My First Message to the Wild Word Web

this is me, the gube

last week

on my way to the dance hall

20 Responses to “My First Message to the Wild Word Web”

  1. dude this photo is greatttttt!!!!!

  2. maria lykke johansen Says:

    he is so sweet love old peaple 🙂

  3. wow looking good 😉 lol

  4. Você parece mesmo um espírito muuuuuuuuuito velho. Que não fica deslumbrado com o sucesso…que observa, aprende e se diverte!
    Você é lindo…aproveite o baile!

  5. ahahahah 😀 ❤ and nicce "Wild world web "xD well said.

  6. how is it that “world wide web” just sprints off my tongue and then “wild word web” kind of stumbles and then falls on its face?

  7. sweet. haha

  8. DAD!! We have been looking for you everywhere,
    give me back my hat!

  9. haahaaahaha oh my god(: that made me laugh so hard.

  10. wow that is the coolest picture ever!

  11. MsKarateChick Says:

    Are you a retired leperchaun by any chance? 😛

  12. i know what he did later that day :

  13. Hello !!
    i still love the girlfriend post the most i wish i could be that still looking for the right person and still did not found and you have everything i want and we do the same haha

    Well love you xxx

  14. ahhahhahhhahhhhhahhhhhhhahhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhh

  15. nice pic gube you really pull off that hat 😀

  16. No es agradable burlarse de un anciano…….

  17. Rachel Hejduk Says:

    😂 hot..

  18. lauren taylor. Says:

    Can we listen to James Taylor and watch the muppets wnd laugh until we can’t breathe, please? I kinda love you more than I probably should

  19. lauren taylor. Says:

    and *

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