

    Except I’m 17.

  193. If I weren’t married, we’d be a perfect match…..maybe in another life ❤

  194. This is so adorable! I couldn’t resist writing my own version of this.

    Please consider lol

    boyfriend wanted:

    must enjoy large families
    thunder storms
    and cool spring days

    height is not a concern
    as size doesn’t matter
    since it’s what’s inside that counts
    would prefer a warm hearted
    open-minded individual

    super procrastinators
    and “party poopers” need not respond

    a child at heart is a bonus

    similarity in any way, shape or form to
    dr. spencer reid
    jasper hale aka jackson rathbone
    prince charming
    or doogie howser would be welcomed greatly

    i am leery of liars, heart breakers, push-overs
    and will tread carefully around them

    must love to play
    having fun
    and be tolerant of randomness
    also be a fan of sleeping in or going to bed late

    i have “hitchhikers” thumbs
    a strange fascination with japanese culture
    and love of making cookies on a crisp autumn days

    i try to find the positive in everything, and can usually think of insults as compliments

    i like to cuddle
    sleep with a night light
    and enjoy “childesk” movies and shows

    what i want most is
    soft kisses morning, noon, and night
    to smile and laugh
    and to make you smile and happy.

  195. I wonder if he ever reads any of this and feels scared…

    • I was JUST thinking that!

      • lol 🙂 i think he’s so lovely and that post is the sweetest thing but its all a bit mad at the same time 🙂 aw matthew if its a girlfriend he’s looking for he has plenty of choice, including myself of coarse 🙂 lol

  196. I truly believe in destiny and that everyone deserves happiness. I do believe everyone has a soul mate wondering around somewhere in the world. I have yet to find mine, but I do believe in my heart I will spend the rest of my lifetime searching. You too Matthew will find yours, as you definitely deserve it. Thank you for making me smile, and for showing me that there are still good people left in this world. One would be very lucky to have spent her life with you.

    By a route obscure and lonely,
    Haunted by ill angels only,
    Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT,
    On a black throne reigns upright,
    I have wandered home but newly
    From this ultimate dim Thule.

  197. Wow! I love that! Autumn is by far THE best season, especially since October holds my birthday and the best Holiday! Well if you are even in Utah, let me know!!

  198. Wow, that’s very sweet and unexpected; reading this gave me the urge to reply with my passing thoughts, although I usually don’t, haha.

    Decorating is always fun, especially on holidays. Taking them down– not so much.
    So is mischief.
    Classic cars are a bonus,
    and wind chimes are awesome.

    We all are as we should be.

    Wish I could whistle.
    Tickle torture… tickles.
    As long as you don’t mind car ride sing-alongs,
    and sleeping late is lovely.

    What’s not to love?

    “The purpose of today’s learning is to defeat yesterday’s understanding.” – Miyamoto Musashi.

    I wonder if I do, too,
    and the night-light is my best friend.
    Never saw Muppet’s Christmas Carol, though.

    Whatever makes you happy.

    Anywho, good luck finding your other half. The future is full of surprises.

  199. Grace Parsons Says:

    I’ve been watching you on Criminal Minds since it’s inception and I must say you are one of the most fascinating individuals I’ve come across. I would love to meet you. When I heard that you visited Canada some time ago, I flipped bigtime. I certainly would have travelled to meet you, and hopefully, if you’d agree, take you out to a fun place for dinner and possibly dancing later. If it happened to be summer, wow, I’d put together a basket of munchies, and wine. We could go to the beach or a park to eat at our leisure. Hey, Matthew, we could get our feet wet in the water and I’d give you a gentle foot massage while I chat you up……Beware, I’ll probably be profiling you while I’m doing it lol.
    I recently went ziplining in the Dominican, downhill skii, fishing, roller blade, hiking etc. But my real passion is photography and tripping around in the countryside – hiking. I’m a fun loving, free spirited, spontaneous female who is quite disappointed with society for not being able to take advantage of nature and it’s endless surprises and for not being able to be playful once they become adults. I see so many unhappy people who are waiting for happiness to knock at their door when all the while it’s right inside them they just don’t know how to get it out.
    I’m assuming you are older than me, but most of my friends are younger because I have more in common with them because young people generally haven’t forgotten how to have fun.
    My birthday is March 10th, born in Windsor, Ontario. Wow, I flipped when I read that you were born on the 9th.
    I’d really love to meet you if you happened to be coming to Canada sometime soon and if not, I’d travel to meet you, assuming you’d have a little bit of time to trip around with me. Hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and I sincerely wish you a terrific and adventurous New Year.

  200. hello

    since i saw criminal minds… i love it and i love you… you are very very handsome…. i love your character spencer reid… he’s genius, he’s very serious, i love him, i love you… you’re great

    i’ve been looking someone to contact with you… and i think is that…

    i want meet you… maybe i don’t very pretty like someone of your fans… but just i’m in the high school soon i’m going to enter at the university… i speak spanish…

    my e-mial is:
    for something you want ok

    you’re amazing

    ps: i love annabell lee by edgar allan poe with you


  201. hi again

    maybe i can’t be your girlfriend…

    i like all you say

    but i’m not pretty…somepeople say you’re crazy, you’re pretty but i don’t think that 😀

    although i would love it

    see you next

    XOXO kisses

  202. Sarah Lynn Says:

    reading this makes me feel better about my body type. i’m not large but i’m certainly not like hollywood-level skinny and realizing that some people (especially people like you who could look at a girl and make her swoon) don’t want the super-skinny girls and are not just settling for someone who has a little meat on her bones. thanks, matthew.

  203. You’re a cool kid.. err…man.. but kid sounds cooler… and you seem to like to act like a kid so i guess it fits.

  204. …and you have 224 replies.
    So mad.

    Enjoy choosing your girl.

    (my English is bad, I know. Doesn’t matter)

  205. jesus christ! I never should have replied on this beautiful blogpost! it was untouched for sooooo long and then I go and spoil it haha 🙂 god, I’ve created some kind of monster 😀

  206. I think the responses are half the beauty of this whole thing. The original girlfriend ad was very sweet and of course quite poetic. And ok ok, I get that there is also some Dr. Reid crushing going on here (I do not claim immunity from that accusation), but there’s also a very lovely strand of simple and sweet agreement with the basic sentiment of the poem, at least as *I* read it – as an innocent and funny and sweet description of one person’s experience of the general longing for love that is an inextricable part of the human condition. This is what I liked reading Matthew’s website the other day, and the reason why I clicked this blog. It’s so firmly a vote for real, actual, innocent (for lack of a better word at the moment) self-expression, as opposed to he stylized irony with which so many people, celebrities and otherwise, express themselves these days, according to the current fashion. I know that sounds preachy (like Mary in Pride and Prejudice, actually, horror of horrors) – I don’t mean it that way. I’m just trying to say that the outpouring of people on this blog who are rather un-ironically echoing the sentiments in the original poem is at least half the charm of this page. It’s not just the poem’s author who wants those things, and has the guts to announce it sweetly, but *everyone* who’s responded. Isn’t that a happy thing?

  207. and by *what,* I meant *why,* btw. lol.

  208. Maggie – I could not have put it better myself. It’s a nice bit of unashamed honesty in a world which is sadly all about ‘playing it cool’…. both the original poem and the comments are a nice reminder that however bad it sometimes seems, the world does have some good, nice, caring people in it.

  209. ❤ thanks Ava.
    I agree (obviously). I mean, earnestness goes a long way, in my book. It's just nice to see it, where it exists.

  210. Matthew,
    I just want to ask, what is going on with the spin-off? Are they kicking the whole team off? Because, if they kick you and Shemar off, I will personally fly to L.A and figure out where those producers live. Honestly, you’re just so humble and real, and I’d love to see someone like you in my life.

  211. aly bailey Says:

    Im here for a girlfriend job?? Im great at everything you listed haha

  212. Katrinia17 Says:

    Due to my lack of interest in celebrities, the knowledge of your existence just came to me in the past month after I was encouraged to watch your show. A recent dream, in which you had one line in, has inspired me to write a new novel and so I decided to do a bit of novel writing research. I’ve come to the conclusion that you depress me in the most beautiful way. Your poem is well written. I thank you for the inspiration and hope to experience more of your writing and art.
    Sincerely (in the most non-stalker like way) – Katrinia17 (Aka Everydaywriting – V.E.L Edgar)

  213. so cute. if that list includes a canadian girl i would be happy to oblige

  214. Every Christmas I watch the Muppets Christmas Carol, it has to be one of my favourite films. Unfortunately I do not dress like Mary Poppins as with time fashion moves on although I, myself, like men who dress like Sherlock Holmes. Oh and Castiel off of Supernatural as he can work that trench coat like no other.
    I enjoy whistling and have weird little quirks too which annoy many people however that doesn’t stop me, it makes me who I am and I am not afraid to show that.
    I love the warm summer sun and the soothing sound of water gliding slowly upstream; laying by a lake is the place I imagine when I am stressed, it gives me tranquillity like no other.
    Plus however stressful life is it’s always the little things that make everything better.

  215. PICK ME

    Because… well actually, there are a googolplex reasons why really… however realistically, if I attempted to type them all up, then i’d run out of time.. and… alright, you’ve caught me and so has everyone else replying to this….

    I’ve got nothing.. except my rock collection, a great jump shot, a love for animals, my I Love Lucy dvds, I make a mean grilled cheese and I have the best family and friends anyone could ever imagine.

  216. my heart just broke out of the cage some call a chest.

  217. Awwww that was the cutest thing ever. I will be all that and more just because I want to see you smile till it hurts. >w<

  218. That was quite frankly one of the sweetest poems I’ve ever read. The honesty and simplicity of your writing lightens my soul. Whoever you choose to spend your life with will be very lucky. I certainly wish that I had someone like you.

    p.s. The term coal-eyed dandy makes me smile. I probably would have taken it as a compliment also, if it’s any consolation.

  219. Not to sound like another adoring fan, but I do think this is incredibly sweet. I hope you do find someone like this. In the meantime, enjoy all the wonderful things that you are doing. She’ll turn up eventually.

    Also, I think it’s safe to say that everyone reading this ended up smiling, so you’ve got a good chance of being able to make her smile until it hurts. Good luck!

  220. very, very nice. i must counter with–

    boyfriend wanted
    must enjoy
    coloring menus in restaurants with crayons
    smiles for no particular reason
    ihop maybe!

  221. Samantha Holland Says:

    I love decorating for holidays and sometimes I leave the christmas tree up and throw on spider web. “Super Creative”
    I cause mischief… but not anything superbad
    Windchimes are cool especially during a hurricane but not while napping.
    I don’t think im very voluptuous though.
    Love whistling … adore tickle torture. Me and my dad used to do that but we called it tickle fights. Becuase it starting off tickling but ending with a punch. (Not as painful as it sounds)
    I like between autumn and christmas time.
    And if I knew what i was doing, butterfly kisses every morning.

    If you replied that would probably make we smile until my mouth hurts.

    ps. I rearange the house every 3 weeks not many people are for that though .
    Samantha H.

  222. It’s so beautiful!!!!! You just made me cry….I think you are insane but in the best way a MAN could ever be. Best wishes for you Gubiiiiie!!!! (Sorry for my bad english I’m from Hungary.)

  223. Katherine Says:

    I think I found her.

  224. awww ure unreal… that is soo sweat… wish their were more fellas like u in ireland!!!! best of luck with everythn 🙂 nd ure amazing in criminal minds love it!!

  225. Gubler, you make me smile.
    This is EPIC.

  226. madelaine Says:

    thanx matthew, for making me smile so much. i really need that. i hope you find a girl who really deserves you but if you don’t….i know someone who might be interested..(me) love ya!

  227. Feicia WIse Says:

    YOu just knid of explaned me kind werid but cool to cz i like u

  228. I’m happy to tell you that I have all the characteristics required, but I don’t know if you can be tolerant to smoking, it’s one of my faults.

  229. hey matt i want you so badly : D. reply me back Fastly xo ♥

  230. Can’t wait to see next CM episode!!!! I think I’ve got GUBLER-fever!!!! You are an awesome actor and dancer 🙂 and some unexplainable ways I think you are a really great singer….you just make me laugh but I love to listen to your cute voice!!!

  231. I’m coming out of the dark, and sometimes i have to go back.
    Where do you belong to?

  232. you just haven’t found me yet. and you have not experienced autumn before you have been to norway. it’s beautiful, just like you.

  233. cjindorset Says:

    man have i got the girl for you!!! everything u describe & more!!!

  234. While I do fulfill the requirements, you may have to fight my husband for me. And anyone who doesn’t like James Taylor or The Muppets Christmas Carol is seriously deprived

  235. You have no idea how sweet this is. You are amazing Gube, and if I wasn’t 16 I would totally be ligit replying to this. (haha)

    I love you, Matthew, even if there is a 14 year age difference. =]

  236. then i’m your perfect girl.

    i wish there were more men like you in the world.

  237. I’d love to be that for you. You honestly seem like my dream man.

  238. Haha. You’re sense of humor is right up my alley. Thx for making me smile. 🙂 Hope this year brings much happiness.

  239. I wish there could be thousands of Matthew Gray Gubler!!!!!!!!!It would be so cool!:P:P:P

  240. girlfriend application:

    decorating for the holidays, mischief, kissing in cars, and wind chimes – check to all four!

    i am 5’4”, one hundred and nine pounds, blonde, liberal, and a warm spirited non racist (i have been called a warm-hearted girl and a kind-spirited person)

    i am not cynical. i am self-critical but try not to criticise others. i have been told i am a ‘very optimistic person’ and i’m not a stick in the mud. i don’t let my life pass me by. i am well-traveled and well-educated and always want to learn about everything and everyone. i am Canadian but i have an MA from a prestigious british university. i have traveled to austria, holland, italy, france (four times), germany, and switzerland.

    i have an hourglass shape. mum calls me voluptuous but i don’t like it. i will always have breasts, a waist, hips, an arse, and thighs. i wish i had slimmer hips and thinner longer legs.

    i ENJOY whistling. i DELIGHT in tickle torture. i’d like james taylor just for you. sleeping late is almost better than sex, especially if that means you and i are cuddled up.

    i also have a slight limp and eerily soft hands. and a preternatural love of autumn. who would have thought?

    i would happily give you butterfly kisses, make you heart-shaped pb sandwiches, and laugh at every beautiful expression on your face and each witticism that comes out of your gorgeous mouth.

  241. wow, you just described me. You missed out the bit about a love of hot and spicy food though, otherwise you were bang on, well done! 10/10

  242. p.s I look like all of those women you mentioned and will dress up as them at your request. lol

  243. OMG, you sound exactly like my boyfriend in college, especially the soft hands, I loved his hands… Sure you aren’t a dentist in Orange county? Maybe not, he wrote two songs about me when we broke up, one about how much he loved me and the other about what a @#$%* I was, I still have the tape. Do you write songs? Oh wait, I was in college in the 80’s, never mind…

  244. Luckydoll83 Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Nothing I can really reply with that hasn’t been said by every girl here already. Your art, writing style, demeanor, etc. speaks to no end of what a truly creative, romantic, almost old soul type of person you are. You are definately a rare find and I hope you never lose any of those qualities. I admire the fact that you are not a afraid to show all these sides of you. I have been told my taste in art, books, music, movies etc. are weird or not normal for my age but I choose not to mold myself to what everyone else thinks is acceptable. I am who I am and choose to continue to shine no matter what kind of damper everyone tries to put on me. Keep shining yourself and high five to stepping outside the box. P.S. The Muppet Christmas Carol is on my must watch list of movies in Dec.( Rizzo: Mother always taught me.. Never eat singing food!) Along with A Christmas Story ( Ralphie in the bunny suit looking like a “Pink Nightmare” can make me laugh till my belly aches to no end) I know this has gotten a little long so I will go ahead and end this now and state that I look forward to your next posting!

  245. Wow you have great taste hahaha good to know I’m not the only one afraid of the dark. This comment will be lost among many but still, my face definitely hurts from smiling

  246. so guy mmtt iwas thinkin i feel that tt you seem like so fun, and well i was playing dress up and well,just wanted to play..>
    ps.the letters mmm and tt and things like sh and like r weird noises i like to make when i talk or write.
    pss oh so cool of me i know

  247. This blog gave me hope that there is still amazing guys out there! Who knew guys like you still exist!

  248. This is adorable! I find it so crazy that I think we have A LOT in common. Hahaha, I’m so silly, you probably think I’m weird (:

  249. Your description is suspended in a soft cloud like the follow mine …
    he hold my hand while listening the silence of the mountains
    that the child inside of him don’t disappears
    accomplice in innocent jokes
    A man true and faithful…able to radiate emotions.
    Is there so simple man?
    It ‘s hard … I want to believe
    …..sorry for my bad english…. 😦

  250. I am one who whistles while working.
    Smiles at strangers.
    Has been called a chatterbox.
    Loves the smell (and content) of old books.
    Prefers old movies to new.
    Hopes you find the one who fits best with you 🙂

  251. 😀 Wauw

  252. You’re an amazing one, Mr. Gubler. All of this is incredible. Your preternatural love of autumn is wonderful. The autumn months in Las Vegas are incredible, I mean, when the weather isn’t changing every 12 minutes.

    I listen to the Muppets Christmas soundtrack on repeat all year round. I think we’d got along swimmingly.

  253. Oh my goodness, your so wonderful! and sound just like what i would imagine my prince charming would be 🙂

  254. Ah Mathew…
    I know we have never met, and there is a 99% chance that we never will, but I find you intriguing so I couldn’t help writing this…
    Every post on here has expressed so many of the wonderful things that I and the whole world see in you and I glad that I am not the only sane person in the world. You are so mysterious that it drives me crazy with curious wonder. I hope you achieve everything in life and love that you desire. I can’t help but hope that one day we may meet, perhaps bump into each other under the slow changing canvas of an October sky and then who knows…

    “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed.” -:-Carl Jung

  255. I feel crazy for doing this. I don’t know you. This will probably never be read, but I want to be spontaneous. If it was right, I would kiss your dark circles.

  256. I am her. Find me and I will show you.

  257. Well, wow… I don’t know what to write (which doesn’t happen very often 😉 only because of you).
    I know it’s just crazy, but I wish I’d meet you.
    Nobody will ever be perfect, but I guess it’s the things which are not perfect that make a person interesting. I’m a writer and I think a lot about characters and when I first saw you, I knew you where the kind of character who will be loved in the end, but who also has to fight for his love. And that’s great because it’s more realistic than always getting what you want…
    I think I’ve fallen in love with you… ❤
    I always hope you answer me. So I will do now, too. It would be so incredibly great if you'd do.
    Danni ♥

    • I forgot to say:
      If we’d meet, I would do everything to show you how adorable you are.
      Do you know the sentence: “For the world you are someone, but for someone you are the world.”
      A person can never be perfect for the world, but a person can be perfect for someone. I’d try to be perfect for you. ♥

  258. You are one of those guys so many girls dream of but do not believe is real.

    Encounters with others…the macho man, the bad boy, and all the others, such a sweet sentiment and magical desire in a realtionship is not common. You are the guy I am looking for ….that is without a doubt, I hope you find the girl you are looking for. I would love to cross paths with you one day simply because I think you are FABULOUS…if you are ever in NC…yes a Carolina girl… love James Taylor and he sang of the Carolina’s…..”going to Carolina in my mind”… if you ever make it out this way make yourself known and maybe we will cross paths.

