Hypothetical Fence

If I were to build a fence

hypothetical fence
it would look like
and it would be made out of cashmere

21 Responses to “Hypothetical Fence”

  1. I dont know, i see you and think you are a FREE SPIRIT.. fences limit us…

  2. ups! Guess i didnt understand HYPOTHETICAL!!!

  3. maria lykke johansen Says:

    like the place its build:)

  4. what colour would it be?

  5. isn’t cashmere dry clean only? what happens when the hypothetical rain falls?:)

  6. maybe said hypothetical cashmere fence has a mini hypothetical roof? probably not made of cashmere…..? but you never know!

    ooo, ooo, oooo, or maybe hypothetical rain isn’t as damaging to hypothetical cashmere as normal rain is to normal cashmere…… intriguing

  7. Um.

    I said this EXACT same thing to my friend a few days ago when we were driving to… wherever we were going to (with us, who knows) and we passed a nifty fence.

  8. sounds like someone wants to start yarnbombing

    like knitta please:
    they’re the best. quite a modest combination of crafty and clever.

  9. Me encanta. Me fascina. Just love it : P

  10. Running Fence by Christo and Jeane Claude. Environmental art from the late 1970s.
    This post reminded me of that.

  11. If I had a fence, I’d make it out of Chocolate pocky 😀

  12. What such a dandy job, build me such a spiffy fence?

  13. If I were to build a fence, I’d like it made of Chocolate with shinny golden outer packing in winter. Inside of the fence I’d have several small wooden houses with insulating layer, and the color of the small ones shall be light pink which is for cats, rabbits, and other animals of this size; the bigger ones are navy blue which is for dogs (and other animals of this size); and the biggest is for me and human beings of my size, and I’d like it in pink and blue and its shape like a mushroom.

  14. website error, I typed in a wrong name
    I wish I had a name like this, in that case my mom would have been the most independent character,and after the hard times in elementary and high school i would be very POPULAR in college, who doesn’t want to date a .com. haha

  15. MsKarateChick Says:

    Project Linus needs homemade fleece (or knit, etc.) blankets to send to Japan. See how you can help!!

  16. Squareol'heart Says:

    Where was this taken? I had a dream of this exact picture a couple months ago…

  17. that fence looks preety nice so you should make one out of cashmere like that one

  18. Christina cashmere Says:

    Why cashmere?

  19. Fazerelligutbust Says:

    Softest fence ever!!!

  20. I actually have a fence like this in my yard.

  21. Cashmere, huh? I guess decisions would be made easier since there’d be no more sitting on said fence.

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