honest opinion needed

20 Responses to “honest opinion needed”

  1. maria lykke johansen Says:

    i dont know steave so not the face 😛

  2. depends but im not sure what a facearm is (unless it means both?) so i pick that 😀

  3. lol, dont punch just huggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! Or the arm!

    With Love Always,

  4. depends on why ur punching him?

  5. make like Hotch and glare at him with your eyebrows

    oh lordy did I really just reference your show?

  6. None of the above. I’m sure he only needs butterfly kisses in the morning. try this first.

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Seriously? Honest opinion, some people have entirely too much time on their hands. But if I have to pick one place to punch “Steve” I’d say in the face, if you’re already exerting all your energy to punch, you might as well make it count!

  8. mmm Okay, that was splended. How-ever I was just triing to remember where Matthew Gray told me to write him. I would how-ever be much abliged if you or someone could show me the way. AA great Keemo Soabey of this enternet station..

  9. Abby Normal Says:

    Your eyes are not coal, but shimmering browns with hints of green and gold. When I see your lips, I want to kiss them, suck on them. I want to run my fingers through your hair. Your voice is seductive and calm. Something about your frame makes me want to see if I can break it (in a good way). And I could look at your drawings forever, that’s probably my favorite part 🙂 much ❤ to you

  10. Breanne Says:

    I say make it count and go for the face. I am sure if you are thinking about punching anyone they probably deserve it.

  11. Not knowing who “Steve” is, or what he he did, I can’t really answer the question. But, being named “Steve” myself… and being capable of being an A-Hole sometimes… If you really want him to remember it, I’d go for the Nads.

  12. hey,i am not sure what tos’ay but you wanna come to shelton,wa98584 and watch a scary movie with me god,dead dog and the kids

  13. i dont know steve but honestly i think a punch to the back of the knee will but him in line it always sucks to get punched in the back of the knee elbows too for that matter

  14. ~*~Angel~*~ Says:

    Totally the facearm! My spidey sense is telling me that a good punch right between the noseelbow would cause instant death.
    Matthew you are the best Actor of our generation.
    Your so artistic and goofy. *shifts eyes* and i may have secret dreams to meet you. (but i doubt it *pout*)
    Keep being you….Lord knows its hard enough these days
    Angel Rose
    P.S. (re: Girlfriend wanted) I was once told that I look like a modern version of Snow WhiteXD

  15. yea u should kick him instead in the you know what :#

  16. Daphney Lynn Bardling Says:

    The arm it hurts less. If you are definitively going to punch someone like I did it shouldn’t be the one thing that’s beautiful if you are a model. Citizen that is…..Teee, heeee, hee.

  17. Steve Damstra, Jr., I assume is the “Punch Steve” issue at hand here? He’s your best guy-friend, so “no” really to the “punch Steve”
    question. Rather I hope that you consider yourself a lucky guy to have such a good, talented friend like Steve is (as well as Zinn, his wife, and of course Paget B.). Friends are treasures! Blessings to you and yours during this Xmas Season! Best way to have a friend is to be one!

  18. Definitely, facearm. Unless its Steve from Blue’s Clues. Never punch Steve from Blue’s Clues.

    • Melinda Hockman Callahan Says:

      Steve Damstra always deserves a punch, but it’s a matter of whether MGG means to be kind or not (kind, for certain). Not to worry – Steve can handle any so-called abuse that comes his way from MGG (by the way, when’s the wedding between Steve and Paget?)

  19. I know it’s late, but I can’t help but need to register my opinion on where to hit anyone! FACEARM, at the same time!

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