    Until then never let the expectations of others change you! Lots of love

    Ashlyn ❤

  259. and further more my love,i got another e-mails from another perfect person on my pagemmm

  260. hi matthew,

    In response to you inquiry…ummm I can fulfill almost all requirements except the thing is im not a girl, but thats a minor detail really. anyway. im sitting here in my apartment and after reading your post i figured I could at least give you the option. ok ill come clean i do have an alterior motive behind this. I really want to just braid your hair and see what you look like with smokey eye shadow and then encase you in a nice gilded frame and hang you on my wall.. 🙂


  261. hi matt,
    first to wish you success, now that I’m longing to find that special someone but you still only have your condition but the details change things as you like, suddenly see the autumn leaves fall, see a flower bloom in spring is too beautiful, I hope you find your princess and the time when you have love her for that love is something that is easy but it takes care is lost.
    pd: I love your drawings, how you do it?

    • ah, I forgot the words you have in the beginning of your page, two eye made out of coal, is very nice phrase, I think about it.

  262. fyi,so i try to be friends all the time and im yelled AT by alot of mattthew grays female friends infact they constantly let me know ‘hes ingaged,and would never like a sick whore like me….’and by the waY IT INFACT HURTS MY OH SO STUPID LITTLE FEELINGS AND I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO NOT CRY ABOUT FEELING SO AWFULL BECAUSE OF A BUNCH OF OH SO PRETTYIER THAN ME GIRLS…<<<<<


  263. ChelstheWanderer Says:

    Am interested. I have a few questions:

    1. Does tickle torture imply that I have lost the tickle war? I have state-of-the-art tickle technology at my disposal…. I must not know what is going to hit me….

    2. Which do you prefer, Mary Poppins when she first arrives with her flying umbrella, or the Mary during the Carousel scene? Personally, I prefer dancing penguins over magic umbrellas, but I’m sure magic umbrellas are more suitable for London weather.

    3. Which side is your slight limp on? I limp to the right to compensate for my left side. if you limp to the left, I’ll share my goofy cane with you! 🙂

    P.S. Also suffer from dark-eye syndrom, crack my feet in bed, and I think my consciences are Statler and Waldorf. I prefer chunky peanutbutter, but am willing to compromise if you don’t.

    P.P.S. I am so sorry that you are allergic to pumpkins.

  264. You make me laugh

  265. En mi opinión, querido Sr. Gubler, deberías permitirles a todas ser Tu novia, recibirías 500 besos de mariposa cada que amaneciera en el lugar donde cada una se encuentra, cada día festivo sería decorado recordándote y tendrías corazones abiertos puertas abiertas en todo el mundo…

  266. Aawww, Gube!!
    Could you just clone a younger version of yourself and ship him my way? Thanks. ;D

  267. This may be the sweetest, most honestly sincere thing I’ve ever read. You are truly beautiful inside and out. I think I may have fallen in love with you. I wish you all the best. ❤

  268. Alexandra Says:

    I’m in 🙂 ❤

  269. what can I say??
    we live so far away, we never know each other outside the network …
    but I can bet that if there were only five seconds away from your mouth and mine, we would stop looking for complications…

  270. You’re adorable. Oh how I wish I could meet you.

  271. Hey…umm…
    A few years difference is okay, right? I’m pretty sure there’s less than a decade between us, and you failed, fortunately for me, to mention that as an important category.
    And, yeah, The Muppets Christmas Carol is the greatest film of all time.

  272. awwww….you’re so sweet. i’ll be your girl-friend. 🙂 thought we might have to talk about the tickle torture thing 😛 if you are amenable let me know via twitter at the name above 🙂

  273. Matthew it is as if you have known me all my life 🙂
    but trust me a girl would b the luckiest girl in the WHOLE-WORLD! 🙂
    <3, cheekmonkey3

    my email address is ridiculous, i know 🙂

  274. hey Gubie,
    I wonder what this post really was about .. a moment of weakness? for getting backups? anyway, I read the whole thread, and it made me scared 🙂 hope you too – to feel so many wants mee.. is like a siege, huh

    I don’t konw whether I would wish you to find this girl. it might would make you happy for days and bored for the rest. maybe one should meet someone who doesnt fit its recent world.. isn’t that what really moves one?

    I dont really know why writing.. not another fan, just recognized – the post made me thinking about

    p.s. I havent seen the movie. think it over to watch 🙂

  275. Just seeing you on Criminal Minds made me regard you as one of the most handsome men I’ve ever laid eyes on, but this post made you so human to me. You’re just a normal guy looking for love, you’re a total Romantic. I hope you find it, I really do. I think you have such a beautiful spirit. I also hope that I meet you one day so I can tell you this in person. Stay gold, Matthew Gray Gubler.

  276. you are adorable and that poem is so sweet! butterfly kisses and heart shaped peanut sandwiches are amazing!

  277. Heart Shaped peanut butter sandwiches are awsome and make them a lot And you deserve them everyday :). Stay Sweet.

  278. Ummmmm…..I have a daughter that fits most of what you said. Interested????

  279. Finally found your blog, and this is the first thing I see. Wow. ^//^ I want to say how much I adore how open you are with your fans, willing to show so much of yourself in such a public way. It really does touch me. Your creativity is astounding, from your acting to your art and your behind-the-scenes work, I love everything you’ve done.

    I’m sure you’ve gotten a few hundred replies to this, with multitudes of fans filing an application for the position. XD I feel a little strange being able to relate a LOT to the description you put. ^^; I will say this, though. I know you’ll find the one you’re looking for someday. I hope she looks at you the way your fans do, loving your goofiness, your sweetness, and your smile. While at the same time acknowledging, accepting, and appreciating that you are a separate person outside of your creative accomplishments and would still love you if it all disappeared tomorrow. Because Powers-that-Be knows you deserve it. The only real piece of advice that I have is choose someone who can be your best friend.

    If for some reason you’re actually reading this and haven’t written it off as just another fan-girl by now, I’ll give a response in return… >>

    Must love laughter and humour, Halloween, and snuggling during movies.
    Must be tolerant of a VERY loud (and frequent) laugh, night owl sleeping habits, a pack-rat nature (Hate throwing things away, so many memories) and an obsession with cute socks.
    I love Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Frank Sinatra, Tim Burton, animation and cartooning, karaoke, astrology, mythology, and cheese.
    Consideration and respect are absolutely required.
    Looking for, more than anything, someone I can always talk to. Intellectual conversation, witty banter, or just gabbing about nothing.

    Okay, I’m done living in fantasy land where you actually care, back to reality. XP Good luck in your search! Don’t worry, you’ll find her. 😉

  280. That’s really beautiful

  281. maria L garcia A Says:

    I belive in perfects oposites.

  282. I would love to apply, but sadly, I can’t. However, I CAN apply for the opening of friend. I’m nice, fun, and – as many have told me – “wise beyond my years”. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, and I always try to get my friends to be smarter about it. I can be very sarcastic, but usually I’m just playing. I have this “vibe” around me that people tell me makes them feel safe around me. I believe that respect should be earned, although everyone should get the most basic form of respect (politeness) when you first meet them. And yeah, I get that fame can suck pretty bad sometimes, when everyone is putting your personal and private life in big bold letter. Anyway, if you ever feel like no one gets it, or they don’t listen, or all they do is try to give you advice when that’s not what you want, then you can email me. Good luck.

  283. My bad, I forgot to put my email up there…. ooops ^//^ I already sent one to with my name in it, but incase you don’t get it, my email is Bye Gubie, and have a great day =]

  284. and dear precious, lm sorry but i read your thingy again and i started criing too. i i was just wondering if you ever wanted to, you could like write back. okay?

  285. reading this has made me reevaluate my need for more gubalicous people like yourself in my life. i’m impressed by your candidness and overall wacky nature. i love your art and was happily surprised by the recording of annabel lee on your website as it is one of my favorite poems. i sincerely hope you find someone who fulfills your requirements to the fullest and if that doesn’t happen, maybe we’ll meet someday.

    warm regards,

  286. Kenya Kotilinek Says:

    This is soooo sweet! I want to be your girlfriend! But sadly, I live in MN, and I’m only 18. 😦 But I still think you are awesome! 😀

  287. Boyfriend wanted.

    I would like to have someone to talk to late at night. Someone who doesn’t get angry with me for calling many times every day.

    And yes – butterfly kisses in the morning, and someone to cook for me once in a while.

    Sadly I don’t decorate that much for holidays, and I live in Sweden…

    <3// Sarah

  288. I fit and am ready to take on that responsibility

    mischief is kind of my thing
    wooden wind chimes are my favorite
    whistle while you work
    tickle torture? bring it
    I talk in my sleep
    butterfly kisses are the best type of kiss
    and if you make me smile until it hurts I’ll make you smile until it hurts. Deal?

  289. new fan..must say this is probably the cutest thing i ever herd. speechless. hope you get the girl of your dreams!

  290. Hey Matthew.
    You get so many replies everyday where women tell you how great you are and I can understand them all… Man, you’re so damn gorgeous. ♥
    If I had the chance to meet you, I would make you happy as much as I only can, I would show you what it means to be loved, I would keep you in my heart and my mind even more than I do now, I would give you everything I have because if someone deserves real love, than it’s you.
    Oh how I wish we could meet. Whenever you’d like to talk to someone and you don’t know to who, I leave my email, so you can write me.

    Have a very nice day ♥

  291. Are you the actual author of this piece? Do your colleagues tease you about this blog? It is intriguing to me that people actually give you their telephone number and even more interesting that you occassionally answer. (I could write a criminal minds episode with this as a prompt.) Seems dangerous to me. As many projects as you seem to have going, surely you don’t believe you have time for a serious romantic relationship. Great marketing tool and amusing when you are sitting at your computer waiting for a call. Please write something new soon for the next time I am twiddling my thumbs because I don’t want to start something else before I break for lunch. The response is at least as interesting as the verse.

  292. Dear Matthew;
    This is adorable.

    I am tolerant of whistling
    tickle torture
    james taylor
    and sleeping late

    I’m okay with a have a slight limp
    eerily soft hands
    and a preternatural love of autumn, (i love autumn, favorite season)

    I wiggle my feet in my sleep (so do I!)
    am scared of the dark, (more of the gaping hole from my closest door,)
    and think the Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the greatest films of all time, (<3 muppets)

    I could give you butterfly kisses in the morning
    peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart
    and could make you smile until it hurts.

    I realize I'm also a year lat and hope the position hasn't already been filled, because you are so talented, beautiful, have hair I would love to run my fingers through and eyes I would love to stare into. I hope whoever becomes your girlfriend appreciates you as much as we all appreciate you here.

    You rock my socks 😀

    Sincerely, Danielle M ❤

  293. that was absolutely adorable. how do you not have a girlfriend yet? i am happily taken but i would LOVE to be your friend =)

  294. Hah, a year later and people are still commenting on this piece. Makes me think we should all just start a reality show and compete for Matthew’s affection via bikini mud wrestling. XD

  295. aho,hello,matthew
    this is my first time here.I dont know much about rules here,and ah I am a Chinese girl.maybe my words are a little weird and funny.But I really like you. haha~But to be honest,I dont think I know enough about you in reality. I just know u through Criminal Mind,Dr.Reid.In china,a lot of websites US r not available,so I m really confused how I can know more about you.Also,I m sort of disappointed.ah,I really wonder if you can see my words.But I still want to say happy new year to you and your s first day of new year in tradionnal chinese calendar.we call it spring festival.

  296. awww omg that was so cute! DANG i wish I was closer to thirty…………
    Love you Matthew! hope u found someone 🙂

  297. maria garcia Says:

    The man is the highest of creatures
    The woman, the most sublime of ideals.
    God made for man a throne
    And for the woman an altar.
    Enhances the throne
    The altar sanctifies.
    Man is the brain
    The woman is the heart
    The brain creates light
    The heart makes love.
    Light fruitful
    Love revives.
    The man is genius
    The woman is an angel
    Genius is immeasurable
    The angel is indefinable
    Provides infinite
    Admira desirable.
    The aspiration of man is supreme glory,
    The aspiration of woman is extreme virtue,
    Glory creates big,
    Virtue makes the divine.
    Man has supremacy
    The woman has a preference,
    Represents the strength supremacy
    The preference is the right.
    The man is strong reason
    The woman is invincible for the tears,
    The reason convinces
    The tears moving.
    Man is a code
    The woman is a gospel
    Correcting code
    The gospel perfects.
    Man is flying Eagle
    The woman is singing nightingale,
    Fly is to conquer space
    Sing is to conquer the soul.


  298. Kelsey Allard Says:

    Dear Matthew,
    Why ask for these things in a relationship?
    Where is the fun in that?
    Knowing you’ll receive just what you’ve always wanted would not give you satisfaction; I could be wrong.
    However, I believe an unpredictable man such as yourself deserves an unpredictable someone who can give you all those requests without even needing to ask or listen.

    Kelsey Allard

  299. aww so sweet. AND strangely enough you seem to fit many prerequisites to my recently posted boyfriend wanted add, hehe. You’ll find her for sure ! p.s. autumn is the very best time of the year its contains not only beautiful long walks with cozy sweaters and scarfs and intense decorating for Halloween only to be followed by awesome snowmen and more decor for Christmas…

  300. Lets meet and talk over coffee and play footsie under the table
    share a nightlight when its dark
    teach me how to whistle and we’ll create sweet music
    i’ll tickle you till you cry and sleep with you till it’s dark again
    i’d rather give eskimo kisses

    ill make you smile and love till it hurts


  301. gerda grace Says:

    Hey Matthew,

    You definitely knock me down my feet with your words. So charming yet so sincere. I’d absolutely love to apply, where exactly should I go? 🙂 Anyway, in as much as I’d like her to be me, I hope you’d really find her. I haven’t experienced autumn (I’m in the tropics) but it’s my favorite season if I were to choose.

    Anyway, do you really need all that specifications? Here’s the thought, I bet you would find someone more than what you wanted, because, it’s like what you said in one of your movies, “better than the girl of my dreams, she’s real” and she would love to do everything that would make you happy.

    Well, all the best, Matthew!

    Gerda Grace

  302. Emma Ince Says:

    Well Know I love to be tickled until i cannot laugh no more I love halloween love dressing up and get kissed all the the time our Heart shaped . I would make you your Peanut Butter Shaped sandwiches and I will try not eat them first . Would love to do everything that makes you happy and I love the holiday season altogther .
    If your ever in Ireland come say hello hee hee .

  303. BOYFRIEND wanted??

    Must love miscellaneous colors of fall
    Let raindrops touch his bare skin
    Long walks along the shore
    Hair blowing in the wind
    Listen to the waves and hear whales sing

    I’d like to see his eyes in every bright shining star
    when looking up at the night sky

    Feel (and hear) butterfly wings
    When pecking my lips
    And make my whole body shiver (just a little bit)

    Watch the world around us
    And still keep smiling
    Then with this smile fill my heart
    And light up every brand new day

    Just lie beside him, listen to his voice whispering in my ear
    Telling me stories I’ve never heard before
    Holding my hand (tight)
    Nothing more, nothing less

    Just find the one I could share my life with…
    Make him happy…
    Let’s give it a try…

  304. oh my gosh, i just wanted to write agaaaiiin! well than mmm i just want to say how sweet the day is when i think of you, and other loved ones in my life.

    ps you are super

  305. must love decorating for holidays — Halloween is my favorite to decorate — not to mention Christmas. Also, Easter and i’ve never really decorated for Valentine’s Day — but I think it’d be fun — hearts made out of more than just paper…
    mischief — That’s the best kind their is!
    kissing in cars — Romantic and daring and all for it.
    and wind chimes — Have you ever heard a bamboo/wooden wind chime? Beautiful.

    no specific height — Good, because i’m shorter than you.
    weight — Weight should never matter — it’s the soul that counts.
    hair color — I like to change that every once in a while.
    or political affiliation required — I don’t follow politics –
    but would prefer a warm spirited non racist — Born and raised in the North. I have a strong dislike and intolerance for people who are racist — again, it’s what’s on the inside of a person that matters.

    and “stick in the muds” need not reply — How about people who can be kind of sarcastic?

    voluptuous figures a plus

    any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
    mary poppins — “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag”
    claire huxtable
    snow white — If only I could sing like her.
    or elvira wholeheartedly welcomed

    i am dubious of actresses, fellons, and lesbians
    but dont want to rule them out entirely

    must be tolerant of whistling — Only if I can whistle with you.
    tickle torture — I am extremely ticklish and as long as you don’t tickle me while i’m driving, then I am all for it.
    james taylor — Awesomeness
    and sleeping late — Mornings would be better if they were later in the day anyway. I’m not an early riser.

    i have a slight limp — I do too at times. Hurt my right knee (the story is quite hilarious and I have yet to meet another person who has hurt their knee the same way)
    eerily soft hands — Soft hands, gentle touches.
    and a preternatural love of autumn — Autumn is my favorite season — everything stands out yet it all fits in. Not to mention the best sunsets i’ve seen out of any other season — and playing in the leaves. 🙂

    I once misinterpreted being called a coal-eyed dandy as a compliment when it was intended as an insult — People called me a bitch in high school — I always told them “Thank you!”

    I wiggle my feet in my sleep — I’m curious as to how you found this out.
    am scared of the dark — I have to have a nightlight or the door open just a bit, with light from the hall. It’s not so much the dark that scares me — it’s what’s in the dark.
    and think the Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the greatest films of all time — It is a tradition in my family that we watch the Muppet Christmas Carol every year. My mom and I usually watch it Thanksgiving day, after we’ve had our big meal. Then we play it on Christmas Eve when the family gets together.

    all i want is
    butterfly kisses in the morning — Always wanted this.
    peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart — with or without the crust?
    and to make you smile until it hurts — And I want you to know that i’ve been looking for the same things in a guy for years. To wake up every morning and the first thing I think about is how much I love the person I am waking up with, how much they love me. Kiss them so gently on the lips, smile at them — a smile that fills not only my own heart but theirs as well, with joy and love and contentment that nothing else can bring.

    I am but a 22 (23 on 2/23/11). I am a stranger to you, as you are to me. But how else do you meet someone and get a chance to fall totally and completely in love with them? In the end, we’re all strangers until we say “hi!” So Matthew, this me, Kari, saying Hi!

  306. so i waaasss just wondering what butterfly kisses actually are?
    rr they the same as bunny kisses or what?
    oh I have to go to work this early morning how-ever, i wish i could cuddle all day

  307. Can you do the distance? 🙂

  308. what a sensitive descriptive!
    you are the epitome of every girl’s dream…….be it neighbor,sister,
    mother or friend
    I’m sure you’ve found that “girlfriend” by now, and I hope she suits you well, but there seems to be a shortage of really good friends around
    you’re invited to join our circle of family………my two daughters and me
    none probably quite suited for a girlfriend, but with traits of distinction
    common to your liking……….
    I’m the voluptuous one (haha) and my daughters keep their “Spencer-like” leanness by walking their college campus!!
    we have fun cooking and eating and yes, we can make peanut butter
    sandwiches heart-shaped as well as dinosaur-shaped and a few other-
    unlike most people who hate getting socks for Christmas, we have a
    tradition every year of getting a big shopping bag full of novelty socks
    at Christmas time so we can mix them all up and wear mismatches
    (well, on some days – I have to match mine for work!)
    we laugh a lot, we sing, we play games, we pray, we make things and
    we do the big tickle with the “CLAW” (that’s my scary hand!)
    we give each other hugs and kisses; eskimo ones, butterfly ones and
    real ones
    we are strong but we are gentle; we are a little bit of Fried Green
    Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, Little House On the Prairie, Little Women,
    Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Color Purple
    and Snow White all rolled into one
    we believe that kindness and honesty are virtues, & that children and
    and old people should be loved and protected
    sunshine feels good, the wind feels better and rain is fun to play in for
    a little while and even better to listen to when you sleep
    we looove James Taylor……..we have 4 tickets to see him in concert
    March 22 in Jax, FL…….that’s right, 4 tickets for the 3 of us; come go
    with us and you can wear the Groucho Marx glasses – no one will
    recognize you – haha!
    have a good day, my friend

  309. I am sure you have found the perfect woman by now but even if you havent anyone around you is lucky to know you!!! Stay Sweet!


  310. Reading this, I felt like you were describing me. I thought I was the only person left who still loved Mary Poppins and didn’t complain about autumn and overly enjoyed decorating for holidays. I don’t wiggle my feet in my sleep, but I wiggle my nose when I have cute dreams, or so I’m told.(:
    Good luck. Anyone lucky enough to have you as their soulmate should be rushing to find you.(:

  311. Matthew, I don’t know if I’m all this, but if you give me the chance, I’ll try to be as perfect for you as possible. I don’t believe that you need someone who is everything you’re dreaming of. I just think, you need someone who surprises you again every single day, who loves you the way you are and who doesn’t want you any other way; someone who shows you that you’re just as perfect as you are and who holds you tight whenever you need it; someone who kisses you and who smiles whenever you’re around, just because you’re perfect to this someone. And I really want to be this someone.
    Just like Bon Jovi sang: “I am, when you think that no one needs you, sees you or believes you, no one’s there to understand, I am. I’ll be there to be that someone. When you think that no one is there to hold your hand, I am.”
    I hope you’ll read this.
    Love ♥

  312. OH MY DAYS ❤ i fell in love reading this, not only do i love Peanut butter sandwiches but i am scared of the dark, i wriggle my feet to help me sleep/ Wrap myself up in the quilt lol :')

    Aaaww i hope you find your girl Matthew 'I'll Gladly be her, haha'
    P.s i am 19 turning 20 from Manchester UK 🙂 x

    Oh My you beautiful beautiful man, Beautiful body and soul ❤ OOOSH ❤

  313. OOH and P.s I love butterfly kisses, and the tickling torture – only if i torture you with it first haha ❤

    I always smile, and recently had a snow white fancy dress outfit hehe ❤

  314. I’ll be your girlfriend Matthew!!!!!
    no…I’m pretty sure that’s against the law : / [I’m 12.]

  315. You posted this entry a year ago yesterday. I realize by sitting here typing this reply, the chances of you actually reading this are slim to none. But on the contrary, if you do decide to read this you should be reminded that you are greatly admired. I do not want to count “your” qualities on my fingers because frankly I do not know you personally. However, it is evident through all your areas of work that you are talented and a hard worker. Thank you for being different. I believe that the simple things in life bring the most beauty and happiness into our lives. I always think between my last semester of college and working 40 hours a week that I am busy, but I can’t imagine your schedule. Sleep is so important to me, as cliche as that sounds, waking up at 6am when you go to bed close to 2am is quite difficult. Nonetheless, a little coffee and a positive attitude will go along way. We all want different things in life, whether it be family, career, traveling, education, etc but one thing that remains true, no matter the distance when someone becomes important to you love extends across oceans. And most importantly we (humans) must never become immune to all the beauty this world has to offer.


  316. I’m speechless. This is so beautiful that I’m practicly crying here. I hope you find someone who’ll be amazing for you.

  317. too bad i’m a cynical pessimistic racist felon, because i really do enjoy james taylor, long walks in the park, singing in the rain, and similar fantastically adorable cliches that you seem to enjoy as well.

    ahhh, shiiit. well, i am rebellious by nature, and i love you still.

  318. Heather Bkaer Says:

    Well. I fit all criteria. That hurts. I even dressed up as Elvira in the fifth grade when we had to do a report about someone we admired. Sadly, there was an unfortunate accident with her perfume ‘Evil by Elvira’ that sent my teacher home early. I still have my Mistress of the dark T-shirt. Went to film school, write, paint, celebrate Halloween like it were my faith and if you could handle the fact that I have a bad habit of belting out Disney tunes in the shower I would love you forever…lol. That being said, I found this blog because I saw something uncanny and wanted to share. I’ll find a way but I’ll say this about it: You have always reminded me of Kermit. So I made something briefly in Photo shop that I will send your way. Warm wishes and butterfly kisses ~HB

  319. Catherine Higgins Says:

    I just heard Miss Piggy was on the hunt for a new guy… problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 x

  320. It’s been over a year.
    I wonder, if you found her?
    I hope you did.
    You are so awesome.
    If you didn’t, well you got the right to be picky.
    I hope she is just as you dream her to be.

    Victoria Isabel

  321. okay, so when are we getting married?

  322. This is fantastic. Haha

    Hope this works for you.

  323. I’ve NEVER done anything like this before but when I read this, you touched my soul.

    Here goes….

    I love playing in the sand like a child
    lying on my back watching the clouds by day and stars by night

    You can’t be afraid to laugh or love, the greater the risk the greater the reward

    must be open hearted
    grumps, close minded and meanies will be left behind

    I’m bubbly and very passionate about everything (my family, my job, music, living,loving and laughing) which makes it difficult sometimes to keep up with me but there’s never a dull moment

    I believe you should treat people the way you want them to treat you
    Take everyday as a blessing as it truly is a gift
    Hold your family close and tell them that you love them everyday
    Spend quiet moments together so you can truly share your love
    Take time to SEE the sunrise, the leaves on the trees, the color of the flowers and most of all to smell everyone.

    All I want is someone I can be the real ME with 🙂

    It’s not what lies behind you or what is in front of you that matter’s, it’s what’s inside of you.

  324. i haven’t dated anyone in 2 years really. i suppose i could, but i can’t because i feel as if I’m cheating on my imaginary boyfriend, who I love very much. you could find a gfriend if you weren’t on the net so much or trying on strange hats. just my two cents. Two cents. No more than that, I’m broke. hey, there’s this modeling picture of you, where i think you’re playing baseball or some shit, and you’re jumping the hell away from the girl, like you can’t wait to get the fuck outta there. i love that one, love it, love it. the rest are unacceptable.

  325. I like this, too bad I live in England.

  326. I really hope you found/find the girl because you deserve the very best, side note…Disney movies are my favorites even at 21 and out of all of them Belle is the one I identify the most with. I’m not gonna go on as its been over a year since you posted this. Happy almost Valentines day hope you spend it with someone special.<3

  327. Matthew, yo no se que podría ser yo para ti, pero tu, para mí, llegarías a ser la brisa en el pelo un día de primavera, la mantequilla de mi tostada en el desayuno, el café que me da la vida por la mañana. No se por que lo se, pero lo se. Pero estamos lejos, la distancia es enorme,( soy de España) todo un océano, pero no me importa, cada mañana al tomar mi café yo seguiré pensando en tí. Un abrazo Matthew.
    Mi vida te añora.

  328. ahhh, mistuhh gubluhh. (:
    when others post things like this, it is usually strange.
    but you… well, i’m not going to lie. this is strange as well.
    but it’s strange in an enjoyable way.
    your vocabulary is pretty fly for a white guy.
    sleeping late is pretty heavenly, isn’t it?
    and peanut butter is delicious.
    the young lady who is blessed with your attention shall surely be envied!
    my wishes to you on finding her.

  329. Hey,
    Do you found your perfect girlfriend ? I hope yes…
    It’s strange for me to write here…
    I apologize for my english, may be there are a lot of mistake…
    I imagine you have no time to answer us, I hope you read us
    You are a strange guy, but you make me laugh.
    Your drawing is very beautiful and funny, and I’m sorry but I don’t understand some of your unauthorized documentary (my English level isn’t very high)
    Your small ad is so cute

    I answer…or not
    Be crazy….
    I’m too much optimistic, dreamer and I believe to fairytales
    I’ve never tasted peanut butter
    I love Paris, and my French landscapes,
    I love all seasons, but in winter trees are sad
    I love my bed and sleeping late
    I sing all the time, and sometimes I speak alone
    I hate spiders, snakes
    I don’t understand Valentines Day : if you love anyone I think you don’t need of a special day to tell her/him how much you love her/him, to give her/him a gift…If you love anyone, really, every days are a beautiful gift

  330. … how much tickle torture are we talking here? …

  331. I am that girl 🙂 I will be your girlfriend! xoxo

  332. Dear Matthew Gray Gubler,
    I just want to cry about how sweet this is! I’ve been having a pretty crappy year with being alone and no one being even a little descent 😦 but you are soo sweet!! Why can’t everyone be EXACTLY like you. I wish your brother was my age haha 🙂
    thanks for being an amazingly sweet person!!!!!<3

  333. After reading the previous I am fairly certain that I have found my impostor in the male form. Coming from one who watches The Muppets Christmas Carol on an almost weekly basis I am not fully convinced that you are one of the chosen few who wholeheartedly enjoy decorating for holidays, James Taylor, the beauty and bliss that Autumn brings, and is truly scared of the dark. However, if you are, it has been a pleasure.

  334. I have to say that you are amazing. im sitting here wondering why your single as this is every girls dream to know what her man wants , so thank you M.G.G I just wish that you were thinking of me too. x

  335. I just want someone who likes to smile, never gets tired of watching the movie “what about bob?”, gets excited about eating ice cream, will come walking in the rain with me and wont be put off by very pale skin and an Irish accent!

  336. hi,you are very sweet,I’m from Italy.I know that you are a good director too,why don’t you come here to make a something about real life in here?I will be happy to show you everything you deserve.P.S. sorry I’m not so good in english.

  337. Pure perfection.
    Perfection is not who has the most of what and who is better than who, it’s accepting faults, loving beyond them, embracing differences and stiving to do your best rather than be the best.
    I am so fond of Matthew, distance is a issue if i want ot marry him, but meeting him would be an honor, especially after reading this.
    I want you to make me laugh til it hurts and still don’t stop.

  338. Jayme Cohen Says:

    Le sigh. If one were to be possess a fondness for the list above (Most notably enamored with decorating for the holidays, the occasional mischief, certainly kisses in cars, wind chimes, elvira, dearest snow white, tickle torture galore, mr. james taylor, sleeping in, slight limps, soft hands, coal eyes, restless feets, peanut butter sandwiches, and smiling) — and mix in fleetwood mac on vinyl, reading the times in bed, sneaking kisses sitting across from you at the diner while the waitress turns away, and picking pumpkins in October… Would that necessarily be okay? How about if she was often mistaken for snow white and whole heartedly curious about the world? … I would like to smile until it hurts with you, please.

    Most fondly, me.

  339. Hi Matthew,I think it’s strange that so many girls want to marry you without knowing you,I would like to hear your voice and see your wonderful smile out of the screen and really smile with you in flash and bones,I know that maybe it will never happen but I like to belive that one day you’ll arrive here and you’ll bring me away from here just like an hero,my personal hero.However it would be great if you accept to talk with me about everything just like two friends that want to share something out of the blog.bye

  340. cyber love at first maybe? Would you? haha~~

    I like your paintings a lot, they are innocent and of imagination. I used to draw my boss, colleagues and myself in our weekly meetings, and I also draw my kitten who named Bill but never answer to the name, that was before I lost her.

    good luck on everything:-)


  341. I know how it feels not being able to find the girl that simply understands you. Well in my case Guy. I’ve been looking for someone with a lot of the traits you listed and its not easy x.X;;; Most people have one tracked minds and can be fun to be with but once you start dating it goes down hill. Some act as if they own you and some treat you like they treat your friends. I like to do the things you listed so not finding them, i know how that feels.

  342. Still looking?

  343. You’re adorable. Literally the sweetest guy in the world. I hope you find some deep supermodel who wears fancy dresses and loves the movie The Corpse Bride. xoxo

  344. Nicole Loftus Says:

    Hahahaha oh goodness this is adorable.
    Like, completely made my life.

  345. Kristin Kent Says:

    OMG Matthew. You are so adorable. I’m interested 😉

  346. You are a breath of fresh air! its hard to find some one with such a caring nature as you! all anybody wants is to be loved, i hope that you and all those out there looking for love (including myself) find it! keep looking because she is out there somewhere. Never give up the search! i know i wont. xxxx

  347. :O OMG! i don`t need anything alse to say, i really think that your list will be done by anyone of your fans around the world!

    Your web site its grate, i really love it!
    your particular vision of whats is around you its unique

    good luck! ( if you believe in it)

    nice job in Criminal Minds 😀

    greatings from Chile! ( a far far far away piece of land)

  348. I want Halloween all the time, smiling is a must, toast pressed to look like the Eiffel tower, someone to create with, skip outside, watch the nightmare before christmas during every holiday, optimism, laughter, kissing and holding hands, and i enjoy footy pajamas 🙂 I hope you find what you are looking for no matter who it is

  349. Hey Matthew! I love your poems and your paintings. I love to paint too! We should get together and make some art. I thought you just played a nerdy guy on TV, but you actually are a nerd and it’s freaking awesome! I’ll die happy if you respond to this.

    Love Crystal

  350. So where do all these girls who adore you apply? Seems no one wants to let you be single for much longer! With beautiful words like that, I’m sure you’ll find her very soon if you look for her.

  351. hi 🙂 I am a big fan 🙂 I Love you Matthew!!!! I really would Love it if you replied to my comment, though I cannot think of anything amazing to say. All I can say is, I Love you and you’re awesome!

  352. Well, this is one way to make an advertisement for a girlfriend 😀 and you don’t seem to lack candidates
    Sleeping late, feet-wiggling and butterfly kisses are all fine with me (truth be told, I love all three)
    Only slight hitch: peanut butter sandwiches. I don’t eat peanut butter – bad experience. However, am willing to try it. No problem with making it though, and at least you know that I’ll never steal it.
    Coal-eyed dandy? I’d take that as a compliment. Maybe they were trying to confuse you with an unsult?
    I’m not an actress, a felon or a lesbian (I think), but a daydreamer who sneaks out on walks, only to forget where I’m going…oops!
    Muppets! My favourite movie is Princess Bride, because it’s unbelievably silly.
    Sadly, I’m not like Mary Poppins, albeit an English accent, but I’ve been told that I do resemble Snow White in mindset (minus the Seven Dwarves entourage).
    All I ask in return is hugs, smiles and laughter, and the ability to put up with random moments of madness.
    As a final note, your ad is amazing and it made me grin uncontrollably (It’s starting to ache slightly).

  353. never thought that a guy can be like …. this ? or at least say this to get you in bed. its sweet 🙂

  354. Ellen Bartlett Says:

    My sister is literally your perfect match. She loves you, is close to your age, wants to move to the East coast, but the West coast is where her heart belongs, loves autumn, Criminal Minds, and butterfly kisses in cars. And this post just made my heart melt a little bit.

  355. You’re an amazing actor and I’m sure an amazing person- I would love to get to know you better- we each share a quirky personality and I love the Muppets Christmas Carol! Would love to hear from you

  356. didnt think a guy would be saying that?

  357. Gretchen Hunemuller Says:

    All ya need is love…understanding, respect, and someone to come home to. I hope for all these things in a man…

  358. Is there a chance you have an application for this? I think I fit the description very well.

  359. If I wasn’t in a relationship or living in Denmark, I would date you!
    I’m goth, so autumn is my favourite season.
    Tivoli in Copenhagen is the best place at Halloween!
    I’m not afraid of the darkness, so I can hug you and give you butterfly kisses to make you comfortable^^

  360. I’m not sleeping so we are still friday in Paris

  361. 392 is the charm! Funny how in Cali it’s 10:11 Feb 25th but the post above me is from tomorrow.

    So everything sounds good but we’ll compromise on the whistling thing 😉

    Let me know when you’re in San Francisco!

  362. Haha that deffinetly just made my night, that was sweet and just made me smile all in all. Hm…I wonder if you actually read thes and reply to people…?

  363. i fit all of the criteria,except im like 19 years younger than you.
    bum,if only i was older.
    and lived in amerca.
    and knew who elvira is.
    and knew who james taylor is.

    i hate being 11,english and weird.

  364. aaah so sweet!

  365. Matt you’re great! I’m sure you’ll soon find the right girl for you cause you deserve it! I must admit that I’ll be very jealous when you find her….

  366. I’m in.

  367. aw gube, so sweet. And I’m definitely in. 🙂

  368. Well, you’ve succeeded in making me “smile until it hurts” with this post. It totally made my night! Thank you for giving me hope that there are some decent guys out there. You seem like such an amazing and sweet guy and I sincerely hope that you find someone who is perfect for you and makes you incredibly happy.
    And hey, if that happens to be me, one day, that’s even better 🙂

  369. Kayla123 Says:

    awwww… matthew you are amazing. You deserve the best. know you will fins someone someday ❤

    P.S i LOVE your artwork it's awesome…. just like you ….

  370. wow a year from this post and just make me smile and keep my hope up to love

  371. yeahh soo you have over 400 comments on this post idk if you read these… and not tryna look like a creepy internet stalker, but, pick me?

  372. Oh wow this is so darn interesting. I get moe excited about it every day!

  373. This is beautiful =) Unfortunately, putting an add in the classifieds (particularly for a famous, attractive “heart-throb”) may not conjure up a true soul-mate. hehe

    I thoroughly enjoy watching you on screen and reading your posts/blogs. It’s nice to see the real side of you. The silliness, imperfections, art and ideas.

  374. Me!
    ME PLEASE!!!

    *jumps up and down with hand waving in the air*

    I’m too psyched to find out you’re single to type an appropriately captivating response!

    Although I’m a fair bit younger than you,
    I think you’re fantastic, the simple things in life make me smile
    books complete me and your smile melts my spine ><

  375. DIBS HOME-SKILLET! 🙂 loved reading that! it was awesome! Loving “Band of Horses” is a prerequisite of mine! drop a line if u ever get stuck in Memphis and need a tour guide! much love!

  376. a little about me:

    i wear flip flops all the time.. even when it snows
    i buy old books just because i love the smell
    i rehabilitate severe abuse and neglect cases for two local dog rescues
    i hate toothpaste on the bathroom mirror
    i change my nail polish almost everyday because i always find a color i love a litle more than the last
    i think like claire huxtable, have 7 close friends like snow white, and have something in common with elvira as well (not my love of black tattered gowns) ;P
    i am inlove with your drawings and have a printed series of them framed in my house
    i’m a licensed hairstylist, but i prefer my day spa receptionist job because i like being responsible for things

    it’s just a shame it won’t work out between us.. alas.. i can only make dinosaur shaped peanut butter sandwiches.. 😦

    if it wasn’t for that.. we’d b awesome!

  377. This seriously made me cry.
    It is, without question, the sweetest and most romantic thing I have ever read in my life.

    Er…let’s see.
    I’m a 5’5″, voluptuous red-head who enjoys wearing nerd-glasses.
    I’d make a perfect nerdy girlfriend–I LOVE Doctor Who and literature
    I love all those sweet little romantic things you described. It’s so hard to find a man who does.

    I run a non-profit organization called Flowers for Gabrielle–I believe it’s probably linked to my name on here.

    I wish i could say something more impressive that would catch your attention, but I doubt I could.

    Just, hello!
    It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing this piece. Maybe I’ll talk to you one day, for real.

  378. You are so amazing 🙂

  379. By now you have a g/f. You Must and if not, then I’m still in the running. Okay so I’m fantasizing or dreaming but that’s a good thing…to have imagination that knows no limits or boundaries. You didn’t mention “age” so I’ll just guess that it would be a major factor..and it probably is. I am a lot older than you but isn’t age just a number? Yes. The maturity level counts for a lot though. I love to follow you on FB. You’re a hoot. Love your website. You such a kid that it makes me giggle. I love watching Looney Tunes cartoons…that also makes me giggle. I’m not a well-traveled woman, but in my mind, I’ve traveled to more places than most have. I’m the nurturing kind but also a fun loving female that TRIES to stay “with it”. Eh..I’m 41..but act like 25…okay 30. Having conversations with you would be so refreshing, my brain would probably get rid of a lot of cobwebs occupying it. HA. I’m a nerd..I love Comic Conventions, I collect sports cards, I just love the whole “nerd” thing. Well, in any case, I hope you find her, Matt. Being in love is the bees knees.

  380. This was absolutely amazing. Gives me hope that there are people out there that want the same as me. Peanut butter sandwiches shaped like hearts are a specially of mine! Somehow so is mischief… the combination is a weird one! 🙂 Thank you so much Matthew for being who you are. ❤

  381. That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read! It actually brought tears to my eyes… to know that the one person who sounds beyond perfect is so alone, and I’ll never meet him. After reading that I know you truely are an angel! Take heart though and know that you don’t need someone to make you whole, love will find you when it’s right.
    Believe me when I say I speak for millions when I tell you every girl who has broken your heart was beyond insane! You are an amazing creature and deserve to be treasured and loved beyond comprehension!

  382. sold.

  383. Hey stalkerville? He’s simply sharing. Oh damn, sold myself out again 😉

    Question though… how can one have an ironic sense of humor without being sarcastic and how does one be sarcastic without being a cynic?

  384. Caitlin Says:

    bahah, this is the sweetest little list. a couple of my friends and i really enjoy your webpage and art & stuff AND take pride in being overtly creepy in our watching criminal minds more or less.. solely for your face being in the shot hahaha. yeah. we’re weird. but we love you. and any of us, would love to be your silly little girlfriend.

    cat the strange. (yeah, like emily the strange. except not)

  385. Michaela Says:

    oh my, you’re the most adorable thing on the planet, sir. :3

  386. You must be kidding with that post! It is very hilarious… i’m sure that cannot be serious…

    Anyway, you are so hot… so if you haven’t found you idilic girlfriend yet you can come to Barcelona to have some fun with me!

    (i do not make people smile until it hurts… but you will die laughing)

    Enjoy your day!!!

  387. This is too sweet and sounds too perfect to be true, but hey I seriously would date him! 🙂

  388. I am so in hopes that this is truely from him. I’m not the kind of girl that just dates around. He seems to be so my type. Would love to get to kno him.

  389. I have the same mind set as Claire Huxtable,
    and if you define “voluptuous”, I may fit that category as well.

    I have wind chimes hanging throughout my living room, and would decorate for Saint Swithins Day if I knew what the theme would be..

    I love kissing in cars, (phone booths, on bicycles, where ever),

    I move my legs in my sleep,
    and am very creative with peanut butter sandwiches, pancakes, & meat loaf.

    I have a night light in every room,
    love to play in the autumn leaves,

    and I am *VERY* tolerant…

  390. Nativity DIAZ Says:

    WHAOW, keep in touch if you come to paris, nat

  391. Nativity DIAZ Says:

    forgot to say if it matter the age of type of woman, I’m 40, metisse indian and portugaise, french live paris don’t like to say lot of things but you can try to write to me, as you want and I will send you photo etc… big kisses

  392. Aww that is so sweet 😀 Especially coming from a man I think that is just too cute & everything is so meaningful 😀

  393. Awww, that is the sweetest thing I have ever read. The woman who ends up with you will undoubtedly be the luckiest woman on earth.

  394. Seriousy, where were you 15 years ago BEFORE I met my husband? You are unbelievably awesome, gorgeous and sensitive. We would have totally hit if off………

  395. Who would have thought after a year later so many ladies would be applying.
    Who wouldn’t?
    You’re funny, charming, smart, and have “eerily soft hands”.
    Btw, Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my favorite movies of all time!
    You can totally contact me! ha.

  396. i would b the best girlfriend ever!!u have no idea!! i wish the gubs knew i was alive

  397. Taylor Crowell Says:

    This was wonderful. I enjoy reading your updates and random quirks.
    You are an amazing person as far as I know. I am sure there is lots the world doesn’t know about that you are saving for special people! Those are only the lucky ones.

    Ps. I am terribly jealous of your crazy artwork & you inspire me to be just be more unique than I already am. I wish to meet you one day.

  398. Very nicely put. Even though I just found this blog, I just might visit it again. I am a fan, but not as die hard as the rest of them. 😉 lol.
    PS. I fit every one of the criteria listed. 🙂

  399. i’m just wondering if you read any of these

  400. BridgetteMorgan Mei Miller Says:

    I am a huge fan of yours and i hope you find someone your looking for!!! of course im not old enough for you, but i do wish that you would write me sometime to say hi because like i said, im a huge fan!!!!!!!!!.
    p.s. i got angry when you kissed that girl in the pool on criminal minds!~!!!!

  401. BridgetteMorgan Mei Miller Says:

    By the way LOL can also mean Lost Of Love!!!

  402. That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read!
    It’s like I’m seeing a whole new side of you now…

  403. I love that you know what you want from a girlfriend and that you express it in a such a romantic way, that you haven’t got a girlriend like all the other people have commented would be quiet a surprise, except that at the heart of you lies a true romantic and it must have occured to your subconcious self that the women you have met so far, aren’t the one. Holding out for the one is a beautiful thing and more people should do it.
    You are an amazing person in all aspects, and I wish you happiness always, and one day when you least expect her, your Lady will come along.
    I just hope that my Prince will.

    Siobhan from England

  404. Matt:
    Of course, Muppets ‘ Christmas is the best movie EVER… espec. when Rizzo squeezes thru the bars to get his J.B.’s. Happy belated East Coast b’day wishes! Denny M.

  405. I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman. ” ~ anais nin

    Thanks for making me smile and keeping it real

  406. Uoh, creo que me he equivocado de wed. Estaba buscando una cuenta de Megaupload, no un novio… pero parece que esto es mas facil. No se quien eres, y como me da un poco de pena verte asi, te dare un consejo porque estoy aburrida… aqui en España solo tienes que hacerte torero o futbolista. Buena Suerte. Ya me contaras… si no, no se para que quieres mi correo.
    PD: No me mandes virus.

  407. Thnxtips Says:

    I know this is over a year later, and you may not even read this comment, but I just have to say that this is one of the sweetest things I have ever come across. It made me cry lol. I hope that you find her. Keep up the fantastic work. Stay gold.

  408. Dear Matthew Gray Gubler,

    When I read this a few weeks ago, my heart got all warm and fuzzy, I was trying to decide if I should even make a comment to this or not, since for 1, you’ll probably never read it, and if you do you won’t really care, and just look the other way, since you could have any girl in the world just about, but i want to write this to you, to atleast give you the choice, or to see if you were even the slightest interested to meet me.
    Just about everything you listed, sounds like me, like decorating for holidays, i love to get overly carried away during Christmas and Holoween, favorite two holidays.
    Kissing in the car is always a bonus!!
    I wouldn’t mind you whistling, i would more than likely join in with you, even though i’m not that good, maybe you can teach me!!
    Tickle fights are my favorite, and i will totally win, i only have a few ticklish spots!! Most of my ex’s would really get mad with me for tickling them so knowing that you like them is amazing.
    I had no idea who james Taylor was until i googled him, and listened to some of his music, and he’s not bad, very talented.
    I’m the worst at sleeping late, i’ve been a night owl, for as long as i can remember, i accually enjoy snuggling and watching the sun rise.
    I love Spring a little more than Autumn, but i still like it, like when the leaves change color so beautiful.
    You can wiggle your feet as much as you want as long as you don’t complain when i wake you up from my shaking cause i had a nightmare : (
    As I said you’ll probably never read this, or even notice it, but i would really like to meet you someday, i’ve watched alot of your youtube videos and i really like you personality, and I think we would really have alot of fun together. I know you famous, and really popular, and a big part of my self, wishes that you weren’t cause then and probably only then would i ever have a chance to at least meet you : (

    If you ever want to get a coffee and at least talk, please email me, or comment on this comment and we’ll figure something out email is

  409. matthew, i would just like to say that you are one of the most amazing people i have ever known about. i hope to meet you one day, even if only breifly. (though my hopes would be that you werent busy and would consider going to get some coffee ;)) you are so inspirational and your attitude to life is…epic! thanks for, i dunno…exsisting 🙂
    erm, bye?

    (p.s i apply to all of the above 😉 but i am only 15 so :S)

  410. So I guess it’s probably about time we start dating, eh?

  411. I am that person. But are you the one for me? You got the looks and it seems like you got the personality but one never knows for sure until they dig. I’ve watched and admired you for years. But is it Matthew Gray Gubler whom I love or is it Dr. Spencer Reid? Hummmmm?

  412. This message has really won over a lot of people, but there is something wrong with it. I think Muppet Treasure Island is much better and would like to challenge you by saying it is better. Anyway, I think you are rather charming and seem like a cool guy. I hope you find that girl!

  413. MsKarateChick Says:

    I love all of these!
    Especially kissing in cars 😉
    How come someone like you is single?

  414. Secret Girl Says:

    I can’t imagine how a man like you is single. You are perfect! Gorgeous, smart, sexy, talented, funny…you got it all babe! I must say I fit your description perfectly. Aint no other woman that can decorate for the holidays, give butterfly kisses or make heart peanut butter sandwiches like me! Love, your biggest fan! ;o) xoxo

  415. I just melted! I want to find a man that can think and write like that.

  416. Oh my gosh darling I was just going to reply to the girl who ah thinks that ah Matthew Gubler is not like Spencer Reid, but I was watching him in scilent movie mode and read all that he had to say in like 2005, wich I only got to really look at but I feel he may be verry simaler to Spencer. Does he seem like super man and clark? I kinda wanted to be like Lois Lane ferr like ever now, from like 1984 and im 32 now. I’m sooooo weirdddd!

  417. As long as you don’t have a problem with the age difference, I am YOURS.

  418. Ou… I have just discovered this blog. I knew your twitter, facebook… web (very funny! I usually open it to listen the sounds while I’m working, it inspires me) but today I feel very curious and I have found your blog. Really? Your perfect girlfriend must be like this? Oh…what’s a pity I’m very far :S. But if I had the chance to meet you (not enough money >_<, I like to travel) I would not mind listening to the wind in the trees lying around, or have a chance to have a tickle torture session ;P jejeje (I love tickles!)
    Sharee, a primary teacher from Spain, near Draagonnn Khaaan ^^

  419. Is this for real? O_O
    I saw a video of him piggy backing another girl.
    Instant jealousy. x_x I want a piggy back! 🙂 haha
    But, that is one of the cutest things I think I’ve ever read!
    It’s too bad I’m only 17, though, that wouldn’t stop me.
    Matthew Gray Gubler, you are a dream. ^^

  420. Absolutely the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time.

  421. blanca l. Says:


  422. Matthew I am French.
    Your text my great touch because that is exactly what I seek a man. Like you, I love the holiday decorations. Like you, I kiss someone in a car. If one day you agree to meet me, I welcome you warmly. If one day I could have this chance to meet you. Then I would see my heart light up. I would do anything to become the woman of your dreams because I also dream of finding Prince Charming. But you know you’re a lameness problem does not change anything for me. For the true beauty of the heart and not just the physical. I love wal disney and to sleep. When I love someone for Life and they told me that when I love someone is a unique and powerful love. I’d give anything to wake up the morning with soft kisses. And you feel safer at night if your fear of the dark, in taking you tenderly against me. I know that many people must try their luck to have you but know that if you choose me you will not be disappointed because to me you’re like a ray of sun on my skin. And when I see your smile that warms my heart to heat.

    • Dear Matthew,
      I am French and a great fan of you. However, I am not like other fan that collects everything they can find on you. I just admire you and find that what you do is awesome. My dream is to bring you all my love and so much to meet you. You’ll probably find me strange, but I know that for the money are not important because what are the most important to me and there to the heart. I know I should not be the only one to tell you but know that I am sincere and as my friends say one truly unique person. Finally, I’ll leave the last word on hoping you’ll come take a look at my website and perhaps answer me.
      bye bye dear Matthew ^ ^

  423. What a goofball, but so funny!

  424. do I follow up on this girlfriend ad? because I’d like to fill out an application 🙂

  425. I know hu. Love love looooove.

  426. Thank you,
    thank you for making me smile and realize, your just a human like everyone else. I’m deathly afraid of the dark, 20 years old and I’m afraid of the freaking dark. I’m not about to read all these freaking comments. I’m sure they say they are just like you and like everything you do. I’m sure that gets annoying to you. You should probably try a dating website, you know? Like EHarmony. Heard it works! Would really like to hear from you! Hahaha like that will ever happen 😦 Have a good sir! Can’t wait to see you on Criminal Minds 🙂

  427. Hi

    I must say I don’t follow tabloids at all, so i don’t know anything about your personal life, but you are my favorite on criminal minds.

    I’m not sure how i came across this blog, but I love your quirky sense of humor. Made me laugh. Thank you cutie, I think your hot and I’m 40, so dont worry she’s out there for you.
    But really? Elvira? Claire Huxtable? ..and either of which could be a lesbian? lol. I think if your just a little choosier, you can weed out some of the insane and the geriatric hermaphrodites.

  428. You are beautiful inside&out! I would luv to feel just how soft you’re hands are!!

  429. I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  430. Ladies, ladies, ladies, and the occasional male(mike above me). Are you all honestly reading this and thinking that Matthew is going to A.) read all 464 responses and B.) legitimately choose someone to pursue a relationship with from a blog? Though he is easy on the eyes lets not fool ourselves here, he’s not going to be dating a fan who is longing for him through the internet. Who am I to crush dreams though, dream big ladies and gents, dream REAL big. Even you cold hearted, racist, cynical, pessimistic, lesbian, felons out there who hate tickle torture, you hold out hope…I’m sure he’ll be contacting you soon.

  431. You. Are. Adorable. I love you! I wish I could be old enough for you… *sigh*

  432. get a plane ticket to the Philippines and look me up. you’re obviously looking for me. 😛

  433. Such heartwarming words! Do come to the Philippines someday soon; we can talk about art and poetry for hours, sleep late, and wake up to Muppets Christmas Carol, hot mugs of coffee, and peanut butter sandwiches on homemade bread. 🙂

  434. sees magic in

    tinsel and wreaths and holly,

    has a good sense of

    fun –

    and then some…

    hugging anywhere,

    the whisper of the breeze.

    tall and skinny

    does it for


    not quibbling about

    religion or

    politics or


    (to a certain





    need not


    cool and quirky

    does it for

    me –

    as does a love

    of poetry

    (and books

    and old films

    and magic)

    can make me


    on my darkest


    can talk

    for hours,

    sing silly

    songs and

    t.v. themes and


    (because i can’t)

    doesn’t mind

    the standards

    on the radio,

    or john denver,

    peter, paul, and

    their sister mary,

    bob dylan and

    the beatles, too.

    i’m plump

    as the proverbial





    i love soft


    and stuffed

    bears and bunnies,

    bubble baths,

    hot chocolate;

    i bake a lot

    of cookies.

    all i want

    is a lot of hugs,

    coffee and breakfast

    and conversation;

    someone who makes

    me smile

    despite the


  435. Wow. That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. Smiling is the best ever! Keep that outlook….you will find her. More men should have this outlook! 🙂 *adorable*

  436. Hey, my daughter is here waiting for you! She approves of sleeping late, and has fear of the dark, but most of all she has a good heart. She thinks you are the greatest thing since Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and cashews. So you see you two are made for each other.

  437. lilo matus Says:

    Matthew i’m the one your looking for. I need a man like you. You an i have the same thoughts take my word for it if your love doesn’t come i’m always avalible. I am talking truthfully from the heart i am a option think about it. LOVE, lilo ):

  438. Lilo,l feel you man. I think the same way too. About Matthew Gubler, my LOVE…..

  439. Dud you find her? How much of that was true? Also I’d like to interview you, hence all the questions.

  440. Definitely meant did! Did you find her?

  441. AllyShmally Says:

    Yep…I’m right here. Patiently waiting 🙂

  442. What is the age group you are looking into? My daughter is 21. She loves your show and she likes most of t5he things you like. I wonder do you read all this stuff or does someone else do it for you. I really hope you do, you just seemto be the kind of guy that would 2want to do it on us own.

  443. I’m in, as long as you don’t touch the feet and you sometimes take jam with your peanut butter. i’ll even allow nutella. :3

    this poem made me swoon. never before has poetry made me swoon. good job to you, MGG! ❤

  444. i gasped and awed. how often does that happen you ask?- not very. so i am more than willing to….. , aww what hell- it would be a pleasure to go out with you, lets just put it that way:)

  445. Janis Carrasquel Says:

    Hay Gubler!! No sabes cuánto te AMO en este momento. Qué bello lo que escribiste. Tienes el espíritu juguetón de un niño. Sigue siendo así. Yo quiero ser tu novia!!! Kisses from Caracas Venezuela

  446. Julie Ann Says:

    Well, as girlfriends come and go, true friends will always stay and stand firm. Find that one special friend who, no matter what, will be honest with you and tell you when you are wrong or right. You will be happier with the honesty. Someone who makes you laugh, who keeps a smile on your face, and isn’t afraid to see your heart on your sleeve. Happiness shared with someone you can love and who loves you back makes for a more enjoyable life.

  447. Joy Falletta Says:

    Wow all I can say is that what you want is so sweet that it should be a breeze for you to find a girl, but, here we all are still responding hoping that you actually read this. No I am not downing this, I am just simply saying that she is out there and might even have left a comment, heck it even made me want to leave because these days there isn’t a single guy who really wants those things and reading this is helping to keep that dream alive. Thanks for being honest about what you want in life. I want it to… 🙂

  448. You are too sweet. 🙂 Well if your ever in San Diego, Ca.. I would love to pick your brain.. I understand you are an awesome story teller..I would love to hear one of your stories..and do some art work together.. I work with graphite and acrylics, would love to watch you work..and I am a silly goofy person myself.. and btw..I tickle back .. I love science, poetry, music and art
    If nothing else least as just friends,I’d think you would be a cool person to hang out with

  449. O (my nickname) Says:

    Decorating for holidays is awesome especially when you have someone to decorate with. Never have but would love too. Creating mischief is one of my favorite pass time activities. I love having jokes played on me as well. I love kisses. In the car or anywhere for that matter. Forehead kisses and butterfly kisses are the best. Making and then hanging wind chimes is lots of fun. As long as you like getting your hands dirty. I’ve been called voluptuous quite a bit but I must say I am a little shy about it 🙂 I am neither an actress, a fellon, or a lesbian. I will tolerate the whistling if you will tolerated my horrible dancing. Be prepared for equal tickle torture. Sleeping late is fine as long as cuddling is included. I also have a slight limp and I see nothing wrong with soft hands. I also wiggle my feet in my sleep, am absolutely terrified of the dark, and love the Muppets Christmas Carol. Actually anything Muppets is awesome! All I want is someone fun loving and down to Earth who likes to hug. Any interest in anime, cartoons, video games, art, literature, music, or constantly smiling is a plus.

    I feel kind of silly replying to this post from over a year ago but this poem touched my heart and I just had to say something. I mean there is a very good chance that you don’t even read any of these things. But I shall keep hope alive. I am not going to pretend that this poem didn’t spark my interest in you emotionally but really at the end of the day you don’t know me and I don’t know you so a romantic interaction is probably not happening. Having said that, I think it would just be nice to have a friend to talk to and laugh with on occasion. If that sounds like something you are interested in then feel free to email me. If not, then no harm no foul. ^_^

  450. That is too fun to read. I love it! Hmm makes me want to write about what kid of boyfriend I want. Wait…that’s too late.

  451. fayegothicfairy Says:

    wow where do I try out? sounds like an amazing person just my type^^ good luck matthew you totally deserve someone who makes you happy.

    In this world of darkness seldemly do we see the light and for a moment we believe it just a trick but if you look closely you will find your salvation.

  452. You’re so picky.
    I just want a man with all his limbs intact and apparently that’s asking too much.

  453. Yay I really like Matthew Gray. I really want to be friends with him.SECRET SPECIAL CODE ///*|||\\\*???#<3

  454. Geez, you must have 10 millions replies. Impressive list. I too have a an unusual love of autumn, which I’m sure means that we are going to date now ha. I enjoy your blog and posted mine as well. If you are ever in Canada, I don’t know about the girlfriend thing, but I would gladly listen to James Taylor with you.

  455. Siv Kristin Says:

    Having been hurt too hard, I`ve been totally shut off from believing men have a soft side, but this melted my heart!
    So for autum I hope for someone like you. Someone to walk under the autum trees, decorationg for holdidays and handeling out Halloween Candy with. To lean into someone when darkness comes sneaking around the corner and someone whom appriciates getting their morning coffe served with love.

  456. Alex S. Says:

    I have to say that you are probably the perfect guy for me. If only i was a few years older. I love the show criminal minds because of you and I will continue watching it as long as you are on it.

  457. Alex S. Says:

    I love decorating for holidays and having fun during them as long as it is with the right person or people. I love causing mischief, but only when it is the right time. Kissing in cars is awesome.
    I am non-racist and think tickle fights are the best types of fights in the world. Everyone always yells at me because I sleep late all of the time.
    I don’t care if you have a slight limp as long as you are an all around good guy. soft hands are sweet on anyone and I was born in autumn and halloween which is my favorite holiday is in autumn.
    Smiling is always fun and I can cook pretty well and like to.

    The world could have ended yesterday
    Or it could be over tomorrow
    So grasp this moment
    And live in it without sorrow.

  458. Marbear Says:

    This is adorable!
    Imagine how many girls salivated at the thought of dating you….
    I say that as if I wasn’t a sick one with a smile when I read that. Kudos if anyone can understand the “sick one with a smile” song reference.

    Impressive list. I hope you find the curvy, empathetic, romantic woman you wish to find.

  459. Beautiful!!! 😀 It was a year ago, I have noticed, but oh well. 😛 May not be the one, as I am 18 and you’re 31, but I can still hope. And if not, may you find the right one. :).
    Muppet Christmas Carol===The most amazingly epic movie of all time (Muppet Treasure Island is also great as both are my personal favorites). So glad I am not the only one. I grew up on the Muppets so anything by them I will watch.
    No racist here. Guarenteed. I love all people and cultures.
    Holidays are fun. Fall colors are beautiful and the winter setting is too. Decorating is the one thing I do look forward to all the time during the October/November months. I love seeing the lights in the dark when the air is crisp. Brings the whole mood of fall and winter. That’s the most beautiful type of peace there is.
    Kissing in a car would be great. 🙂 Wind chimes make the most beautiful sound in the world.
    Fashion=== 😀 I usually make anything work being on the most simple side as you have mentioned.
    I will never win a tickle war… but I love being tickled, I am very ticklish, no lie. Sleeping in late is what I do! If there was a way to avoid getting up at 6, I’d do it. Me and the mornings do not get along as you may notice. Twelve is what it usually is. One time it was 14 but that was a bet that was made to see how long I can sleep.
    I love a nightlight…it’s weird but I’m not scared, but I need to have a light or I will freak out. I will get up in the middle of the night multiple times if I don’t have a light and forget where I am.
    Butterfly kisses are what I long for the most in anybody, especially in the mornings where I need them the most. That’s the most romantic thing in the world in my eyes, along with the chivalry all guys should do.
    Smiling….. 🙂 <—— Is the greatest thing in the whole world, it is what makes the sun shine.

  460. Julie Henderson Says:

    I love you Gube, you are amazing ❤

  461. Madame Dubray Says:

    -boyfriend wanted-

    must love celebrating holidays
    kissing in peacoats
    and the sound of the wind

    any race, eye color, music preference, skin color and political belief acceptable however racist bigots are out

    those without hope and those who wish not to see need not apply

    large smiles a big plus

    any similarities to
    Gary Oldman/Dracula
    David Bowie/Goblin King
    or Brad Pitt/Loui
    a potential welcome

    i quiver at the thought of bisexuals, jailbirds and lawyers but they are still on the table

    must tolerate jazz singing
    odd wardrobes
    rusty things and sky gazing

    i eat ice cream with a fork
    wear lipstick to bed
    and think that my life begins when leaves begin to fall

    once I was called ethereal and took it as a compliment but years later realized it wasn’t

    my pinky toes are all squishy
    there are bone growths in my mouth
    and I like to watch people when they sleep

    all I need is
    to have great comfort in another’s silence
    drink tea while taking a bubble bath
    and watching the moon where it meets the water with you

  462. Zzzzzzz Says:

    I kind of randomly stumbled upon this poem… I, being one who is not very internet savvy, cannot figure out if this was written by the actual (if I could put that in italics it would be- because it is meant as a joke… and perhaps me explaining my joke (if you’d even call it that (Hey can you do parenthesis inside of parenthesis inside of parenthesis? If you can is there a limit? I probably crossed a line (I have a tendency to ramble (now I am confused where I am at in this maze of parenthesis… let’s see if I can make my way out……….)))) <- (I think that get's me out of it.)…. Oh but the point was I don't know if Matthew Gray Gubler himself or not- if so "Hey". I wanted to comment though because I have never met anyone who seems to share my passion for The Muppet Christmas Carol! Long story but my best friend in school and had frog finger puppets that we brought to life after watching the MCC together. We brought those puppets everywhere and made our voices for them sound as frog-like as possible. We eventually went as far as building them houses out of cereal boxes. I won't go into how old we were when we stopped bringing them everywhere, ha, (including the public swimming pool with 'Ken' doll swim trunks) but is probably my favorite memory. I make everyone watch that film every Christmas and I keep it out all year. So thank you whoever you are for bringing up this beautiful memory and I must say I truly enjoyed the rest of the writing.
    I find it strange that I am posting this, normally I do not comment but I was inspired. 🙂 Good day.

  463. As Zzzzzzzzzz said, we don’t even know if Matt is really the one who did this himself. It really is a wonderful poem, and if it actual himself in a nutshell, he is sweet. I saw a brief inteview on him when he was going to an event, he was wearing a vanes, what had me laughing was that he said he is a computer retard in reality, but it’s funny how you can take you character to be you and when you meet them in reality, you realise they are what you least expect and thats makes it much better cuz you realise there are things to look at and expect, and not just what you see is what you get.
    So I know i commented before but it was just cuz am so fond of Matt, but wh ever it is, if it’s not Matt, tell him I said it’s a pleasure.

  464. susan snyder Says:


  465. Kristin Says:

    Wow, what can I say? I’m pretty sure that I, like possibly everyone else here, can relate to this. Your words are touching and really incredibly sweet. I started watching Criminal Minds and discovered for myself what an amazing actor and director you are. Of course I googled you, mini stalker moment, and found the rest of the stuff you do. You inspire people, and that’s what I like most about you. I don’t know if this is for real or not, but if this is real I would love to have the chance to talk to you and get to know more about you and in turn you would get to know about me. And just maybe I could be the one? But if not, I really hope you find her, you deserve it!

  466. Kiki-Koala Says:

    Matthew Gubler, I cannot tell you how much you mean to me and my best friend. You brighten our days and give us a reason to smile when English and Calculus beat us down. Never stop being who you are. I have high hopes that you find your special someone as I have high hopes that I will find mine.


  468. Vanessa Cortez do Amaral Silva Says:

    I know I’m a little bit late but I have to say something after reading such a beautiful poem! It´s so… sweet! I felt like smiling and crying a tear of happiness. It’s beautiful, amazingly sweet, simple and heartwarming. Matthew is so amazing because everyday we can find out a new gift in this multitalented charming man. Hope you can find that someone, Matthew. Wish you all of my best wishes. Vanessa.

  469. Matthew, this is absolutely precious (not to mention that my heart did a little somersault after reading this). You should definitely try your hand at writing more often; it’s really good!

  470. awww that so cute… 🙂 🙂
    i fit almost all of them 😀

  471. i can honestly say this made me melt. i wish there was more guys like you. the fact that i even fit this well made me fangirl heh when you find this girl i hope she knows how extremely lucky she is for getting such a sweet guy. lucky wouldn’t begin to cover it. i wish i could meet a guy like you who would love me for me. you definatly seem to be that kind of guy. one who would love a girls faults as much as her perfections, and see her quirks as cute and adorable. i really hope you find her. 🙂

  472. okay, where’s the application form? coz this absolutely describes me, and it shocked me so much i barely slept last night. i was frying eggs, air guitaring and reading till 3am.

  473. Darkpale27 Says:

    You are sooo sweet. By the way i fit most of what you require. I love the autumn. As the heat rises I miss the smell of when you know it’s finally switched from summer to fall. Anyways I think your the cats meeowww. And hope you find her ( her being me he he). Someday maybe we’ll cross path’s and Fireworks will ignite, but with the odd’s I just hope you find happiness. Keep being awesome drawing quirky little cute things that make people smile. When you watch elvira think of me.

  474. Daisy Magana Magana Says:

    Is a age a factor? How young is too young, because I’m only 19 years old.

  475. It’s so nice to know there is a sweet guy out there still. You really are one of a kind. My mum as also pointed out the i fit most of what you have said. As my mum would say you two are peas in a pod. An age band would be nice though.

  476. Mee. Pick me. 😀 I’m a sweetheart with only a splash of cynicism on a bad day~ You’re so cute.

  477. You make me wish I hadn’t given my heart to a sociopath. I should have looked for someone remotely sweeter.

  478. I know this is old but I think it’s really sweet and really who doesn’t think the Muppet Christmas Carol is the greatest movie? One of my favorites I watch it about 25 times between Thanksgiving and New Years not including all the other times i watch it a year.

    This just really made me smile when someone posted it on tumblr.

  479. Darkpale27 Says:

    Just had to say one more time how sweet this is. There are alot of girls out there wishing it were them. Including me.

  480. ….that is literally the sweetest thing i’ve ever read. i really hope i get the privilage to meet him one day. he seems like a really genuine person.

  481. *Speechless…*

    That literally took my breath away…how WIERD is that??

  482. I know I’m really late finding this but is the application still open? I meet most criteria except I’m not sure I look like Mart Poppins, Claire Huxtable or Elvira. I am pretty pale though. I will warn you, tickle torture can go both ways…

    Autumn is THE best season. I’ll be your light in the dark, no worries there. And I rub my feet in my sleep, it comforts me.

    I would like to apply but I’m sure the application is closed by now, keep me in mind though.


  483. I realize i’m pretty late but…I would like to apply for the position. I meet all of the criteria listed above. and i wiggle my feet too(:

  484. I might be the one beacause i am still afarid of the dark,i would like kissing you in a car,would love to make you a pj sandwhich in shape of a heart,and would wanted to make you laugh

  485. i love you!! i swear i’d leave my boyfriend for you! hahaha

  486. never decordade for the holidays so can’t say I love decorating, guess I am kind of mischief cuz I’m told that I have a guilty look, kissing in cars makes me dizzy, I LOVE WIND CHIMS cuz it reminds me the first time I fell in love, don’t have a voluptuous figure I’m kinda skinny, don’t care about whistling but kinda annoying,ticking makes me cry cuz it reminds me of my brother who use to tickle me until it was sheer torture, love sleeping in the dark, best movie ever is the Godfather, all I want is some one who can keep promises, say the love me ever morning and can cook just like grandma. Also to make you laugh for the rest of your life 🙂

  487. And here I thought chivalry was dead. You are so utterly romantic and sweet, it already makes me smile ’til it hurts.

    Oh and did I mention I fit most, if not all, of the required criteria? And then some. 😉

  488. Oh dear, I’m so late with a “reply” but I cant be concerned with tardiness at the moment lol… What a lovely post. I’m nearly everything you described.

    Holiday decorating: yes. I also create my own holiday & birthday cards. My fave holiday to decorate for is Halloween (people think I’m a “goth” – so of course I identify with the bewitching Elvira; plus I’m a fan of the Universal Monsters, etc). Although Ive been told my look is more akin to a Dark Wave, slightly taller version of Susannah Hoffs (singer of the Bangles).

    I’m musically inclined, & a dress enthusiast (I don’t wear pants… seriously). Since I’m a jovial sort, I love to laugh & smile frequently. Not an actress, lesbian, or felon, however Ive been convicted of caring too much, being a sucker for animals & a resuscitator of water logged spiders. I’m doing Life. I also try to do my part as a micro-philanthropist – I often make donations to homeless & animal shelters, & veterans. Mean spirited people don’t like to be around me too long because I make them laugh. Definitely not a racist – my amazing family (biological & adoptive) may as well be the United Nations. I have several degrees (Business/Psychology/Education/Leadership) & I counsel students.

    I like wind chimes in the breeze against a sunset. You whistle, I hum. Tickle torture is fun…. although I’m not entirely ticklish 🙂
    I believe that Autumn is the heart & soul of all the seasons. I’m still when I sleep, I actually appreciate the dark, but jack-o-lantern night lights are cool. Animal & Beeker from the Muppets are thoroughly endearing. I also like the Island of Misfit Toys (& have collected them as ornaments for my Xmas tree). I adore Easter Island, Madagascar, Pompeii, Iceland, laughter, nature, time lapse photography, songs that penetrate my innards, kissing, writing poetry, museums, history, & mischief. I value love, learning, peace, affection, art, thoughtfulness, kindness, literature, honesty, & intelligence.

    Wow, this is the most Ive ever written about myself…. I now feel nekkid… *hides*


  489. Vanessa Cortez do Amaral Silva Says:

    Everytime I read it I have a smile on my face and in my eyes! My heart feels warm and happy! Thanks for being you, Matthew!

  490. RomanticGrape Says:

    How many starry eyed girls applied for the position?
    Admitting a mutual fear of the dark, perhaps…
    Or gleefully declaring that they, too, twitch their feet during sleep?
    Countless girls probably quoted this or that,
    Attempting to coax a response from you;
    Checking daily or even hourly just to see if you’d replied.

    But also, I wonder
    How many admitted that they hate being tickled,
    Or think that wind chimes are irksome?
    I’d speculate that the number is quite smaller
    And I’d very likely be right.

    The differences between two people are usually
    what make a relationship so exciting and complex
    And agreeing on everything brings boredom and repetition
    Discovering similarities in someone quite unlike yourself,
    entirely by accident,
    Is the best part of being with somebody.

    When baring your soul to the internet
    Do you ever feel as though you’re
    strolling downtown in New York City
    Completely naked?

  491. Kelsey Root Says:

    I have the biggest crush on you on Criminal Minds, most likely because you’re extremely smart so you better be smart in real life.

    Pretty much I dominate Christmas Tree decorating around the holidays but I refuse to put the lights up outside in the snow cause it’s too cold. Sorry about that.

    As for kissing in cars: sure sure absolutely. You’re pretty tall but I’m sure we can work something out. No worries.

    I’m about as mischievous as they come. April Fools day is absolute mayhem for my counterparts.

    Wind chimes are lovely. I don’t own any of my own to be honest but now that I think about it, that is a great idea.

    I’m not cynical at all, sometimes a little too optimistic for my own good. I do love to make fun of my friends though, one of my favorite past times.

    Mary Poppins is the bomb. Sometimes I consider myself her because I babysit a lot and find myself enjoying childish activity. How about the Sound of Music? One of my favorites, my husband better play guitar and sing with my seven kids someday.

    Clare Huxtable. Oh yeah. I’m probably not as cool as her if thats okay. I’m PRETTY cool. (even though my friends currently are calling me a loser for doing this blog)

    Snow White: yeah she’s a gem but I’m more of a Belle (Beauty and the Beast) fan myself. I used to tell people my name was Belle when I was two. She loves reading and she’s not shallow, she’s so awesome. I consider myself to look like her but that could be a little arrogant.

    Definitely tolerant of whistling, though I struggle with it myself.

    Tickle tortures really get the best of me. I’m about as ticklish as they come. Like I’ve honestly felt threatened for my life during a tickle torture, but that was because it was three people attacking at once and oh man. Moral of the story is its a love hate sort of thing. We’ll see how it goes.

    Of course I like sleeping late, do you think I’m insane.

    Soft hands are the bomb. I thought you had soft hands based on what I’ve seen in the show but I’m glad it is now confirmed.

    Butterfly kisses are so wonderful. I have pretty long lashes so it will be a success.

    I adore dancing more than anything. I could dance forever. I’ve been called the Michael Jackson of my hood. (And by hood I mean everyone who participated in the ice show)

    I love guys who play instruments, i.e. guitars and harmonicas, but if you don’t, don’t fret.

    Favorite band is Led Zeppelin and I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan.

    Favorite animal is a sloth. So calm and soft. They just cling on you and cuddle.

    I ice skate, play tennis and was the Ping Pong champion of my high school. (Even though there were only forty girls in my grade.)

    I’m an English major at University of Michigan and I love writing poems, in fact I was going to make this thing rhyme but then I thought you’d think I have even less of a life. Might sound like I’m young but come on, give me a shot. One of my dream jobs would be writing for criminal minds.

    I would prefer grilled cheese shaped like a heart.

    Anyways, I know this is really long and you might not even read these, but if you do: Hey, let’s hang.

  492. well I would want to be that someone ( hardly think it would be as I’m 17 years old and live in England.)
    but how annoying is it that all these things apply 🙂
    also my birthday is in the autumn so its is the best time of year also the leaves are so amazing.
    I think that if every guy was like your then the world would be jolly and covered in hearts also cant stop watching criminal minds since 2005 however my mother didn’t know I watched it ( not sure its really child friendly 😀 ) as I would have been 11/12

    I also hat the fact that you not seen as much as I would hope in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    i just think you are amazing and so very talented 😀


  493. I think you are in luck…
    Decorating in the holidays is my love
    Mischief is my middle name(:
    Who doesnt love kissing in cars?
    and where I come from, not having windchimes is not an option…

    I’m complete opposite of a cynic
    and “stick in the mud”…

    Voluptuos figure..I think I may have one..

    I don’t think I look like mary poppins
    claire huxtable
    snow white
    or elvira..But looks don’t matter, right?

    I am not an actor, fellon, or lesbian…
    I’m a vegetarian.

    I once got slaped in the face for wiggling my feet in my sleep..
    I can comfert you from the dark
    and the muppets christmas carol?? I LOVE IT!

    Butterfly kisses are my specialty
    sandwiches shaped like hearts are the best,
    And you already make me smile until it hurts…(:

  494. Jennifer Lynn Says:

    reply for a girlfriend wanted… simply meant to crack a smile

    holiday decorating soothes the soul,
    autumn turning winter is a specialty
    mischief leads to nervous butterflies and fuzzy memories
    kissing in cars, who would oppose
    but a knack for wind chimes could be a deal breaker

    no specific height, weight, hair color
    does a strong confidence make you wonder?
    a political affiliation for an open heart and mind,
    you might not find that sooner
    take comfort in knowing that a spirit sees no color

    and pessimists
    are stick-in-the-muds after all,
    and they would most likely take that the wrong way

    voluptuous, ohh just how voluptuous
    is a girl willing to admit of her figure?
    i care not to be a critic, since it’s not required

    mary poppins, nurturing with a mother’s comfort
    claire huxtable, elegant and playful, like an old childhood friend
    snow white, the fairest in the land
    and an elvira alter-ego in october

    actresses, fellons, and lesbians,
    all people heading in some direction of life,
    choosing a path that may lead to somewhere unexpected

    whistling sings a unique song every time it’s sung
    tickle torture is claimed to be hated, although it’s secretly loved
    james taylor always thought he would see you again
    and, well, sleeping late just comes natural after staying up all night

    a slight limp shows imperfection
    and soft hands makes up for it
    a love of autumn comes from a the relief of summer ending
    and an excitement of winter beginning
    a feeling that can touch you with just a smell of the air

    i know someone with eyes of coal,
    turns out he also has a jolly, happy soul.

    wiggling feet will get kicked, but then laughed at shortly after
    the dark is not nearly as scary when you’re laughing at wiggling feet
    and the Muppets in general are simply sweet

    all i want is
    to wake up in the morning
    looking into the eyes of someone
    who wants to make me smile until it hurts

  495. This was incredibly sweet and charming. I find you just so adorable and entertaining. I would totally take you off the market if I could 😉

  496. This is absolutely adorable, sweet and charming. I am in love with this poem. Decorating for the holidays is so much fun, I love doing it and I agree with you on “The Muppets Christmas Carol” being the greatest films of all time. The world needs more guys out there like you Matthew. 😉 you sound like the best kind of boyfriend a girl could ask for.

  497. Oh how I love Gublerland! It is the best place ever! I was sad it took me so long to find it, but now that I am here all sadness is gone.

    I totally want to apply for the girlfriend position! I love mischief, tickling, butterfly kisses & Autumn is the most wonderful season of all! I also meet the voluptuous request. I am almost a year older, I hope you like older women, lol.

    Matthew I would love to be your girl & I will continue to be optimistic that I will be chosen since we definitely don’t like pessimists 😉

  498. Amanda Donatiello Says:

    poetry is one of my passions. i find it charming one was turned into a “wanted” ad. It seems to be working for you. Maybe i should give it try.

  499. As I steal a line from Big Time Rush…
    Here I am, there you are.
    Why does it seem so far?
    Next to you is where I should be ❤
    But in reality, I wish and dream that I could take up
    this job! When I first watched CM I fell in love!
    But, by now, you probably already have a gf now.
    (And i'm only 13!) :O

  500. Melissa Says:

    I just ran across this on pinterest. I’ve never written a fan letter in my life but just have to say how incredibly sweet and thoughtful your writing is. I think I just fell in love a little bit…more. You’ve given me hope that there might be other incredible men out there, maybe even close to my age. I still need to find my special someone and at age 46 it’s getting a bit scary.

  501. boyfriend wanted

    must have a quirky personality
    love hedonism
    dancing in cars
    and kissing in the rain

    no specific occupation
    educational background
    or hair style required
    but would prefer a soft-touched intellectual artist

    drug users
    and brown-nosers need not reply

    string-bean figures a plus

    any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
    luke skywalker
    donnie darko
    jack sparrow
    or spencer reid whole-heartedly welcomed

    i am dubious of celebrities, outlaws, djs and waiters, but don’t want to rule them out entirely

    must be tolerant of flat singing
    being kissed on the eyelids
    michael jackson music
    and staying up late

    i often speak too loud, and out of turn
    am sensitive to tickling
    and have a whimsical love of spring

    i once misinterpreted being called the girl of one’s dreams as a compliment when it was actually meant as an

    i wiggle my feet in my sleep
    am scared of mean girls
    and think that portishead: dummy is one of the
    greatest albums ever recorded

    all i want is
    tender touches at dawn
    to cook you heart-shaped eggs-in-toast for breakfast
    and to make you smile until it hurts

  502. Amanda Donatiello Says:

    I was thinking about how much Gubler resembles the adorable character Goob from ” meet the Robinsons. check out this picture

  503. This is so crazy but this makes me want to cry. I have never heard of any celebrity that sounds so much like me. It is kind of weird to hear such a sincere sounding post it was sweet and sensitive and amazing all at once its almost like the huge burst of emotion you get when you do something crazy. 

    Greetings from Alaska!

  504. I just loved reading what you wrote Mr. Gubler.It is exactly what I want in a guy. Sounds like all the things I would want in a guy as well as someone that just Loves Life all together, and Loves Nature.
    Keep writing! Your writing really interest me a lot, and I can’t wait to read some more your writings.

    Be Blessed,
    Doris Harris

  505. i have like 9 things on this list that i like and do

  506. Alley Stotler Says:

    I prefer fishy kisses and my style is more akin to My So Called Life. The 90’s will live forever in my heart and soul. I also like to believe in the idea of soul mates and try to look at my failures of the heart as a warm-up for the real thing. i don’t know you but you seem like a silly man, so just find a girl who loves to laugh and all shall work out.

  507. My friend Alex and I are some warm hearted australians who are rather fond of james taylor and whistling, we would also like to smile untill it hurts,your the coolest MATTHEW!!

  508. Can you imagine yourself with a Chinese PhD ? I’m good at badminton…

  509. Jocelyn Says:

    i need to meet you. Your perfect:)

  510. This is super sweet 🙂 Butterfly kisses are the best! I hope you have found someone who wants the same things as you do. If you haven’t please consider my application/ boyfriend wanted ad.

    Boyfriend wanted

    Must love cupcakes
    kissing in the rain

    Neither height
    nor weight requirements
    just someone who loves to
    laugh and smile
    and has a good heart

    and grumps need not apply

    Someone who likes to cuddle is a plus

    Must be tolerant of
    eskimo kisses
    compliments and sweet nothings

    I have curly hair
    so sometimes it looks like a mess when I wake up
    and I love pink things (and yellow things too)

    I love colors
    and to finger paint
    and to paint paint
    I am handy with a needle and thread
    and I love to cook

    All I want is forehead kisses in the evening,
    kind words,
    and for you to be happy.

  511. Well, you had me with mischief, decorating for the holidays, Muppets Christmas Carol, and James Taylor…
    but the peanut butter sandwiches cut into hearts didn’t work…

    i prefer dinosaur shapes, sir…
    but to each his/her own…

    have a good day 🙂

  512. Penny witowski Says:

    I’m not taken yet looking for someone who likes movies and ect

  513. Sharonda white Says:

    Hi my name is sharonda, im ur biggest fan i think i know everything there is to know about you, please dont treat me like an Un-Sub lol here’s my e-mail, please just send me a message saying anything, i just want u to acknowledge me as a fan, Thank you and i hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  514. Hey, I can’t say I am just alike you. But you are cute. follow me @yogirlfarah on twitter! 🙂

    P.S matthew is a handsome name.

  515. Ruth C Pradel Says:

    Im somewhat into decorating but i LOVE to cook for holidays!
    i have not been mischevious myself, but i love to be a partner in crime!
    I’m into kissing anywhere
    and i love anything that makes great music

    I appreciate and accept everyone and do my best t make them feel welcomed
    kinda shy, but want to someone to bring out the fun in me! ( i promise its there 🙂

    i Highly dislike
    arrogant and mean people
    yet love funny,outgoing,caring and a chivalrous guy (especially since chivalry is slowly but surely dying)

    My goal is to own my store and bake confections and cook food that satisfy the souls and stomachs of my customers!
    (I’m smiling just thinking about it)

    at the end of the day
    i want to care for that special person as much or even more than they care for me! 🙂
    (crossing my fingers)

    PS. autumn in Vermont is one of the most beautiful and awe striking scenery i have ever seen (even if it was only over the internet 🙂

  516. Caitlin :) Says:

    i’m just shy of 24, and hopefully our paths will cross one day.

    i love tickling and smiling :), i’ve only ever eaten peanut butter sandwiches absentmindedly molded into hearts before eating, never jelly, and autumn is the best time for pictures, exploring outside, and finding things that warm your heart. truly the happiest time of the year.

    and decorating? what would holidays be without them? perfect way to spend quality time with special people.

    have a great day 🙂

  517. I know this is old.. And I know everyone in the world probably says that Matthew is their soul mate.. But he really is mine I believe… Unless of course it’s true that opposites attract.. Because we are not
    Opposites.. More like.. Exactly alike

  518. Aisling Says:

    Wow, this is an old advert! Pretty hot guy, didn’t know of him until I began watching Criminal Minds recently! (It’s 2011 I know!!) A man that intelligent would be so cool but I guess they only exist in TV land! Going by the ad description he’s every girls dream! Coming from an Irish girl the accent does it for me! Don’t think the ad is necessary for this guy to get a girlfriend but best of luck 🙂

  519. Krystal Dickens Says:

    So this is probably ridiculously too late seeing as how this is 2011 but what the hell, right? You sound incredible. I also have a celebraty crush on you but I’m sure you get that all the time. I live in Ohio and am 20 years old however I’m only 4’10 which is tiny I know especially because since you’re like six foot something lol. I am however kinda voluptous, well I’m chesty at least compared to my stomach. And I can’t spell worth anything but I’m oddly good at school. I’m actually going to college to become a social worker to counsel abused children. You’re probably making the same disgusted face that everyone does when I tell them that. I know that it makes no money but I’m passionate about it, it’s my life. I love halloween as well and autumn as well ever since I was a child. I love the changing of the leaves and the warm apple cider. I also love sleeping in and anyone that can make me laugh is a beautiful individual. I love to read and write my own stories, pretty lame I know. Well I’ve wasted enough of your time, if you ever do read this. Well I doubt that even if you do read this I’ll be your type but that’s ok because you’ll find someone wonderful. Good luck =)

    • Wandering Eyes Says:

      How can people make a face at someone who wants to help other people? The fact that you are passionate about it and care not about how much you make is admirable. And don’t ever dismiss the writing of your stories. Creativity is always the best outlet someone can have, and it is never something to be considered lame. I know this was not meant for me, but I had to let you know that you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Be proud of it and hold your head up high.

  520. That was adorable! It’s nice to know there is atleast one guy that’s sweet(: Your amazing and I hope one day to meet you. If you want email me I would really like to be your friend(:

  521. As amazingly adorable and delectable as you are… sadly we wouldn’t work out.

  522. Call me a dancer of the devil. Says:

    Boyfriend Wanted
    Must have similar sense of humour
    Must read (As I am avid reader.)
    Must be available for proof reading. (I wanna be a writer.)
    Must be warm at night (I get quite cold.)
    Must be able to deal with eccentric friends.
    Must love cartoons.
    Must be able to deal with a curvaceous figure.
    Must be able to enjoy day-dreaming.
    Must have ideas of own.
    Must be tolerant that I am English. 😀

  523. So so cute! I’d say have me but i’m British and live too far away 😦

  524. Oh, you pretty people>>…..

  525. This is one of the cutest things I have ever read!
    Why must you be so much older then me. Seriously hope though you find the one!!

  526. Reply: girlfriend wanted

    I’m an artist! Of course I love decorating for holidays (especially Halloween).
    I’ve, apparently, chosen mischief as a career.
    kissing in cars makes me feel like Cherry Valance from The Outsiders. Swoon!
    Wind chimes remind me of my nights in New Mexico! Mmmm…

    I’m Native American. I’m definitely not a racist. Religion is a smile on a dog’s face. I believe in being a good person.

    I’ve never been described as a “stick in the mud.”

    voluptuous figures a plus (<—makes me respect you more!)

    I look like Pocahontas mixed with a little Elvira.

    I'm neither an actress, fellon, or lesbian
    However, I respect acting, I fight for reform in our prison system, and I'm straight, but not narrow (minded),

    My bosses were whistling champions and I loved working with them!
    I am a fiend for tickling animals and cute guys.
    I was raised on James Taylor and all the "Okie sound" music.
    I might not be able to sleep, but I love cuddling in bed for long periods of time.

    Soft hands reminds me of "Of Mice and Men." Hooray! for John Steinbeck!

    "A coal-eyed dandy" would sound like a compliment to me too.

    Thanks to Steven Gammell, author of "Scary Stories to tell in the dark" I'm a little scared of the dark (and became a long jumper from my bed to the light switch.)
    While I LOVE Jim Henson and the Muppets, I have to say "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" is my favorite!

    all i want is
    butterfly kisses in the morning
    peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart
    and to make you smile until it hurts <—-( I find this all obsurdly adorable!)

  527. twinkletoes Says:

    Awww.. this is cute, like many girls who admire matthew..
    I can say that I oddly have this weird feeling developing of wanting to know him more. his core.
    Couldn’t stop looking at his photos, learning bits of the type of guy
    he is..I think I’m old enough for crushes which is funny.
    I’m 30 from Philippines. I honestly don’t think Matthew would have to
    post this as he is wanted by many women out there.

    I recently got married and Matthew is a figment of a fantasyland that
    slowly became someone i should say i’m infatuated with.
    It’s unrealistic to tell things as if he’d be interested but
    I wrote my opinion juxtaposing every detail of what he likes and wants in a girl, then I stopped and came to think about it.

    If I think of the whole thing… I would say stop the..what I want for
    a girl part. Would you care to know about her?
    I mean seriously, all of us have certain standards that we want in a person and when we meet someone, they wont always have to fit the profile on the checklist. (cept for the lazy bum part etc)
    You like them then love them eventually for who he/she is, he or she has his/her own unique personality that doesn’t match all of our expextactations (sadly) but it’s because we don’t make or create them. That’s why its magical.
    If it’s to check compatibility, we’ll I’d say compatibility is not what you have most in common, that’s why “opposites attract”.
    Compatibility is tested over 2 different people, that despite having differences, you both stand to the test of time because
    it’s how you want it.
    Wish you all the best Dr. Reid, you always make me smile and I hope you find her 🙂 lots of butterfly kisses to you..mwuh!

  528. Dear Matthew,
    When I first read this, I was in complete awe. Not only was it incredibly sweet, but it threw me for a loop. And, well, I was hoping to have more to say, but, truth is, I just don’t really know what to write.
    I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you seem to be a geniune individual, Matt. And this special someone, wherever she may be, will be incredibly lucky. She may not fit your description perfectly, but I’m sure you will care for her nonetheless.
    Goodluck, Matthew.

  529. you are the most amazing person in the world, that poem made me tear up, you are everything anygirl (mostly me :p) would want!! who ever you find is a lucky person!
    p.s you can call anytime!
    just to chit chat, maybe watch a movie on the phone together considering we are a loonngg distance away!
    … that would be preetty amazing haha..
    chow! haha =)
    *butterfly kiss*

  530. Hiiii………….I don’t know how long this has been here, seeing as I’ve just found it, lol. Loved the little missive! I hope you found an adequate match!
    Kate xxx

  531. come to minneapolis! i am right here!

  532. Something in the way she moves…

  533. I may not be everything that you are looking for in your list, but here are some other traits to make up for it.

    I can draw you random picture notes for days,
    Make you laugh in very many ways

    I would trace your skin with light wispy fingers,
    And sing with a passion of many aspiring singers

    I like to cuddle like a cat,
    But won’t be annoying like a gnat

    I will keep you company in most needed times,
    And try to be adventurous like with all these different rhymes.

    I am random and love to laugh and smile. And if you read this, you must know that this is not a farce. But I guess the only way for you to know is to meet me. 🙂

    So I look forward to meeting you, but if not then good luck with whoever you choose.

    P.S. I am voluptuous. Just for that extra plus! 😀

  534. I like Jim Henson, but…I suppose I could do with the muppet christmas carol.

  535. Akkuschrauber Makita…

    girlfriend wanted « gublernation…

  536. You have a hot ass!

  537. Well all you girl’s scare me…. There will be a thousand girl’s perfect for him… But he only needs to choose one.. And i think there’s a thousand in this post….. Hmm… he’s got a tough decision XD Good Luck Matt x

  538. […] girlfriend wanted (via gublernation) August 17, 2011 Filed under: Uncategorized — jerzygirl45 @ 12:03 am must love decorating for holidays mischief kissing in cars and wind chimes no specific height weight hair color or political affiliation required but would prefer a warm spirited non racist cynics critics pessimists and "stick in the muds" need not reply voluptuous figures a plus any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to mary poppins claire huxtable snow white or elvira wholeheartedly welcomed i am dubious of actresses, fellons, and l … Read More […]

  539. i found this blog back in july and i love CM as much as the next girl. i went out and bought the first five seasons, ceremoniously watched the sixth and am extremely excited for the seventh. Gubler is even my favorite actor on the show, but you all sound a little nuts.

  540. I am sooo applying to this job!<3

  541. Wow…just, Wow. Seriously one of the sweetest things i’ve ever read ^_^

  542. Hey Mathew we both went to NYU at the same time but I dont think ever ran into each other. I have a BA in music but also worked in theater and film. I would love to be your girlfriend! I think we have similiar taste and my bf is not around much latley. I am 5 10 on the thin side but I have very big boobs. I like music, art, films, travelling. Ive also been to the Czech Republic. The only thing is I live in Nashville now and you live in NYC. I dated a guy named Joe Jordan that was in Tisch the same time you were man I wish I had got with you instead but I never met you. Oh well!

  543. Wow Matthew. This just touched my heart. 🙂 We met yesterday, I don’t know if you remember. But if you wanted me, I’d happily be your girlfriend. ❤

  544. Missy Ballew Says:

    U sound adorable… 🙂 I love your character on Criminal Minds. I stumbled upon this website and I wanted to say what a refreshing attitude u have- much similar to my own. It’s sounds easy to find someone with these characteristics, but, in my case, not so much. Lol. Keep smiling.;-) Perhaps we will cross paths someday. I love Vegas, CA, and NYC, although I’m from the beautiful mountains of NC. 🙂

  545. *sigh..* You make me melt… From one filmmaker to another, keep up the excellent work! Você me faz feliz! 😉

  546. Absolutely lovely. Good luck in finding your one.

    *coughs* and don’t overlook the possibilities of a nice Deaf girl. We can’t hear wind chimes but we talk with our hands which is pretty cool.

  547. All of this sounds wonderful about you, even the things you may think are short comings. Your spirit feels so sweet. I would love to give you butterfly kisses in the morning, in a car and in the fall. We would be surrounded by Japanese cherry blossom trees too. I am not racist either, I am so glad you are not.

  548. It is too bad I am not a bit older. I am reaching 21 soon.
    The things you want are so nifty and similar to want I wish to find.
    You are such a unique and creative person, inspiring too.
    It’s a shame you don’t have requirements for friends because I would certainly try to apply for that.
    I’m not an artist but I love the arts. I own a set of large eyes paired with dark circles. I’m short, chubby, and have curly hair I cannot begin to tame. I’m shy and awkward until I get to know you. Then there is no shutting me up. Random, goofy, silly. Yet I can also be terribly serious. I like to listen just as much as talk. I have a love of old things. Antiques, vintage, etc. I dig old cartoons and movies old and new. Mismatched socks, vests, dresses, and pajamas make me cheery. I may not have a monogram cup but coffee and hot tea are my favorite beverages. Hurray for talking about ourselves and what we want in relationships and friends. Womp.

  549. I have absolutely no idea how I got to this page, but I must say it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve read in a while. You’ll find if you haven’t yet. She’ll be right under your nose! heehee!

  550. HA if you are still single you should hit me up. I’m a pretty fun girl and you seem like a pretty funny guy

  551. but really if that is you saying that. that’s amazing that you put your whole heart out there for the world to judge. If you ever visit Idaho look me up

  552. Wow…we have alot in common! I’m not sure what to say to make myself stand out from all the other ladies comments, but I love horror movies (Freddy Kruger is one of my favs), Halloween is my favorite holiday next to Christmas and I wiggle my feet in my sleep too. I have a Miniature Schnauser “Hobbs” who I love to death so I hope you like dogs as much as I do!

  553. What a wonderfully fun and deep guy you are. Fantastic requirements, how does one sign up? 🙂

  554. Awwwwwwww that is so adorable!! Like most beautiful thing I’ve read in awhile!!

  555. I know someone who could be what you’re looking for good sir, if only your writing were to truly reflect your heart (are actor types honest?), then I ask: How do you feel about just a few tattoos? And what if she happened to be a Canadian? lol

    I find your poetry ardent but your public collection is so small! Please write more, overtly, when you have time.

  556. OMG this is so sweet. Will you marry me? Seriously, if more men where like you the world would be an awsome place.

    WOW! A man that isn’t scared to admitt that he can be totally goofy and I am very ticklish like seriously everywhere….. I am NOT racist and I CAN’T STAND rasict people

    And plus? My mother thinks you’re adorable..

    I’m not by any means beautiful I don’t look like any of the people you listed but I have been told I am fun to be with and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping late

  557. im impressed, where are all the men like you in the world? you sound perfect!!

  558. I’m pretty sure the the mold was broken when Matthew was made. The ones that are AT ALL simmaler to him are either taken or gay

  559. Hey Mathew! you need to have allot of babies because you are a VERY beautiful man! I would love to be the mom!

  560. Hello matthew, I hope it is the genuine you! If not, the risk of making a fool of myself is worth it. I live in the UK & I don’t usually write comments like this, but you have the kindest face & look approachable so here it is. I have read your poem “girlfriend wanted” and melted, it is so beautifully written. It’s so open, as fragile as a snowflake yet shows strength of a true character. Is an English accent another bonus? Well, if I am just a little pebble in your wide ocean, then I am still very privileged. I hope you find your Muppets loving butterfly kissed girl, if not I am very much available. Anyway I wish you well in life & love…and your little dog 😉 x

  561. I loved the poem and it was very thoughtful. I hope that you do find the right girl for you. Whoever she may be she will be a very lucky person by the sounds of it.

  562. Alannah Bedell Says:

    This is the sweetest thing i’ve ever heard.. aweh. Sounds like you’re an amazing young man.

  563. tarheelcoconut Says:

    ive been applying for jobs but would rather apply for this please!

  564. making me realize for the first time since childhood that there are genuinely good people out there. Thank you, for being you.

  565. Even though i hate peanut butter, I’d make you the cutest most loving sandwiches whenever you asked(:

  566. Sweetness….Nothing beats butterfly kisses.

  567. Megan elizabeth harmon Says:

    I pretty much adore you and hope you find that special someone if you haven’t yet I am always available 😉

  568. alexandria wendt Says:

    pick me?

  569. Awww, that post was so sweet! ❤ If you're still taking applications for future reference and don't mind long-distance relationships:

    I love decorating for the holidays
    And mischief
    And kissing in cars
    And wind chimes

    I'm a tall girl with very dark brown hair
    and I'm left-wing but obviously you wouldn't mind
    My grandmother is half-Samoan, so I could never be racist

    I have a tendency to be a little pessimistic and cynical, but I'm more of a "fear the worst, hope for the best" person

    I'm pretty curvy (US size 10)

    Well, I'm a pale-skinned brunette who wears black eyeliner, close enough? 🙂

    I'm not an actress or a felon or a lesbian

    I can handle whistling and tickle torture, I'm not too familiar with James Taylor's work, and I tend to sleep late too

    I love the idea of a guy with soft hands, and I like the winter (apart from the cold)

    My eyes are made out of coal too 😉

    I used to love Muppets Christmas Carol as a kid

    I love butterfly kisses, and you already make me smile until it hurts ❤

  570. Katie kelly Says:

    I think I can tolerate being tickled in exchange for butterfly kisses and mischief. I’m not an actress, felon, lesbian nor stick in the mud. And if you can tolerate how much I love my car, I think well get along and you should give me a chance?

  571. This gives me hope that true love can still be found! 🙂 I hope I get to meet you someday, you seem to be such a delightful person to be around!

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  573. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Good luck finding your perfect girl….though I really don’t think you need it. Just hope she knows how lucky she is!

  574. Amazing writing! Everyone has their perfect fit out there, just might take a little longer for some of us to find them. I love Ocotber myself. All the beautiful colours coming out inspires me in my work (plus it’s my birthday month). And there’s nothing wrong with coal eyes! Mine might as well be jet black, but I love them!

  575. I concur – finding a fellow foot wiggler would definitely be a plus – my super evil ex used to loathe that. Hmph

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  577. Its comforting to know that there are other people like me out there…plus I’m pretty certain that once you write down what you want it helps you find it.

    Also I’d say we’d be perfect together but I’m also scared of the dark, so our electricity bills would be astronomical, and I also have scarily soft hands (to the point where sometimes I can’t hold onto my smooth mobile phone) so we’d never be able to open jars….

  578. Ahhh, Mr. Gubler, what a delicious and quirky fantasy. How you would fit like a puzzle piece, how i would melt in your arms. Back to reality I go ….

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  580. So I read this the night before teaching a class about dreams. And I swooned. Hard. It was a little embarrassing. I told myself I’d remember my dreams that night to have fodder to tell my students. I guess my brain was primed with this, but mixed some things up. Instead of soft hands and wiggly feet, we were sitting on my bed and you dropped something. When you bent over to get it, your feet ended up in my lap and there were eerily soft. I didn’t want to creep my students out, so I chose not to share my dream after all, but I’m glad I remember it.

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  582. Wow, fantastic blog format! How lengthy have you been running a blog for? you make blogging look easy. The whole glance of your website is fantastic, let alone the content!

  583. I want the same things too. you free next week, gubler? 🙂

  584. this gave me butterflies and made me want to kiss you. and then i felt creepy. right away, you said mischief. my only tattoo says mischief managed. perfection.

    if only it were realistic.

  585. darn im a year too late! lol….. too bad it wasn’t realistic I’ve always wanted a guy who didnt think i was stupid and corny because i give butterfly kisses! my nephew is the only guy who loves them! lol. anyways if only guys were really like this it’d be easier for girls to fall in love! i will say i did enjoy reading this though even if it isnt real it takes a rea man to say something as wonderful and honest as that!

  586. “The remnants of sleep
    float around your fingertips…
    as you stare into the sleeping face
    of the one you love
    in the bed, in the mirror.”

    *butterfly kisses*

  587. From All Of Us To All Of You is better.

  588. Wish I could find a decent man like u. I love all of those things and then some. Oh well. I want to wish u the best of luck on finding ur tru love she is out there somewhere u just have to be patience and have the confidence to know when she is the right person for u.

  589. You had my at girlfriend wanted. But … No one else thinks the Muppet Christmas Carol is as good as I do. I watch it in July, I watch it at Christmas. I get visibly sad that my VHS vase has no tape in it (even though I have it on DVD)

    You are fantastic, and I want you … because of reasons.

    If I thought it would happen, I would ask you to call me.

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  591. wow that was BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope you find someone as awesome, wonderful, special, and beautiful as you are. Also if you havent found that special lady yet, I am willing and ready to be that specail lady if you’ll have me…(If only things were that easy, with just a simple word and poof) We have many things in common, so it probally would work. haha : ) Seriously I love you and wish you the best of luck in your search. I wish I had you< even if it was only as a friend because you are in a word AWESOME!!! ❤ you! ^_^

    Rebekah 😉

  592. You are possibly the cutest man to walk Earth, I’d never really seen you before until becoming addicted to Criminal Minds, but so many things in your list is what I totally want in a man (and probably most girls want it to) it’s not hard for you to have your pick of whoever you want, and I’m not exactly ideal as I’m from England, but I so wish you find someone incredible and genuine that won’t hurt you (even if it isn’t me ;D) and I hope you are ever so happy, I love you Matthew you are treasure to us, in an incredible form with an adorable, sensitive and innocent heart, god bless! 🙂 ❤ xxxxx

  593. you are the most amazing man ever your kind sweet and sensitive and your never afraid to express your feelings and you are the person who makes me smile the most. I’m not exactly ideal as I’m from England, but I so wish for you find someone incredible and genuine that won’t hurt you and will love you the way i know you should. You have restored my faith in love so never stop looking as love is sometiems just around the corner and is someimes staring you in the face. God Bless Good luck and never give up xxxxxxxxxxx

  594. that was so beautiful… i definetly started to tear up. i hope you find the one!

  595. Upon reading your poem
    my heart went a flutter
    then became all gooey
    and melted like butter

    you sound like man
    both honest and kind
    like John Nash
    with a beautiful mind

    Aha. that poem was really cute and sweet it would make any girl smile. i find it hard to believe that you’re not a ladies man 🙂 Good luck on your quest good sir !!!

  596. Brittany Nichole cook Says:

    Oh my gosh you are so amazing! I loved everything you had to say and we have a lot in common

  597. Okay, so I just have to say, I am this list. And I got really excited about it, because I’m basically in love to begin with anyway, now I know I have a shot! <3333

  598. well, we’re practically the same person. don’t let the turkey hat in my picture fool you, i have an extraordinary sense of fashion. i have yet to meet a guy who enjoys tickle torture. you are a dream come true.

  599. That’s pretty inspiring… 🙂

  600. I do believe that we are a perfect match<3

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  602. Hi Matthew! Where would one apply if she feels she fits those qualifications? Please reply : )

  603. karime lozano Says:

    even though you are 13 years older than me, you are just perfect ❤ I'm in love, you should e-mail me sometime 😀

  604. Christina Says:

    This is beautiful. Whether you are just being silly or are being heartfelt, it brought tears to my eyes. I am recently new to dating again and it has been disappointing. Reading this made me realize that there are genuine men out there looking for the same thing that I am. You have a beautiful soul, I wish you luck on your journey in finding all of this and more. You appear to be a very unique and special person, don’t settle for less in a girl. Oh BTW just so you know I fit all of your requirements… 🙂

  605. Katie Ridley Says:

    Hi there, I look like Snow White (in fact, it used to be my nickname), have a maternal streak akin to Mary Poppins and think The Muppet’s Christmas Carol is the greatest Christmas film of all time. Oh and I’m 33, a writer, spiritual (not religious…don’t get me started), open minded, kind, a good decorator, love traveling and having adventures, and am a total sap but with a strong soul.
    However, I’m Scottish and live there. Have a feeling you’re waaaaaaaaay over the seas? Am I right?


  606. haha…what can i say? i just turned 30 last week and i thought i could never find a man like you in this generation! But there you are, alive and kicking! ♥♥♥

    you never fail to make my days brighter dear Matthew Gray Gubler!
    in response to this, (although I doubt if you’ll even notice this post with all these comments in here ^^) …here’s a link to a note i wrote on facebook looking for that someone…I didn’t know i was looking for you all this time until i found you! haha…in my dreams! 🙂

    the first few lines are:

    I need someone who shares the deepest desires of my heart;
    Someone who could share the couch with me on a lazy afternoon watching movies or singing along with our favorite songs, and would never hold back his tears when moved by the movie scenes or the mundane truths depicted in the movie lines;
    Someone who would not ask why my music collection genre is so varied…tribal (celtic, ska, lumad, gnawa, chibumenga, fuji, apala), folk and country, classic, ballad, R n’ B, Slow Rock, Pinoy Bato to symphonic metal;
    And did I mention, someone who won’t be annoyed with each time I’d pause the dvd player to jot down the tag lines in movies?
    Someone who would love and crave for my recipes and beg me to cook or bake for him;
    Someone who loves kids more than beer;
    Someone who can kneel and pray with me;

  607. haha…what can i say? i just turned 30 last week and i thought i would never find a man like you in this generation! But there you are, alive and kicking! ♥♥♥

    you never fail to make my days brighter dear Matthew Gray Gubler!
    in response to this, (although I doubt if you’ll even notice this post with all these comments in here ^^) …here’s a link to a note i wrote on facebook looking for that someone…I didn’t know i was looking for you all this time until i found you! haha…in my dreams! 🙂

    the first few lines are:

    I need someone who shares the deepest desires of my heart;
    Someone who could share the couch with me on a lazy afternoon watching movies or singing along with our favorite songs, and would never hold back his tears when moved by the movie scenes or the mundane truths depicted in the movie lines;
    Someone who would not ask why my music collection genre is so varied…tribal (celtic, ska, lumad, gnawa, chibumenga, fuji, apala), folk and country, classic, ballad, R n’ B, Slow Rock, Pinoy Bato to symphonic metal;
    And did I mention, someone who won’t be annoyed with each time I’d pause the dvd player to jot down the tag lines in movies?
    Someone who would love and crave for my recipes and beg me to cook or bake for him;
    Someone who loves kids more than beer;
    Someone who can kneel and pray with me;

  608. Matthew, you should be voted sexiest man alive!!! I would really like to meet you one day. I’m not usually the type of person to leave a message like this, I’m sure you’ll never receive it. But if you do I would love to give you butterfly kisses and more.

  609. Oh yes my love that is sweet

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  612. Lol interesting… I’m surprised to see that you’re not married, but then again I know nothing about you. Why put it on the internet? Anyway, I’m quite curious about you but I’m sure I come across as the usual female suspect lol. Just thought I’d try asking, since you have your own websites and such :->

  613. This is just precious. Thanks for continuing my belief that men like this exist. Dear goodness, Muppet Christmas Carol is just excellent film making. From a fellow foot-wiggler, I hope you find what you are looking for.

  614. Where can i apply?! I watch criminal minds just because of you! 🙂

  615. Matt,
    I am going to LA this summer for about 22 days.

    Give me an afternoon with you and I can prove we are soul mates. If not romantically, then at least as friends.

    One afternoon. Coffee or tea. Relaxing in LA. Spending time in each other’s company.

    Email your response to

    Also, if you agree, I will bring you a stuffed Doogan Gooseberry that I plan on making.

    I am persistent, stubborn, and all I’m asking is for a cup of tea, please.

  616. Dear Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler,
    It’s incredibly wonderful that you have wrote this because it shows your not afraid to put yourself out there. You are a one of a kind guy. You’re romantic, optimistic, good-looking, and have a beautiful soul. You do deserve the ultimate love and happiness. I will be glad when you do find her=] Keep on Gubnationin’ it!


  617. I wish there were more gentlemen like Matthew in this world. I’m actually quite surprised that Matthew doesn’t have a girlfriend, considering the fact that he has a fantastic personality, tons of fan girls / women, a wonderful fashion sense, and is incredibly handsome.

  618. Do you neeed Programs and games. Go look my blog and you chois what you want….

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  619. This is absolutely adorable. James Taylor is my hero – I absolutely love his songs. If you throw in a few snowball fights I’m game…

  620. Awwh! I think my heart just broke, you’re such a sweet guy Matthew, she’s definitely out there. It’s so weird because looking at this is like looking at the male, older version of myself… so to speak, anywho! I allways knew I was born in the wrong time period, and now I know why. There are so few true gentle men left out there and it’s really good to see someone so sweet. I think the female population will be envious of the girl who captures your heart because of what a good person you are. 🙂

    Personally my heros are those who light a candle rather than curse the darkness and I think you’re definitely one of those people. I really hope to meet you one day, and perhaps by then you’ll of found the ‘one’.

    Just wondering, does this mean that most female actresses are valley girls? Because if that’s the case I must find a new career path to pursue immiedietly! All the best Matthew, you definitely deserve a magnificint girl 🙂 Ps. If you happen to have any clones that are closer to that of my age please have them contact me! 😛 lol jk… Or am I? ;D

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  622. Oh gosh, i started to cry when i read this. it´s just, im speechless! …..
    ” All i want is butterfly kisses in the morning”.<3… I just want to find someone like you, You are such a good man, I love autumn, decorating,James Taylor is great, i love muppets since child and kissing in cars is just so sweet, But i know that i will never be your special girl(sad :/). I was thinking why you dont have a girlfriend , you are handsome, great person and kind, Does anybody apreciate that? or i´m wrong?… Oh well, Remeber, one day you are going to find the "one" and correct girl for you :)…

  623. this made me happy 🙂 with so many jerks in the world it’s refreshing to know that there are some people who are genuinely sweet

  624. Now why can’t there be any guys like this on my college campus?? All I want is a sweet man who is genuine and honest. Is that really so difficult?

  625. So I think this sounds like me, I am the English rose type but with red hair and curves like Christina Hendricks! I hope anyway I’ve been told with my slightly vintage style!

  626. Me. So me.

  627. Love daydreaming of holidays, And decorating them in my dreams. Kissing in the cars or on them…….. I’m sure that could make me smile . I love snow more then autumn leaves… Would teach you love for pure snow, you would show me love for chestnuts… I am extremely ticklish but also very playful, With huge happy brown eyes… I would happily exchange you making me smile till it hurts, for me making sure that everything that means everything to you, means as much to me… B

  628. Isn’t it strange how making thousands of people laugh can feel like nothing if you can’t share it with your true love?
    And i think it’s strange that you wiggle your feet when you sleep cause basically i thought that was my special quality.. Guess i can take that one of my list now!

  629. you should listen ‘autumn leaves’ by paolo nutini, always makes me feel cheerful which is rather ironically because most people would describe it
    as depressing.. But if you love autumn, i think you will love this song.

  630. I cried Reading This…I hope you find someone who makes you happy just as your poem…I wish to be that girl, just like the other girls here, but I really really hope that you find your “one” real love…


    Kisses and hugs

    Carolina SIqueira.

  631. Matthew,
    Please marry me. You are so amazing

  632. I look a bit like snow white 😉 date? X

  633. Smiles…..My one wish is to find someone that makes my heart soar, and makes me smile as much as you. This truly made my heart lighter. Thank you Matthew Grey Gubler.

  634. If we were to meet we would become
    bestfriends. I love to decorate for the holidays and I can tolerate whistling and I
    am not racist don’t worry I’m scared of the dark too! I know how to make peanut butter heart shaped sandwiches! I love to smile. Sometimes to much and it hurts me. I wiggle my feet in my sleep to and you can sleep as long as you want because you need your sleep. P. S I want you to find that special someone you deserve it because who wouldn’t wan

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  636. Matthew, this is absolutely one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. I think everyone deserves someone that makes their life complete. Any girl would be blessed to be with you, and I hope you find that special someone who loves you for you. P.S. I love James Taylor, am Liv Tylers twin ( although she’s not aware of it), and I can quote The Muppet Christmas Carol from beginning to end.

  637. i just have to ask…. have we met? these things in which you speak of above are all things most girls are looking for. well i dunno about me only because i’m not like most girls. i’ve never seen criminal minds but i hear it’s good. i’m sorry about your limp, may i ask how it happened?.. the only reason i know who you are is because a friend told me to watch your mockumentries and i have to ask do you really act like a vain overly obsessed with yourself douche?

  638. Boyfriend wanted:

    deep set eyes/high cheekbones
    mischeivious grin
    attractive inside and out
    bearded or slightly scruffy

    any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
    matthew gray gubler
    jack white
    jim parsons and/or sheldon cooper
    or Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid wholeheartedly welcome

    Judgy McJudgersons
    and self-deprecators need not reply

    i am dubious of athletes, musicians, and cowboys
    but don’t want to rule them out entirely

    must be tolerant of singing
    back rubs
    the black keys
    and sleeping late

    i have black eyes
    a tattoo in Greek
    and a absolute obsession with autumn

    I’m often called mysterious but tender-hearted which i find to be accurate and yet, an odd combination

    I want to take fallfoliage roadtrips
    hate cottonballs
    and think Muppet Treasure Island is one of the greates filsm of all time (and a Goofy Movie, if I’m being totally honest)

    all i want is
    to sit by someone and say nothing yet at the same time say everything

    Pass it around if you know anyone who meets this description and looking, too.

  639. Matthew this is absolutely beautiful, I wish I had someone that would care about me that much. That is exactly what I would say looking for that special someone. Your perfect to me :)xxxx

  640. hi, my best friend wanting you as a x- mas gift. she loves decorating for the holidays. she highly educate and beautiful inside and out. I logged into this from my facebook. if you hit me up I’ll hook you two up.

  641. before hes shipped off to battle, he decides to use his 3day pass to see if his girlfriend really loves him and he can finally communicate with his troublesome parents.

  642. I am a robotnyancatgodzillaoctopuspersonorange Says:

    oh my god! that is sooo sweet! I wish i could meet you in real life! (if you ever dated me, (not gonna happen=( ) you could/would be classified as a pedophile). im not even kidding =D. anyways matthew, hope you find that special girl!! oh, by the way, i love your art! its so quirky and unique.. never seen anything like it. anyways, peace. -dances off into the sunset-

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  644. cimmerian deer Says:

    love recipient of the male species wanted

    must love cadoodling with animals
    sudden sneak attacks
    and happy sounds

    no specific height
    hair color
    or physical feature required (you can be a plant)
    but would prefer a nonconformist who dances

    cynics must learn to open up more
    critics need to cuddle in a blanket and enjoy
    pessimists need to optimise
    and “stick in the muds” shall be taken out for bungee jumping

    voluptuous heart figures a plus

    and similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
    cookie monster
    edward scissorhands
    or the grinch wholeheartedly welcomed

    i am dubious of actors, felons, and humans
    but dont want to rule them out entirely

    must be tolerant of sunny weather ritual chantings to wake up the sun
    violent reactions to being tickled
    matthew gray gubler
    and waking up late

    i have a slight clumsiness that makes me a walking hazard
    eerily hard elbow
    and a love of the autumn smell

    I was once misunderstood when i called someone a bean sprout leaf
    it was a compliment

    i roll like a bulldozer in my sleep
    am scared for my own heart
    and think How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of the greatest flicks of
    all time

    all i want is
    to be held before falling asleep
    hot chocolate in the cold
    and to make you laugh until your laugh box is “out of order”

  645. i’ve always wiggled my feet in my sleep.
    & i always thought i was the only one.

  646. Too sweet, I hope you find her

  647. All I want, all I truly want
    is to see you smile
    to feel you laugh
    feel your heart so close to mine
    and know myself loved, and love in return

    I do not know you
    but would like too
    I have not met you
    but still feel a sense of kinship

    I still smile at cartoons
    cry with romances
    and giggle at the absurd

    I use both a sword and pen with equal passion
    but scratch my head at the thought of an iphone.

    I howl at the moon
    sing to the stars
    and dance with the waves of the sea

    Good luck on your quest
    and wish me luck on mine.


  648. I was with you until tickling. I will do anything to not get tickled. I submit immediately. It’s awful.

  649. So…not sure but I would just like to know if this position has been filled? If not, I’d like to toss my hat into the ring… 🙂 such a sweet heart and and not just a sweetheart…

  650. I believe I possess the skills and qualifications that fit this position’s description. I have references that can attest to my hard-working, loyal, and often humorous ways of getting the job done. I am willing to work overtime; I require little, to no, supervision; and I am available for immediate involvement. If you wish to know more about my background, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    – A simple and cool kind of someone you’d never meet

  651. ❤ love love love this

  652. Possibly the sweetest thing I have ever read. And my favorite part is that your not trying, your just being honest, just being you. Its touching and refreshing. Than again, I don’t know you personally just going off of your mocumentary. hahaha

    I am a big believer in true love, karma and fate. We live in the same town, maybe someday ill bump into you while walking my dog, or jogging…with my luck ill look like a complete mess hahaha but it would possibly be one of the most exciting days of my life.

    P.S I am the only 24 year old that i know that has not ever been to Vegas….something must be done about that 🙂

  653. […] he is an actor turned model? Or something? But the reason I put him on this list is because of this. Yes, I am a sucker for a man who writes poems like that about his perfect woman. And yes, I will […]

  654. Can we go to Disney World together?

  655. I am that person you’ve been looking for. I dont want to sound like an obsessive fan but i love and admire your work. One of my wishes is to have the opportunity to meet you in person to prove this so. If i dont God Bless you and your loved ones.

  656. Matthhewww,
    This poem is super old but I just discovered it yesterday and I wanted to pull my heart out. Because you are TOO sweet, TOO funny and TOO adorable and yet too old for me. Jesus, can’t you just have one little flaw, please? I want to play pranks with you and eat pb&js and decorate for Halloween. I have an extraordinary talent at decorating tables with leaves.

  657. is the vacant still open?

  658. to all of you who thought this was sweet….huh? o.o this was one of the funniest things i’ve read in a while. it made me laugh my ass off.

    p.s this isn’t a real ad btw

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  660. shellayna angelo(aka cattiedourden30) Says:

    wow….just awesome! you have so much talent in that wonderful mind of yours. ive always said id love to meet you because i think wed have a blast, and now i think it even more. the more i learn of you the more i believe you are the most unique and wonderful person ive ever come across. you remind me quite alot of one of my very close guys friends, only a bit more open , exuberant, and down right silly. i love your zest for life and your love of holidays, especially for halloween, since it is my personal fave as well. keep up the awesome writting and drawing, i truely enjoy veiwing it. if ever you make it to the east coast, Pa specifically, look me up, im on facebook and twitter(cattiedourden30). id so take you kareokeing! 😉

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  662. am i too late to apply for this job?? I think I’d be good at it!!!

  663. Melody haines Says:

    Girlfriend wanted on Matthew Gray Gubler’s website. You think you would have trouble keeping the girls away. I saw what your looking for and it matches. A lot of girls have replied. I don’t think I need to wish you any luck. I’m probably to old for you and live to far away. I’m a 39 single female and live in Canada.

  664. Do you have an age preference? Do you have any issues of being descreet as to being out in public? You are well known and the drama of celeb dating seems as it would be draining. I am a woman without celeb infatuation. I just want to be real. Normal. Happy

  665. Caitlin Kohana G-D Says:

    Heya, i’m Caitlin, i’m 21, blonde with a red streak… a little crazy and full of life.
    I’m not a hippy but just love all the simple things in life, it’s what makes it beautiful and makes me smile. I’m nowhere near perfect, but my flaws make me me, and if you could love them let me know.
    I like getting drenched in the Rain
    Im a geek… and a chemistry student, who secretly still plays pokemon.
    I dance around singing naked when I think nobodys watching…
    i’ve been caught… its embarassing haha
    I’m a size 12… curvy and kinda like it… so as long as its your cup of tea its ok…
    I will probably wake you up most mornings kissing you… as long as you don’t moan and you like it, i’ll make you happy
    I don’t want to make this sound like a sales pitch so i’m just going to be honest… I was being nosey, I love criminal minds… I find you really attractive… I saw this; and then read it, only to find out you were sweet, kind and quirky… just like me. It seems farcical and perhaps this is a little indignified, but I’m an optimist and mabe just maybe I could meet; if everything you have mentioned holds true, the man of my dreams. You never know unless you try…
    If you want to be genuinely loved… email me sometime. We could go for coffee…


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  667. I really was about to tear up reading this and I normally don’t tear up at a lot. I am not one of those people who will sit there and say I’m commenting on hopes you will message me back. I’m not one of those people who like others because they are celebrities and granted the only time I’ve seen you is in criminal minds but I would have wanted to meet you even if you were just a normal person in the streets. I hope you find your special someone everyone in this world deserves someone perfect for them even though its rare to find. i’m sure you will find her

  668. Boyfriend Wanted

    Must love decorating for holidays
    Midnight adventures
    Kissing in the rain
    And dream catchers

    No specific height
    Hair color
    Or political affiliation required
    But would prefer a warm spirited non racist

    Hipster glasses and oxfords a plus

    Any similarity in look, mindset, or fashion sense to
    Mark Twain
    Sherlock Holmes
    Or Gomez Addams wholeheartedly welcomed

    Must be tolerant of singing
    The tickle worm
    Bobby Darin
    And my extreme love for the month of October.

    I have an embarrassingly loud laugh
    And large hands
    I moved from Los Angeles to the Midwest, for school,
    But mostly so I could be in a place where the leaves change colors
    In autumn.

    I once was told I was too pretty to be reading Vonnegut
    Which I wasn’t sure was a compliment or an insult.

    I like to be tucked in every night
    I’m scared of the dark
    And think Elf is one of the greatest films of all time, with Halloween
    following a close second.

    All I want is
    Someone to kiss my forehead in the morning
    I only like crunchy peanut butter
    But always in the shape of a heart
    And I want to smile until it hurts.

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  670. Shatiera Freeman Says:

    i would see this as what i want for myself. most of all i want wat u mentioned when u said about the tickling because with me that never ends…lol i like playing in the leaves in the fall and i draw myself so everything you say here i can relate to and its really funny that u brang up claire from the cosby show because all my friends tell me i look like vanessa or rudy….it gets annoying after a while and ive got stopped in the street because of that…i make ppl laugh wit my stupid magic tricks that always fails on me and drawing a picture that i can put my head in and scare ppl with…i hate action movies because they scare me…lol so a peanut butter sandwich would definately do the job…lol well matt i hope you find the girl your looking for but u never may know she can be right under your nose. so keep a big lookout!!

    • Shatiera Freeman Says:

      i know there is all these girls that replied so i know you probably wont even read this but yea i think ur an awesome person and i wish i knew you but not all things come true…<3

  671. are all great man on the wrong continent?

  672. I do the foot wiggling thing in my sleep too. Think maybe we were cats in a former life ?

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  675. Wow… You are ridiculously sweet, Matthew. I love the Muppets Christmas Carol! …And I kind of actually have a heart shaped cookie cutter I use on sandwiches lol.

  676. Hey Matthew, I’ve been trying to email you for a long time but I haven’t got an answer so I came to the conclusion that the email everyone’s giving me is wrong. I have given up trying to email you now 😦 .
    I never miss a single episode of criminal minds and i’m afraid it’s getting me into trouble now. {Because I don’t remove myself from my room from 3:00 pm till 5:00 pm when both episodes finish} I even have Alvin and the chipmunks DVD. I went to the cinema to watch chipwrecked. I watched (500) days of summer as well.
    Most people say “I love you” or something like that anyway. I just want to play a game of chess with you. since your real IQ is unknown {internet says no!} I will just have to go on the basis of Reid’s IQ {187}.
    All I would really like is for you to email me. So if you’ve read this….please email me!

  677. must love candles that smell like pine trees all year round
    sour patch kids at the theater
    holding hands
    and anything w the letter “R”

    I am 5’4’’ and my hair color changes w the seasons
    Not affiliated w anything considered political
    hold a genuine concern for everyone

    standing on my tip toes to have kiss you is a plus

    must be tolerant of knee high socks
    public affection
    and scary movies

    i say “mmm” at everything i taste
    I am half Mexican and half Italian but look like neither
    and am usually really late

    my father is my hero

    I wiggle my feet in my sleep
    am not a morning person
    and have a love for boston terriers

    all I want is
    butterflies w every look
    to leave notes in your pant pocket
    and to know that your destiny was to find me

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  679. Mary Poppins and Snow White are my role models. I’m entirely crazy and have an intense love for autumn, Christmas, kissing just about anywhere, whistling, and sleeping late. I am also afraid of the dark, and I’ve been told that I have the cutest giggle upon being tickled. Oh, and James Taylor happens to be one of my favorite artists. I haven’t ever been affiliated with actresses, felons, or lesbians of any shape or fashion. Mischief is what I do best 🙂 You, however must be tolerant of dogs, singing in the shower, and an intense love for cuddling.

  680. I struggle with the same…

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  685. Hey gube I ffollow you all the time and just wish u could follow mine I just started it and it is a little rough but you MIT like it and I hope you like it. Please I hope you view this it would mean a lot to tell people that small towns aren’t that boring and what really goes on.

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  690. hey Matt! this actually made my day… It’s good to know guys like you with thoughts like these still exist…

  691. Tiffany Cooper Says:

    I can make all that happen for ya. Oh and btw I’m a Vegas girl! And I believe you to be so pretty I jus wanna rub your sweet looking face.

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  693. I know of a girl who fits all of this criteria and more. She is sweet, funny, and has a passion for life unlike any other. They nicknamed her “smiley” because no one ever sees her without one glued to her face. She’s stunning, with that voluptuous figure you’re looking for. She beautiful to look at, but she also has a heart of gold and does everything for that person she cares for. She sings James Taylor and sleeps until noon, she does dishes and cooks and secretly loves being tickled. Her name is Azalia and she resides in Chicago. If you’re still looking, this girl won’t disappoint you, trust a fellow man when I say don’t pass her up. She’s perfect and amazing and will keep you guessing. Her email is I’m telling you don’t pass her up.

  694. I’m tolerant of all those things 😛 I will beat you in a tickle fight, straight out. Love criminal minds and all the things that you have been in and directed. Its all very impressive 😀 Blah, I need to find someone exactly like you! :3

  695. Georgia Burns Says:

    I sincerely hope you find someone, you certainly deserve it! James Taylor and The Muppets… You’re even more fabulous than I thought!!!

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  698. I know how you must be feeling. To want someone who only understand and does nothing but accept you from the inside out. For you it must be difficult Matthew, to find a woman who loves you for you and not for your money. Your stunning and I believe to the bottom of my heart you will find someone whose heart is as beautiful as you are. I know you have thousands of comments and mine is just another one in the pile. i just wanted to tell you, there is someone out there for everyone. The money in the end doesn’t matter; its about what’s within your soul. I hope you find a girl that accepts you for you and not for what you could be. I know what its like; to dream about what you want most in life and open your eyes to see the one hasn’t made it yet. Maybe its life saying be patient, but you seem too close to perfect to be waiting. Just remember love yourself Matthew and find a stable girl who embraces her individuality. Life is quite beautiful and it seems hard to believe a guy like you who stars on TV would be posting a blog for the little people like me. I’ve always been separate from the crowd but I stumbled upon this blog not to confess my undying love for you, or convince you Im the one you’ve been waiting for, but to tell you.. never to give up… Im not giving up yet and I believe if you want something bad enough, it has a way of showing up. Live your life to the fullest. Live with love, peace, and honesty because if you do, thats what you will receive. I wish i knew more about you, but I know nothing. Reading about you wont do anything because I don’t know your values or what you like. I wish I did so I can tell you how special you are and have you believe me. You are special though, we all are. We just tend to look at the evil in the world. Sorry Im rambling hahahaha. Chances are you will never see this.. But if you do I speak with all honesty.

  699. i have a strange affinity for cardigans, love autumn more than is natural, and “we’re freezing our assets” is one of my all time favorite movie quotes (muppets christmas? anyone?)

    so.. we could probably be in love. probably.


    i have never owned christmas decorations nor know what they are
    rules are the only thing i live for
    i dont have lips so kissing is out of the question
    and i only like sun chimes

    i am 7’8”
    17.2 pounds
    and wear a joe dirt wig…everyday
    i am part of the U.S. pirate party ( i hope to become president and give freedom to all pirates everywhere… jack sparrow is my vice president)
    and my middle name is “warm spirited non racist”

    my other middle names incluide:
    and work for “stick in the muds” inc.

    some say i resemble a twig and or tiny tree

    i have a similar look, mind set, and fashion sense to
    Admiral boom
    Bill cosby
    the evil queen
    and Great-Uncle Vincent Talbot

    i am actually an actress, fellon, and lesbian
    so im glad i still fit the desription

    i am only tolerant of snapping
    water boarding
    barry white
    and early birds

    i own 6,000 canes
    27 pairs of gloves
    and hibernate for the entire season of autumn… sorry

    I literally call people coal-eyed dandies on a daily basis and am 99.4% sure that was me who called you that and it indeed was intended as a compliment ( you’re welcome)

    I don’t sleep because i inject myself with coffee
    am nocturnal
    and prefer sesame street

    all i want is
    jelly sandwiches shaped like triangles… no crust
    and i never learned to smile


  701. I highly doubt that Mr. Gubler still reads this blog.

  702. You are adorable. I love your art work. You are very creative. I can’t believe you are single. Some lady is going to be very lucky to grab you one day. Wait for the right one. Wait for the one that is going to treat you special for who you are. Not for what you can do for them because of your fame. I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds. My daughter would be perfect for you…lol if you don’t mind waiting a few years. She is only 17, but would be perfect for you. She would have “mom’s” approval of a boyfriend for a change lol. All jokes aside I just wanted to tell you that you seem like a very nice person. Good luck in the future.

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  706. Brittany Autumn Blaze Says:

    Love iit! I think that a New post should be soon created! From girlfriend wanted to GiiRLFRiiEND FOUND”<3 I know silly line but that's the best ii got lol 🙂

  707. HI Matthew I hope iam the one you dream of

  708. Hi Matthew i would like to meet you someday. I am a big fan of yours

  709. HI Matthew I enjoy butterfly kisses and i would really love to make you peabutter sandwiches in the shape of a heart.

  710. Iam really into decodrating and it is amazing how we have alot in common here is my email so you can email me anytime